Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 5 Review


Houston, we have a problem…

This line from Tom Hanks’ 1995 classic, Apollo 13, is an apt summation of my feelings after this latest episode. I didn’t think I would ever say this about this much-anticipated serial, but after today I must confess that, for me at least, zindagi is not gulzar.

Five weeks in and were are pretty much where we were after the first couple of episodes. If there were any lingering doubts after the first installment, we can now say for sure that Rafia has been terribly wronged by her husband. Murtaza is nasty and mean, not only towards his first wife, but their daughters as well. This basic fact has been reiterated in so many ways in these past five weeks that I think by now we all get it! Samina Peerzada is magnificent as Rafia, Mansha is fabulous as Sidra and Sana is doing well as Shehnila, but what gets me is that they’ve been talking about the same things since the first episode: nasty abba, electricity bills, household finances, the overstretched monthly budget – can we please get on with it!

Kashaf is directly impacted by all the going-ons in her family. Her attitude towards life in general, and men in particular, has been shaped by what she has observed of her mother’s miserable marital life. She is troubled, insecure and unconfident. Though she has lot of issues against the elite class and minces no words when voicing her thoughts on the subject, at the heart of it all she is envious of the very glamorous Asmara. How could she not be? Asmara has it all – the perfect package – or so it seems to Kashaf. Though she professes to hate Zaroon, there is a part of Kashaf that desires his attention. She keeps looking at herself and comparing herself to Asmara. Sanam is doing a great job as Kashaf, prickly on the exterior but very soft and easily hurt on the inside. The scene where she is alone with her thoughts at night, and reflects on Zaroon and Asmara’s conversation was very poignant and beautifully done. Unlike the writer and director’s OTT approach to Rafia, Murtaza, Ghazala, Asmara, and Sara’s characters, Kashaf’s is the most well-etched character in this serial. She is very balanced in terms of how human she is – she gets angry, happy, envious, sad, frustrated, much like the rest of us. Sadly though, with big gaps in the university track, many a times Kashaf loses the plot and comes across as completely irrational.

So far, apart from the one churail awal scene, we have not been shown any direct confrontations between Zaroon and Kashaf. This lack of onscreen interaction between our protagonists dulled the impact of the much-anticipated fiery classroom debate. What should have been a phenomenal scene was rendered into a lukewarm moment, much like a playground spat between two irrational children. We have been provided with no logical reason for why Kashaf hates Zaroon so much. Yes, we get that Kashaf hates men and is not a fan of the elite class, but to have such a visceral reaction to a comment by someone who has not said much to her seemed really strange. More so, if we take into account that she’s been the one who’s been rude to him throughout, her diatribe seemed completely unnecessary and very much out of place, and yes, very personal indeed. I so wish that rather than those endless Rafia/Murtaza scenes in the previous episodes, we’d been shown some more of Zaroon/Kashaf interactions, which would’ve helped contextualize this debate much better.

This is Zaroon and Kashaf’s story, but instead of focusing on them we are spending so much time on Zaroon and Asmara’s relationship. Throughout this episode, Asmara kept repeating the same things ad nauseam. Like a broken record she went on and on about mangni, shaadi, girlfriends – wow does this woman need a life!! But then again, if Asmara annoys him so much why does Zaroon call her his best friend? Why does he miss her if she doesn’t talk to him for two days? Together they’re both annoying, going around in circles – can’t we just be done with this track?

Apart from giving off a strong been-there-done-that vibe, this episode also seemed off in a number of other ways. Durr-e Shehwar’s track was playing in the background during many of the scenes. In terms of continuity, Zaroon was wearing a navy blue Nike t-shirt when talking with his sister at home, the next day he shows up at the university wearing the same t-shirt. Similarly, Zaroon and Asmara’s clothes changed on their way back from their “dinner-date.” Another thing which struck me as odd was Zaroon criticizing Asmara’s dressing towards the end. His censure was supposed to be an illustration of his “conservative” mindset, but it came off as unconvincing. From where I was seeing it, other than the blindingly bright colors, her outfit seemed just as appropriate or inappropriate as what she wore every day. Was he just annoyed because Osama commented on it?

Overall, I was disappointed by this latest episode. Though the story holds out promise and the performances continue to be fabulous, the emphasis on every other relationship except that of the lead pair, the constant reiterations and the snail’s pace of the narrative are turning into major irritants. Here’s to hoping for a better episode next week!

