Talkhiyan ~ Episode 2 Review


Just finished watching the latest episode and was blown away! Talkhiyan is a winner and I am officially a fan – loved it !!

In this second chapter, our lovely storyteller Zoyee picks up the threads of the story from where she’d left off last week. As expected, Bibi’s pronouncement does not go down well with her family. Agha-ji, an Anglophile to the core, refused to believe that any gora could be guilty of the crimes that Bibi is accusing Paul of committing. Mama too offers no support. Her wan face, as she listens to Bibi, tells its own story. No words of sympathy, no warm embraces, no hopes, no platitudes, no nothing – this mother finds it easier to retreat in to her own private world. Mama’s music is perhaps the only thing in this world that she can control. As for Appo, Bibi knows better than to look to her for any kind of support whatsoever.  Though she is hurting and angry, Bibi is no roti-dhoti mazloom aurat looking to garner anybody’s sympathies. Rather, she is a woman who keeps a tight rein on her feelings. Only on rare occasions do we see a quick rephrasing of a sentence, a slight pursing of her lips, or a lifted eyebrow, hinting at the turmoil inside her. With her ramrod stiff back and carefully schooled expressions, Sanam Saeed is the perfect Bibi.

However hard it might be for Bibi to deal with her family’s reaction, it is perhaps harder for her to deal with the knowledge that her children are suffering equally if not more. Having lived through a similar experience she knows what her children are going through, but there is not much she can do except to protect them as fiercely as she can. Though her children ask no questions, their games reflect what they see all around them. What I appreciate is that for once we are shown that children are not divorced from their surroundings – like sponges they soak all that is going around them.

The role-playing that Zoyee and Jugnu indulge in is heart wrenching in its deeper implications, but kudos to Khalid sahab for the manner with which he’s handled these otherwise dark moments. The pickled Zoyee sequence was disturbing, but handled so sensitively that along with Mamaji I too was smiling at the kiddos. The child actors, Sabina and Sagar, are just fabulous. I could not help but burst out laughing when Zoyee, after saving her mother from the uninvited awkward embrace of the nosy neighbor, grabbed her brother’s hand and ran for her life. Thank God Appo didn’t see her doing this mischief!

Aah yes, Appo! What can I say about her, except that I am in love with this desi version of Cruella De Ville. Hina Bayat plays her role with such relish that its an absolute joy to watch Appo just for her idiosyncrasies. Appo is oh-so-lah-di-da, but give her some juicy gossip and her sophisticated English-print loving veneer disappears and out pop the circa Deputy Nazir Ahmed dialogues about nahoosat, kalak, firangis, and duniya wale doing thoo thoo. With the body language to match her lines, whether she’s maaro-ing taanas at Mama, scolding the children, admiring her feet, or writing love notes like an immature schoolgirl, Hina is beyond fantastic.

Speaking of performances, Shamim Hilali is great as the abused, partially blind  Mama. The way she rationalizes her husband’s behavior is disturbing to say the least. Right alongside, Khalid Ahmad is playing her sadistic husband with a charming persona to a Tee. The scene where Mama is late with the tea and what ensues after was very well done. Looking forward to seeing how Jaanu Baba’s arrival shakes things up in this ‘divorced’ family as the elder Zoyee aptly put it. Mehak Khan is giving a very good account of herself in this debut performance. Looking forward to seeing how her role develops as she continues with her troubling journey down memory lane and circles back to the present. Will she find answers to the questions that brought her back to this painful place?

Like the previous episode, this one too was a visual delight. Bibi’s long and lonely walk, from Agha-ji’s bedroom to her own, was was lovely visual narration of her suffering. Other small touches and attention to detail add so much texture to the broader canvas. Kids and Bibi with their colorful umbrellas, all meals eaten on the verandah, Zoyee almost getting hit by a bus, the neighborhood gossips, all add so much to the overall ambiance. Khalid Ahmad continues to narrate this very dark and complex story with great style. The ease with which the story oscillates between three temporal zones, the present, Zoyee past, and then Bibi’s past, is a credit to the talented writer director combo. I will admit to having doubts about this adaptation before the serial started, but it is to Bee Gul’s credit that I am so into the story unfolding on screen that I do not even remember my earlier misgivings. Naveed Malik’s cinematography has a lot to do with the rich feel of this serial. The framing of scenes, lighting, the angles, the vivid colors of the outdoors, all come together to make Talkhiyan a visual treat.

Looking forward to the next chapter of Zoyee’s story!

