Coke Kahani ~ Episode 8 Review

CK1Ashar and Khirad – what a pair! Collectively, as a nation we all fell in love with this charismatic couple. No guy could be as droolicious as Ashar and no gal could be as beautiful as Khirad. Individually stunning, as a pair they were drop dead gorgeous. They re-defined romance on the miniscreen, and the heat they generated with their fiery onscreen chemistry made it seem implausible that any other couple could come anywhere near to recreating that aura – until now. Enter, Nusrat and Mutma’in! I said this before and am happy to reiterate – Nusrat and Mutma’in have to one of be the hottest joris onscreen these days. Move over all the wannabes, Zaroon and Kashaf included, Nusrat and Mutma’in came, they saw and they conquered!

Check this video and see for yourself – from one sizzling couple to the other equally hot one!!


I had planned on skipping the review for this latest episode, but after watching Mutma’in Uncle pack lunch for Nusrat Aunty, I just could not resist – the review had to be written and my excitement about this pair had to shared. Heart-stopping as Ashar’s “I love you Khirad” might have been, I have to say Uncle Mutmain’s pyar bhari naseehats to Aunty-ji were equally heart warming. How cute was he giving her bees rupay to pay off the would-be hasslers – this, for me, is what romance is all about. Long after the lovey-dovey filmi dialogue baazi is over and done with, this kind of support, affection, understanding, and accommodation is what defines and sustains a relationship. I just could not stop smiling as Uncle Mutma’in cautioned Rayan to drive safely and ungli pakar kar road cross karana aur classroom tak chor kar aanaa and later as he waved a forlorn goodbye to Nusrat Aunty — awwww!!

Seriously, we should give a huge round of applause to the writers, director and producers for bringing us such a fabulous serial. Loaded with meaning, and explicit and implicit messages, Coke Kahani has something for everyone. From the youngsters to the young at heart, each and every viewer can find an issue they can identify with. In this latest episode, we saw Nusrat going through with her decision to go back to study. It was heartening to see Mutma’in supporting her choice – what a lovely role model for our older generation; rather than sitting around complaining about heir children, there is much they can do with their lives and so much they can contribute to society.

Maya and Asfand, the other hot couple here, are also gradually opening up to each other – not there yet, but certainly closer than before. It was very cute to see that even though Maya pretends not to care, she still does. Her call to the absent Nawab, that she was going to eat salad for her next meal was pretty funny. I love how the entire family is so involved in making this relationship work. Can hardly wait for the moment when Maya announces her decision to stay – the sparks are already flying, now waiting for the flames!

While the older couples dealt with their issues, the younger ones too were trying to figure out how to deal with their nascent relationships. Clearly these are hard to maintain and need a lot of nurturing – from the initial awkwardness of acknowledging the very existence of a relationship to keeping one going through thick and thin – we saw all stages essayed beautifully in this week’s episode.

Yes, this one was another winner from the CK team – all elements are coming together beautifully in this very well-told story. Looking forward to more next week!!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Wow… i literally started recalling HS days :D… but yes this couple Mutma’in and Nusrat is all the way winner…seriously care, love and warmth can be shown in so very small gestures.. i loved how he waved bye bye to her nusrat begum… totally an awww moment 🙂

    Asfand-Maya.. yes they are getting comfortable to each other specially where she reminds him of his mistakes..beautifully done.. i am so looking forward to next couple of episodes.. CK always brings a huge laughter to me…no crying momies, yelling babies, scolding papas.. just positivity and deep thoughts to ponder :)CK is best thing happened in Drama industry in 2012..

    And SZ.. again beautiful review, loved and agreed totally 🙂


  2. The scene between Nusrat Apa and Mutma’in Uncle was super adorable! You’re right, this sort of affection and care is what sustains relationships. It’s so refreshing to see a lady of Nusrat Apa age to be going back to school in a Pakistani serial. I wish more of our dramas supported such ideas as opposed to showing 50+ year old aunties gossiping and scheming against their bahus.

    Thanks for the review! And hey looks, it’s snowing…


  3. Haha at your intro…loved this scene, it was so sweet!! You know thus could easily be Ashar and Khirad in their old age, Ashar being very supportive because poor Khirad never got to finish her University degree lol and didn’t Ashar say the same thing to Khirad in the car bachon se mat larna etc Anyways back to CK, this drama is just so cool, every episode is just so fresh, and makes you laugh but think too!
    I love it….its amazing!


    • Hahaha, I like that idea, that it’s Ashar and Khirad when they’re old, but where’s Hareem? (living somewhere else maybe, and Hareem does mention she wants a younger brother when that Ashar’s friend is over = Rayyan)

      Both Ashar and Mutmain uncle talk about not fighting with the kids but then Mutmain uncle adds: lekin agar koi bacha zyada tang kare to yeh bottle us ke sar pe de maarna aur bhaag aana.
      Mutmain uncle is cooler lol 🙂

      As soon as this scene came on, I remembered SZ’s comparison to Asher and Khirad those few episodes ago, it’s like you knew this scene was gonna come.
      Glad you didn’t skip this review, and liked your video as well.


      • @AM – Hareem has turned into Rayaan. LOL

        Nope I like your idea of them having a boy later on after they made up better. So in that case, Hareem is married and now living in London with her husband.


  4. Wowww!!! What a review. I loved it. I missed this episode yet I could imagine Mutmain uncle saying those things to Rayan. Yar wow. cute hain bohat dono. And certainly a good and positive change from stupid love stories. Thanks so much. Commendable effort.


    • @Noor – Hi! you must watch the episode, and if not do check out the video posted above and you can catch Mutmain saying all the stuff that SZ mentions in her review! 🙂



  5. ahh! Lovely comparison! Ashar and Khirad at old age and looking oh so adorable. Oops!! I mean Mutmain and Nusrat! 🙂

    Yes a couple that is finally just as charming as my favorite Ashar and Khirad.

    Mutmain saab was just awesome in the way he was preparing to send his wife off to her first day of school, especially loved the part where he says “botal sar pe de marna aur bagna” – haha great lessons for the first day.

    I am excited to see how much progress Alfonso will finally be making by the hard work put into it by the youngsters of the neighborhood.

    Does Beydil know about Maria dying over him or is the love story just taking place in her head, cause mujhe to asa lagta hai he has no idea that she is in love with him. Clearly people in this drama have a hard time confessing their feelings, and Yes Maya included because she is clearly getting jealous and I am hoping by the next episode Maya and Asfand sort out their differences and move on already..

    really enjoying Coke Kahani but my favorite scenes are the ones of Mutmain and Nusrat, they are so much fun to watch! 🙂

    P.S. – HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE! Hopefully this year turns out to be better then the last one! 🙂


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