Written by SZ~


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  1. And yet again- agree with you,…
    So frustrating watching a drama which you know could have been so much better if a few things had been changed. Focus on the FK-SS track- build their relationship- have the gharelu maslaas as the sideshow-finish it off in 13-15 episodes. Sometimes I want to get a job in Humtv and sort these things out!
    Even dramas like ‘Na kaho tum mere nahin’ are better proportioned than this- telling the story well and with the right amount of emphasis on the right things at the right time.
    When the bijli ka bill came, I was like “Not again!”, then multiple dinners with FK and MR saying the same things, thank God for a univ scene finally with a ‘larai’ which should have had more impact and yes, Asmara’s clothes at the end – which were pretty much like her older stuff but brighter as you’ve mentioned.
    Yes, SS’s thoughts were cute- envying MR inspite of hating her.
    Aur FK na hota toh kya hota?

  2. Your first sentence says it all: Much Anticipated…that’s what killed it! So true about this being a repeat of every scene we’ve seen, except for a few! Loved Zaroon and Kashafs encounter, and the diary scenes but that’s about it. Half the drama is about madamaras never ending jealous streak…. Yes we get it!!!!! I’m ready to smash the tv next time she says “Tum kyon ladkiyon se baat karte ho” Aaah…well at least she admitted she’s mentally ill…Zaroon just fall in love with Kashaf already….I can’t take this anymore!!!

    • @SK: Abhi [hamare] ishq ke imtihaan aur bhi hain
      Madamara ke scene aur bhi hain

      Don’t be in a rush to break your TV… I think if we want to continue watching this one we should all enroll in some yoga classes where they teach us some relaxation techniques and some deep breathing exercises … because un ke beghair kaam nahin chalney wala hai .. 😦

  3. Hello everyone!! I have been reading silently but I could not comment because I had such high hopes for this show and the last three weeks have been a big let down plus guests at home. Today I was waiting for your review and its splendid as usual. Another disappointing episode. *sigh * Now I’m regretting roping my mom into watching this with me.

    SZ, sorry I vanished after asking you for the review you wrote on HS and KPKP. It was a wonderful and felt so nostalgic..and those cakes…well I had to go out and buy some cake for myself after looking at those pictures 🙂

    You really have a knack for capturing my wayward thoughts and putting them together and adding your valuable insights. Your reviews are a pleasure to read.

    Of all the characters I really like Kashaf . For a lead heroine on desi TV she has been written very well. But today I was losing patience and hope. The girl does not stop whining. Its very cute like you said the way she compares herself to Asmara or tries to name one boy more handsome than Zaroon but realizes there is no one (:)) or her wondering if she was weird in the last episode. These are issues every girl deals with. It is also very endearing when she is constantly worried about her mom. I’m sure all of us understand that. But common already, she has not one positive thing to say. Please look around you Kashaf , some people have it worse. And her outburst in class today seemed extremely rude and uncalled for.And her friend agreed with her ? *what?* But still so far, she is understandable. She is consumed by her rich classmates and their easy going lifestyles and her worries for her family.

    Why is Asmara in a hoodie and boots when the rest of the college is in cotton clothes? Is she the only one who is cold? So weird she is.
    Zaroon, your sister and Asmara were both decently dressed. Your attitude towards womens clothing is very backward. And WTH was that? Suddenly Asmara is a friend, suddenly he is possessive. My head is spinning.

    Murtaza and his brother, please get a life already. Really Murtaza? you want to throw your daughters out on the street? grow a spine and stand up to your jobless brother. Or please just divorce your wife and leaves us in peace 🙂

    Youre so right, this show has become stagnant. We are constantly talking about family finances, beti ki shaadi, mangni and indecent clothes. Please just move on. Except for the first face off, there have been no interesting scenes between the leads. No interesting thoughts penned down into the diary either. We know they think about each other , but not one of them has questioned why ….I almost want them to get married ASAP so we get more scenes between the leads.

    Today I felt like I watched more Asmara, Murtaza’s second wife etc than the leads.

    Sorry I sound so bitter. I’m just really disappointed because this story had so much potential. It still does , hope they realize it soon.