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Written by SZ~

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  1. SZ i share your exact sentiments though i can’t be as eloquent as you are 🙂 you have written it all down beautifully. Talkihiyan to me is a sharp satire on all the existing norms of the society,a girl getting a divorce the cliched reactions of Mohlay wali khatoon calling her now ‘kali qismat’ also labeling the daughter along side. On the other hand being so readily accommodative of a man’s divorce .Also the Aga ge reaction Angrez are gentleman,he could not believe anything ignorant from a foreigner . Rather than siding with his daughter he is quiet obsessed with perceptions. He is a narcissistic,sadistic man who blatantly abuses his wife and tries to menage a pristine image in front of the world. Talkhiyan deals both with the sociological and psychological aspect brilliantly. The way kids are effected by how everything is playing out in front of them,how they will be scared for life as a result. It is just a deep study of human behaviours. How appo is trapped i some teenage fantasy and cannot break out at even at her age and how she has lost control of the realities around her.
    The actors are all doing a fabulous job including the kids.Shamim Hilali ,Khalid Ahmed ,Sanam Saeed ,Hina Khawaja all bring so much originality to the play. Cinematography i simply cannot give enough props too. Dialogues are so well written especially the Zoyee narration part is pure gold. The movement from past to present is so swift we do not feel we are moving in three separate timelines. Overall a topnotch production.


    • @Javeria: Enjoyed reading your very well put comment. Yes indeed Talkhiyan is a beautifully written script – and Bee Gul’s lines are beautiful. Like you I too love the older Zoyee’s monologue and am thoroughly enjoying the rich layered characterizations…


    • You can watch it on dailymotion, that’s not blocked is it? The quality isn’t as good though but it’s worth bearing with it, it’s a beautiful drama.


        • Glad you were able to find another link! i really think everyone should watch this drama. Its REALLY good!

          @haj – you end up watching it? How’d you like it?


      • Oye?? AM? where have you disappeared? Nothing from you on any thread this week? And you’re watching this one,akele akele? arrey bhai you need to share your thoughts! 🙂


        • Been away and internet-less the last few days so am now catching up on episodes, reviews and comments. Was trying to squeeze in writing out a reply between packing before I left but wasn’t able to, so here’s the delayed reply… (hope you didn’t think my lack of reply was because I took the daant-ing to heart)

          Sorry for the silent lurking, old habits die hard :). Anyway, after your amazing reviews there’s little to add. And I love reading everyone’s comments where I’m like wow I was thinking the same thing, except they expressed it so much better or I never thought about that…

          I remember when you first reviewed Talkhiyan’s promos, it looked really interesting but didn’t think I’d watch it as it seemed too depressing. Started watching the first episode just out of curiosity and was hooked. It has been quite sad, and I’ve already cried a few times (am I the only one?) but I think because of how well it’s made, I am enjoying it. Though I do agree with Annie, I definitely have to psyche myself up before watching, was feeling quite low after watching the 2nd episode.

          Everyone’s acting is amazing. Have become a fan of Sanam Saeed. You feel what she’s thinking through her expressions, no voiceover or anything, like her reaction when she realises her brother’s coming, when her kids say divorce at the dining table, and when she’s watching the cleaning in preparation for her brother. It’s all quite subtle, but so well done. Shamim Hilali is great. I don’t remember any bit of her as Nusrat in CK or vice versa when I watch, that can’t be easy to achieve. And that applies just as much to Hina Bayat as Ghazala and Appo actually… Pakistani dramas have made me appreciate how hard acting must be. (because I think you get ‘attached’/associate an actor to a certain character more when you see them in a tv series than in a movie, but in english tv series, you don’t usually see the same actor in different roles, if that makes sense, anyway that’s a side note) Usually find it hard to say a negative character’s acting is good, I think because I just dislike the character so much I can’t even get myself to praise the actor, but Khalid Ahmad’s really good in the little we’ve seen of him, Agha ji actually kinda scares me. And I’m in love with the kids! Mehak Khan’s done a lovely debut, hope she keeps getting some good roles…

          Like others have already mentioned, I like how they’re showing how the kids are being affected. Really liked the scene when Zoyee pinches that lady. It’s sad how at such a young age kids can understand the pain of their parents and want to try to help their parents when they see them in difficulty but often don’t know how to.

          Oh, and I had to ask about the Deputy Nazir Ahmad reference, who is he, and how is Appo’s dialogues like him?