    • @Aish: Hey! glad to have you back! Thoroughly enjoyed reading your detailed comment – so well-put! LOL@ the hoodie .. yes what was all that about? And then the following day she’s wearing those short sleeve “fancy” clothes?? Honestly, Asmara, no, actually all of them are beyond my understanding! No you’re not sounding bitter, we’re all disappointed – honestly, is this what we’d been waiting for, for the past eight or so months?? 😦

    • @Aish – great analysis of a below average , annoying episode.
      Yep they will realize the potential, 10 episode ke baad jab unko finally jaag aajeyegi. Right now they are taking a Rip Van Winkle nap.

    • I have to agree with Aish. As to the inappropriateness of their clothes, the girls may have been wearing a lot less but they may not be able to show it on Pakistani Television, unless of course you are Turkish …well then that’s OK… Personally I found both outfits utterly tasteless, skin tight , acid green jeans on Mehreen Raheels petite frame…where is the fashion police???
      Forget those two fools, what is bothering me is Sanam Saeed or whoever chose miss Kashaf’s clothes. they are dreadful and do not suite her. I am normally a khaddi fan but these look awkward on her. SS has a great figure why not wear the wonderful ,fun printed lawns all the “middle class” girls wear in other dramas and in colours that suit her complexion. It would not make her character lose any authenticity as worthy middle class goddess, Perhaps it is true she is so westernised she does not know how to wear Desi clothes. Even in the stills from Zaroon /Kashaf married life her wardrobe is utterly tasteless. That Anarkali is horrible and the suite at Aisha’s wedding when she is sitting next to Zaroon can only be described as a sad mistake.

  4. Good review SZ. I wonder if FK and MR are as tired of this conversation as the viewers are of listening to it? Would someone cut out the annoying background music which swells at each so called emotional moment ? I can barely hear the actors speaking…Not happy

    • @Sadaf: Thanks! You know I was thinking about you when I was watching this today.. thinking of you because I know you are also watching Daagh. Doesn’t it seem like Daagh is the prequel and ZGH the sequel? Umama is Rafia ki jawani and the her older cute daughter is Kashaf.. one who gradually turns bitter and disillusioned as she watches her father Murad/Murtaza throw them out ..and Deeba Baji is Murad/Murtaza’s second wife….
      After watching five episodes of ZGH, I fail to see why Sultana Apa felt that she was tackling a new theme or employing a fresh approach.. just the Daagh example is enough to illustrate that we’ve been there done that … so why spend so much time dwelling on the mother’s story… so much better if they had moved on to Kashaf’s story right away …
      And yes! that music is god awful … I think ZGH needs a fairy godmother to come solve its problems before it crashes and burns …

  5. Oh Boy! I thought we had got ridden of Rohail-Madiha, but I had forgotten , I’m not that lucky. WHY are we wasting so much time on Zaroon-Asmara & so little on the actual story?
    The story keeps going on in circles, dialogues are repetitive, scenes are too long & boring & the bloopers continue. But since this is a Hum tv play, written by Umera Ahmed, we can not complain. I’m really pissed off after this episode.

    • @Afsheen: Think of this as Madamara’s revenge … she will continue haunting every FK serial till the day she gets her man!!
      I so agree with you that b/c this is a UA/MD Prod serial, we are somehow made to feel that we shouldn’t complain …but I hope after Ashk and this serial the message get across loud and clear that we the viewers are not that silly. We do know the difference between a good product and an average/mediocre one. Yes, like you I am annoyed as well :/

    • @Afsheen – just bc its humtv and Umera Ahmed, why can we not complain? if the final product fails to deliver then we have the right to complain.

      • @ Ash, I was saying that sarcastically.
        I’ve noticed that if on other FB pages you say anything against UA/MD production/Hum tv, people will start fighting with u & start calling u names.
        Hum tv forces us to believe that all their weekend plays are number 1 in ratings, & any other channel or play can not take that number UNO position.
        I had high hopes for ZGH, but so far it’s really boring.

  6. how much do you guys want to bet that the humsafar tones will be recycled during kashaf/zaroon romance…


    If I am being very dead honest but the whole beauty of the story was in the university life or K and Z’s nook jhoonk. That very first scene in the novel where Z establishes himself as Mr. arrogant snob in front of the entire class, which was the highlight of the story for me. It clearly established a very negative view of Z’s arrogant and over confident nature in Kashaf’s mind and that is where they butted heads. I know the novel is not the same as the screen play but we have too much telling at this point and when it comes to establishing a proper setting in a university, we have 0 showing.

    This screen play had so much potential. I don’t think the director, the editor or anyone else is to blame. In TRP ki chakar main pooray dramay koo fazool main stretch kar rahian hain aur maybe the turks are behind the slow deterioration of this drama! It’s a conspiracy theory!

    p.s. here is my very humble request to MD productions. I emailed, messaged and did everything to ask the humtv youtube channel to also upload the subtitled version of the episodes and majaal hai kay in kay kanoon main koi baat jatii hai! Please upload the subtitled versions of the episode along with the non-subtitled one! Buhat guzarish hai app logo say…agar app logoon say hooo sakay tooo

    • That’s what I don’t get, why is Kashaf acting this way towards Zaroon ie very rude and calling him badtameez when he hasn’t been arrogant or a snob in front of her or put her down or even called her middle class. If he was like that in novel, then the conflict makes sense but they have failed to convey that on screen, unless she is just very bitter and insecure and feels she needs to take it out on Zaroon coz he called her Churail…but really couldn’t they have done at least one other scene where he puts her down to justify her behaviour?

      • @SK: I think somewhere along the line, they decided to shift focus and edit out all the university scenes and refocus on the Rafia track … that whole first scene in the novel was so well done and explained all this so well … but all we’re getting are randomly thrown in scenes ..and i think this is how its gonna be for the rest of their time in the university .. I’m just gonna wait for the after marriage period …

  7. SZ have you read the novel? How does it compare with the show? I mean it seems like the book was much better but can you elaborate on the differences if you dont mind please? What conflicts between K and Z are we missing here? Does their clash start off the same way? Is it explained why they hate each other so much? Also is Z so conservative in the book too? K is not at all, so how do they get along later on? Do they keep clashing even after marriage too? Sorry I know thats a LOT of questions but I am so interested in the book but not really in the show 😦

    • @Aish: Yes, have read the novel and it is explained so muh better there… I had problems with the novel, but in retrospect that was so much better of the mess they’ve created here.They are actually like real people, dynamic, fun, mean to each other in the particular ways that college kids can be … Z is not at all conservative, he’s self-assured, arrogant, confident, intelligent, and most importantly likes Asmara, who is not the caricature she appears here.

      Actually, @Afia does a great job of synopsizing/translating .. perhaps she can do the first chapter or so … which explains their personalities and the initial encounters ..,we can discuss the later half as when we get there…

      @Afia: Yaar, please can we request you to help us out here? I know you’re busy aajkal, but as and when you get time–plz?!! 🙂

      Meanwhile, do you read Urdu? I can attach a link for the Urdu pdf version if you would like to read it yourself..

  8. Totally agreed – Horrible Episode! I did not even watch the whole thing properly because Madamara with her pouty lips was so annoying!! No 22 year old acts like that weirdo! And the one scene between Z and K was a complete washout as you mentioned.
    Another boring pointless filler episode. Wonder if we’ll actually get to a story by episode 10 since it looks like next week will be devoted to more problems due to divorce! *yawn*

  9. Every time i hear that annoying Zindaggggiiiii Gulzar Haaaiiiiii OST i wan’t to rip my ears out.
    ok maybe not but its pretty darn annoying, just as much as the drama is.
    Seriously its going no where and boy am i sick of Asmara and her need for attentiong 24 / 7! woman get a life because noone is looking at you, you look like a clown, get over yourself.

    Kashaf – Thank you for being the most negative person in this world. I think you beat the Joker, and he is pretty negative. Look we get it you had a miserable life, your dad is a jerk, and you are hating on the elite? But wow dont be such a nashukri, home cooked meals, don’t need to work, sister massaging her back once she gets home yet shes hating on a clown like Asmara?
    and the outburst in class was uncalled for. I liked seeing the Z & K interaction but i dk i felt like she was looking for reasons just to talk to him since woh usko koi lift hi nahi karata. 😉 and I didnt understand why Maria had to come out and add her two cents, that something Asmara would do. Anyways that actress playing Maria is overacting a bit way too much, she should be friends with Asmara.

    Osama – another one, cute but hes always smiling. Here we have Kashaf whose always crying and he who cannot stop smiling. They should hook him up with Sidra! that would be cool! 😀 Sidra is awesome, she should get more screen time and pass around happy vibes.