    • @HAJ: Hi! I’ve added a vidpk link in the post as well… its as good a quality as the YT one … do come back and share your thoughts .. liked it or not? will look forward to hearing from you 🙂
      @AM: Now that I’m done daant-ing you for your absence, let me thank you for helping HAJ – much appreciated 🙂


      • @Afia – hehe hopefully this helps all the people in pak suffering from YT! why is it still banned btw??

        Are you following Talkhiyan?


        • Yup Ash, am following it. Last night wrote a comment but then the elec went and my laptop’s battery’s almost dead so the comment was lost (as was one a few days back 🙂 Anyway, I like this show but it I feel disturbed watching it. When SH was being abused by her hubby, I preferred to keep the volume down (my kids are around so the darker shows are harder to watch). But everyone’s performed really well plus the writing, cinemataography, etc. The welcome for the son was in such sharp contrast to the treatment of the daughter. Wonder what Zoyee’s brother has grown up to be? Looking forward to the story unfolding…


          • @Afia i just thought they covered the dark aspects so well with there blunt approaches i thought people will not get unnerved. But i guess i missed the point that it can come across as very realistic too but i think they are just making a point to show us how ironically unaware the wives are to the victimization.I said last week too ‘God of small things ‘ is a bold script but they have adapted it beautifully.They have not really tried to mellow it down much and try to give it a commercial aspect. But your point is also right physical violence is disturbing i used to feel the same during BK at times but here i just think it’s fits in with the pattern.


            • Yes Javeria, it fits into the context very well and the whole drama flows very smoothly- it’s just that the whole feel is pretty dark and melancholic, much more so than BK or any other drama showing wife beating etc. But then this is ‘hatke’ 🙂 I wasn’t too interested in showing my 12 yr old this show but she happened to see the scene where Zoyee bites the woman, and my daughter said “Yeh maine har sunday dekhna hai!” Plus she was very interested in the way Hina’s character Appo treats the kids and all the “I love you’s” in the diary so I guess, dark or not, we’ll be watching it!


  2. @sz thank you so much for yet another amazing review and such attention to detail!! You write beautifully…

    And thank you especially for being so kind and generous to me, personally, in my debut project 🙂

    I promised you earlier that I would share some stories from behind the scenes… Well wouldnt really call them stories, but I would like to share some moments with you, if you would bear with me…

    The “talkhiyan” you see on screen is in complete and utter contrast to the love, respect, and solidarity that each person on set shared with each other off screen!

    Yes, my experience is fairly limited this being my debut project, but despite that, I have a feeling even the most seasoned members of the cast would agree that this was truly a once in a lifetime experience…

    So anyway… I got there towards the end of the shoot, and my luck… I got food poisoning the minute I landed!!! Shamim Hilali went and got fruit from God knows where literally!! because I couldn’t digest anything else! She was “mama ji” for all of us in the real sense of the word, not the “talkh” one hehe

    The kids…. Who wouldn’t fall in love with them?!?! “Bari zoya, bari zoya!!! Humara scene aa ke dekho na!!” Dancing every night after pack up with sabeena and saagar! Those kids are powerhouses of talent!!

    Hina Bayat… Ok, if any expression of mine works even remotely, it’s only because she read out each narration so beautifully and with so much feel that I would be transported into the story the moment I would hear her voice! She managed my schedule, my continuities, everything!!! You name it, she did it!!! To the extent of waking me up every morning with “garam paani khatm ho jaaye ga, hurry up and shower!!!”

    Sanam… Well, she was supposed to have a break the days I was shooting, and yet, she was there on set every day for me, suffering the cold and dry weather, from morning till night, going on each outdoor location, when she could have easily sat home and watched tv in a heated apartment, because she said, “it’s your first yaar…”

    Fazeela, the make up artist would constantly crack jokes, so I wouldn’t be nervous!

    Naveed Malik, what can I say about his work! But for me esp, I can’t tell you how much respect this man commands in my eyes… The day my shoot was to begin, Naveed bhai had a family emergency. Forget not flying out, he didn’t even tell me. When later I asked him, he answered, “aap ka pehla serial tha, main aap ke saath kaise yeh kar sakta tha. Agar main chala jaata toh aap ki performance affect ho jaati.”

    Beegul… I was so touched… She drove back to bhurban the day my shoot began just to provide me with support… She was there, present for every scene, so I wouldn’t get nervous.

    Razi saahab and seema, they treated me like their own child… Every crew member did, in fact! They even made sure I got my regular dose of “chai” that I craved every so often!