    Agreed with all of you guys and the review, this drama needs to pick up real fast because otherwise gonna lose the bachay kuchay viewers it has. And if this drama is coming as a number 1 drama due to TRP, then i am certain these TRPs are not accurate bc according to the voice of the people not many people are liking this drama.

    Please keep it moving, oh and the pre cap shows nothing interesting to look forward to! *sigh* what else is new.

    btw – why is that guy kicking them out of that house? Does he own it??

  10. I can’t agree more with your review. you are spot-on!

    I have to confess that I did like some of Kashaf’s scenes and one Zaroon-Sarah scene but overall this episode had nothing new to offer. It was a pain to watch Madamara. Unnerving it was!
    For the classroom confrontation, just a few pages into the novel and I had fallen in love with their college nook Jhok. That particular scene was perfect in the novel and here in the play, it lacked almost all the much-needed elements. Kashaf was being personal and Sir Abrar should have shown ‘some expressions ‘when she attacked Zaroon. A teacher would never appreciate such a statement no matter how sensible it is.

    I am completely with you on the thought that why does she Zarron hate so much? If it were for the men or elite class then she should have hated everyone equally in this University.

    For the last scene, I could not stop laughing. The way Asmara walks up to them and then poses digging for compliments?! I mean who does that? If she hates someone making snide remarks about her dress-up, why did she ask them in the first place?!
    Come on ZGH, you weren’t supposed to be like this?

    • @Heela: Indeed ZGH was not supposed to be like this!! I know we’re being hard on the show and there is so much other mediocre stuff around, but honestly the cream of the crop lineup promised so much more and they way they were hyping it, ZGH was supposed to be the next best thing after sliced bread! Its their own over hype that’s come back to haunt them …
      Yes, I too liked the Sara/Zaroon scene .. so cute and one the more relatable scenes…also liked the Kashaf moments; her conversation with Rafia was very sweet, but soooo long … even the Sidra moments were spoilt b/c of the length and repetition. Btw, Mansha P looked lovely yesterday!

  11. novel s toltly bsaed on kashf and zarooon…..insted 2 sw thr scenes sultan ante (dirctr) is nt shwng thr scenes…..zyada scenes asmara or zaroon ka hain

  12. spot on review and i completely agree wd heela,in novel the intro is so perfect n all d classroom confrontations r so xciting,while they r so badly done in d play leavng kashaf attitude n hatred twds zaroon illogical while in novel even d introductory class session aptly poetryed zaroon arrogance n then kashafs behaviour nvr seemd odd.

  13. I feel like in trying to highlight societal issues/wrongs, they’ve compromised on the story. I remember Sultana Siddiqui in the launch show saying something like this is about girls’ education or something and at that time thinking oh really, from the novel that didn’t seem like the focus. Not saying that such issues shouldn’t be highlighted, but they can be done in a more subtle way where the story isn’t slowed down. Like in Talkhiyan, it highlights a lot of issues. But you don’t feel like the story has been slanted a certain way or anything to prove certain points, the issues come up naturally as the story unfolds. They’ve already established the injustice of the way the daughters are being treated like inferiors etc, now move on…

    That scene in sir abrar’s class was terrible and felt like they’ve just stuck it in as an afterthought. Although it wasn’t direct interaction between Z K, but I liked the scene where Sir Abrar and Kashaf are walking and then Zaroon catches up to them. That seemed a lot more natural and was well done.

    Overall, it wasn’t terrible, there were some scenes I liked, but definitely quite disappointed. And to refer to our very own madamara’s words, I dunno about love, but I think expectations are a bad, bad thing, I was expecting a lot more from zgh.

    • @AM – yes i liked that scene as well. Zaroon runs to be a part of the conversation but Kashaf walks away so fast. Poor guy felt dumb.

      I wonder if someone else played Asmara, would we be as annoyed?

      • @ Ash any one but Mahreen ,she really makes everything sound more offensive more bitter than it is.and she has been doing the same roles so just now irritating to see her even on that front.

  14. On SZ’s request- here’s a synopsis of the first days diary of Kashf and Zaroon.

    The novel opens on 9th Sept- first day of college. It’s raining and Kashf who lives in the hostel makes her way to college thinking not many would have made it (as is the case amongst the lower and middle classes of Pak in bad weather, – not everybody has cars etc) but is proved wrong. Their is only an introductory lecture the first day, by Sir Abrar. They are all asked to introduce themselves. Asmara is the first one to do so. When it is Kashf’s turn Sir Abrar takes a long look at her, asks if she is also in that class and then comments “Aap bohat choti lag rahi hain”. To this Kashaf replies that “No Sir, I am not small, My height is 5′ 4″.” And the whole class starts laughing at her. Zaroon who had not paid her any attention till now- too busy admiring her friend Farzana’s eye- says out loud “Sir that’s the perfect height, not too short nor too tall.” Sir Abrar chides Z for embarrassing K.K hates Z’s casual confidence and tries to mess up Z’s introduction as well. An act which she later half regrets in her diary.

    Zaroon, when asked to introduce himself, makes it a point to go up to the dais and give a long speech of how he’s always been a good student, will be an asset to the college, anyone can come for help to him etc etc. (the others had just told their names and the college, city they were from. K was from Gujrat. Sir Abrar comments “And what was this speech Zaroon?” to which K immediately retorts “An attempt to canvas for votes for the upcoming union elections”.
    Bus after this comment, they start giving one-liners back and forth:
    Z (taken aback for half a sec but then totally calm) looking straight at K : “So should I be hopeful that you’d vote for me?”
    K: “Absolutely not, don’t expect me to vote for you.!”
    Z: “So I should expect that if I lose by one vote in the election, that vote would be yours?”
    K: “What makes you thing you’d lose by one vote? Let me assure you that you’d lose by a large number of votes.”
    Z: “And how would you know that I’d lose by a large margin? Are you an expert at casting fake votes?”
    K: “Nah, yeh kaam aap hi ko mubarak ho. Those who are over confident always lose badly.”
    Z: “You might be proved wrong this time.”
    K: “We’ll see…there’s always hope.”

    So ends Z’s first disappointing day at college, at the end of which he acknowledges that K is not as ‘bewaqoof’ as she’d looked.

    • @Afia: Wah! Kiya baat hai! Thanks yaar, you’re the best! 🙂 Really appreciate you translating the first encounter for us!
      @Aish: As you can see even this quick look helps establish the context so much better than the serial has done so far. Z is brash and a brat and a self-identified flirt- although he does tell Osama that he does not deliberately mislead girls. A girl like A knows the score and these mild flirtations are acceptable within their class. Basically, hes an honest guy, just needs to mature a bit. Overall this was more about class differences .. the issue of the girl-child/education was an implicit theme not hit you on the head with it, like its done here.
      @AM: You have it right, they should highlight issues, but not in the clunky manner … or if they wanted to show this story, then they should have said inspired by ZGH and given it another name .. Rafia Ki Kahani type ..
      @ALL: If anybody else wants to share more insights from the novel, or add to the translation of the first few days, please feel free to do so 🙂 I’m sure our non-Urdu reading friends would be very grateful! 🙂 But please… no spoilers!!!

    • Thanks Afia, that was really helpful:)) I wish they had at least stuck to the novel for these scenes, it would have explained their conflict much better at least from Kashafs side!

    • @Afia – wow this was totally awesome!!! Thanks so much for this. You always come back and give us translations of the novels. Maybe UA should pay you to translate some of her famous work! 😀

      But wow this all sounds so fun and I was so into it while reading ke didn’t want it to end, unfortunately the drama is not even half as captivating as this synopsis you’ve typed up!

      Hopefully you will keep us updated with the parts of the novel that have not been included in the drama! 😀

  15. This was quiet a boring episode,too many filler scenes .The whole scene of mithathia lana pass hona,ugh,then Murtaza and his Wife scenes,Asmara and her mom scenes ,Asmara and Zaroon’s fights,even Rafia scenes have the same dialogues over and over again. That doesn’t leave mucj ,Kashaf and Zarron fighting in class what o pushed fight without any point, and Kashaf was being very personal .Who attacks another fellow like that.I cannot take her constant lamenting now why this and that.I don’t even get Zarron what is his issue with Asmara if he is not interested in her why is he so bothered by what she wears who she talks to. Is he just a very Conservative guy who has issues how girls should act.Asmara ufff ,why does Mahreen Raheel have such contempt in her voice while delivering dialogues,every thing comes across as so bitter. And whoever has done the background music for this play has done a pretty poor job.Most of the music either does not make any sense or such tried and tested tunes. Overall a miss episode.

  16. SZ and Afia thanks so very much for that look into the novel. It is much appreciated. I loved it!! So much better than the actual show. More please ? Pretty please? 🙂
    Their dialogues are so smart and young and full of zest compared to the rona dhona repetitive conversations we are getting on the show :(…Do they have to be so grown up all the time?

    So Kashaf lives in a hostel? As mush as I love Rafia I cant help but wonder if they should have kept that part as it was. We could have avoided Murtaza and his selfish clan.

    And SZ, you’re right , this provides a more concrete definition of the dynamics of their relationship. On the show the scenes just look very disjointed. No smooth flowing at all. Also, no I dont know how to read Urdu. I googled and searched a lot for a translated version but I had no luck 😦

    I really like Zaroon from the books now. His careless flirtatious attitude is that much more appealing and fun because we know he will fall deeply in love with her 🙂
    I wish they had kept the novel Zaroon intact.

    Also, I dont know why but all the comments are showing up now for me. I checked all morning and there were none then. Does that happen sometimes?

    • @Aish: Comments should show up in real time .. if you’re in the US then Afia posted her translation around 4 pm EST.. Not sure why the delay .. perhaps next time you should check off the box for followu-up notifs via email, when you post your comment..
      Re translation: I dont think there is a translation yet for the ZGH novella, at least I haven’t come across one as yet. If anybody else knows of translation, please provide links – thanks!

      • SZ, thanks….I just noticed the same thing in episode 2 review too . Not sure what is going on. I’m in the US too. Anyway not important. 🙂

        • @Aish: I am so sorry! I have no clue why wordpress is doing this. I hope the issues, whatever it is, sorts itself out for you … Meanwhile, continue checking and commenting 🙂

  17. @SZ , yes she did. I would love to see Mansha Pasha in more drama serials. I was very disappointed to see her ‘again’ as a friend in Madiha Maliha whereas she acts way better than many out there and her dress sense is commendable too. In SeZ , I remember she used to dress up in such chic ,nice tops and trousers. Loved her there!
    by the way , does anyone else feel that the best dressed actress around has to be mahira Khan? You can’t wrong her style sense. Be it western or eastern ,she carries everything gracefully.
    @ Afia, thank you so much for this translation. I had loved this conversation in th novel and When I had thought of FK and SS playing it, it seemed a perfect scene to me. Why didn’t they shoot it? 😦

    • @Heela: Yes! Mahirah is one celeb who takes a lot of pain with her look for all her projects, even the disastrous Neeyat. Here Feeha Jamshed too deserves equal credit for Mahira’s styling in her serials as well as other formal occasions.
      Re: that scene .. for all you know they might have shot it and then edited it out later as they settled on the final version of the story…

  18. Hey everyone!! I really don’t know from where to start, to be honest it feels like this drama is more about rafia, murtaza and his wife, and K and Z are just there for filler scenes, you know to add a bit of fun nothing more. To say this episode was a huge disappointment would be an understatement, apart from that debate scene – which also wasn’t done very well – everything felt so off. They are going on and on and on about same things, someone please tell them we also live in the same country and are very much aware of the problems middle class people face here so please move on already. and Asmara!! oh women there is a life besides shadi and mangni and she is a nice girl and can have any guy she wants but she is after someone who she cannot have. And zaroon doesn’t even like her, he just likes the ease of their relationship. He need to make up his mind and sooner rather than later. They should have stick to the plot, at first i thought a bit of change is needed to be made but now i think i read about something else and i am watching something entirely else. in fact i was thinking i should save this review so that next time i just copy paste it because every episode is same with a few changes here and there so why should i bother (sigh) wish i could really do that… but any way this drama need to pace up soon, very soon.

  19. I don’t get it. Is it the fault of the director that the episodes come across as fillers that can easily put one to sleep. Or is it the writer, that she’s written the screenplay in such a manner? I managed to go through the first half of the book, and I was totally into it. Dissapointed is not a strong enough word, especially since it was so overhyped. I’m thinking of messaging Ms Sultana Siddiqui/MD productions on FB and detailing (read whining) about how annoyed I am as a viewer that the drama missed out on so much (politely ofcourse). And considering the fact that this trend of “haye mehengai, hai Zaroon” is likely to continue, I think what I write may apply to the upcoming episodes as well. Ofcourse its unlikely that it’ll have any effect now, but if it somehow gets to her/them, maybe they’ll take it into account in any upcoming productions?
    I’m just really pissed, and pretty vella at this time of the year, so… 😀 Good idea or no?

  20. spot on review !
    seriously even i am getting bored now. and exactly is the drama about samina peerzada n the weirdo dad, they r repeating the same stuff over and over again, i mean come on guys we got that from the first episode, why rubbing it again n again.
    and the scene between zaroon n kashaf, i mean what happend, i hoped it would be one awesome fire back btwn them and good logical BEHAS. but it was so illoligical!
    oh btw its sz here. i was missing reading the old people on dramapakistani!
    finally found the same people again! cool 🙂

    • @Saraah: Hey! Great to hear from you 🙂
      Yaar, bas dekh lo – what to do 😦 😦 Honestly, if ZGH hadn’t been hyped up so much and we hadn’t been told a thousand times over about how great it was and how it was one of the few dramas about university life, we might not have been so upset with this 😦 Hopefully things will start making a bit more sense in the next episode or so!

  21. Yeah, of course Feeha Jamshed is a wonderful designer and this time we should not forget Sania Maskatiya , she gave her a completly new and trendy look in SeZ:)

    Haye! I wish they had not edited it out. It would have been a nice scene on-screen.

    • @Heela: Yeah true Sania M did an amazing job dressing Falak – loved her clothes!! to add though that Feeha is Mahira’s stylist and helps her select an entire look for the serial. For instance in Humsafar too, Mahira wore a lot of designers, but Feeha was her stylist .. hence I was giving her credit for the look she created for both Khirad and Falak 🙂

  22. Ash, Aish, SK, glad you enjoyed the account of Z and K’s first meeting of Sept 9th. K’s account on Sept 17th talked about the class issues we’ve seen on ZGH- about a page or two max.
    Sept 25th, Z writes about how Asmara is great girl to know for “time-pass”- as boys in Pak might say. He enjoys her company but is only with her till he finds somebody more appealing. He writes about K as being one of those girls who come from the middle class and are only interested in raising their social status by ‘catching’ a rich fish. He is specially irked by her when they have long arguments on Pak’s foreign policy. Z feels that Pak should keep good relations with countries like the US coz they give us aid, which we can’t do without. Whereas K feels Pak should maintain it’s dignity and not bow down to the super power. They have heated discussions over this and after one on 31st Dec, Z feels totally humiliated as K has a way with words and Z is basically stumped. (K reminds me of girls in my college days who took part in urdu debates- they were aggressive, had crisp urdu and usually a shrill voice. Boys like Zaroon wouldn’t stand a chance in front of them.)

    More when the story moves forward 🙂

  23. thank you Afia , we owe you big time !! wow , why on earth change this excellent story line to boring old hat story we see now. that would have been electric that foreign policy scene would have been amazing . I love Rafia but really a little less of that track would have been better.If they wanted to attract a younger crowd to the drama that would have been amazingly successful for them ..# Senseless makeover or don’t fix what aint broke

    • @Sadaf: In the novel they were doing an MA in International Relations, hence it made sense to have these in-class debates on foreign policy and also explained how Kashaf often went from talking abt the developed nations exploiting the underdeveloped ones, to talking abt the rich exploiting the poor and then taking it all out on Zaroon since he was a representative of that class… but given that the larger context was stripped away that whole debate was rendered meaningless and pointless ..

  24. My question is why? It would have been brilliant . It would have allowed the younger gen to follow , encouraged debate and opened minds. It would have given an new image of an intelligent assertive heroine.at the moment Kashaf is just a fishwife with a chip on her shoulder. why not show Zaroon taken down by intelligence and character rather than “middlecass” values. The clothes thing is really annoying and I know where it is leading to …a cliche ..Jeans = bad girl Duppatah = good girl girl with duppattah gets Zaroon .ha haha ha Trophy husband …love Pakistan

  25. Have you guys Seen FKs latest commercial, where he very much looks like a 22 year old compared to ZGH! 🙂

    So cute he is!!!

  26. Okay someone mail me 100 pairs of these shoes or whatever serivis sells.. is it bananas, umbrellas?? what ever… just send them to me now ..:)

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