    And finally, last but definitely not least, khalid ahmed… I could not have asked for a more understanding director, a better mentor, or guide… I was never once made to feel like a novice by this man. He asked for my opinion, listened to complaints, understood my reservations and found a way around them… Along with correcting my urdu the entire time, of course!!!

    I hope I haven’t bored you too much, but just wanted to give you a slight idea as to how special the team of “talkhiyan” was…

    Hope you continue to watch it and enjoy it so that we get to read your lovely reviews!! Thank you, God bless x


    • @Mehak: Hi! Thanks for coming back and sharing your experiences – thoroughly enjoyed reading the behind the scenes stuff!! What a fab experience you must’ve had! Reminded me so much of summer school trips, where everybody looked out for each other and there was a genuine affection and camaraderie between everybody…
      You write so beautifully that you make each and every person come alive through your words. Loved reading how everybody helped you and how the seniors looked out for you like a parent would. Glad to know that our celebs are so warm, affectionate and down to earth, real people whom we’d like to hang out with, and not some snooty uppity stars who only care about their roles and their lines. The honest effort that everybody’s put into this serial is definitely coming through on screen. The ease with which the children are acting is a testament to how comfortable they felt with their older costars – such chemistry, particularly with children, is hard to fake.
      Hina deserves another round of applause for helping you with the narration – you’ve done a great job… each and every word is enunciated and expressed so well and with so much feeling! I love the perfect blend of emotion and distance that you convey in the narration – not sure if I am making sense here.. but hopefully you get what I mean … 🙂
      So now that you’ve had a great experience, will we continue to see you on screen?

      Yes, IA I will continue watching and reviewing, and thank you so much for your kind words, and for overlooking all the typos and run on sentences – I’m always mortified when I come back and read it after a couple of hours!

      Looking forward to continued convos!


    • @Mehak Khan- good to have you back! loving you in Talkhiyan and really hoping to see you more of you as the drama progresses!

      And thanks so much for this behind the scenes stories! sounds like so much fun!! and everyone is clearly very supportive, that it must have made the job so much easier for you! youre doing a fine job and really llooking forward to see you in more projects! 🙂


      • Thank you Ash, that is extremely kind of you… And I hope I continue to live up to your expectations as the drama unfolds… 🙂


    • Mehak, You are so very charismatic, I love the way you deliver your lines! Hope to keep enjoying the drama and your performance, it’s great for a first project. Thanks for the behind the scenes tidbits too, enjoyed the info!


      • Hey Mehay thanks for bringing us the inside scoop.Loved hearing your thoughts.Just gave me the glimpse of a warm loving environment you all must have shared on the sets of ‘Talkhiyan’. As SZ said your procrastination of rather quiet difficult Urdu dialogues is right on the mark and even in your first serial and with a very skilled cast you do leave a mark .All the very best to you in all you future projects.


        • haha did the auto correct changed pronunciation to procrastination (delay) .Geez i should really proof read my posts before sending them and all the time i told the students to check papers before handing them over. Sorry Mehak i have given your dialogue delivery a whole new dimension. Due apologies 🙂


        • Thank you Javeria, the credit for the urdu narrations goes to Khalid sb though… He very patiently guided me through the difficult bits without letting me get unnerved haha – but thank you 🙂


        • LOL!! Seriously, these auto corrects are the worse things ever! reminded me of the FWP video from a few weeks ago.. @Mehak, have you seen this one?


    • @Mahak: it was amazing to read such pleasant off screen moments.. Gives you positive vibes and a feel of how are actors so considerate:) thank you for sharing all this… Much appreciated ☺ I love your dialect and screen presence… Too good .. Best of luck for future 😊


  3. Beautifully written SZ…fully agreed to your each and single line 🙂
    I loved second episode more than 1st… i simply got hooked.. 40 minutes passed such awesomely.. These kiddos Saagar and Sabeena are truly blessed and talented, look forward to their scenes.. no matter how deep and sensitive any scene is, their innocence makes it so light and i love this thing..

    Mehak khan.. i am loving her presence and monologue.. the way she said ‘pickled zoyee’ i so liked that 🙂 Bibi is one kind of women, that gives you boost to fight where its going wrong.. the flashback scenes were amazing and i was literally saying go bibi go bibi 😀 Sanam is so perfect for playing Bibi..

    I liked how contrast was shown between a divorced man and divorced woman.. its so terribly true..The scene with that ladies investigating on bibi’s divorce was so arrrggg.. these kinda ladies do exist and for sure are pain..but zoyee’s cute act made me laugh 😀 way to go zoyee!!

    Shamim Hilali.. one great actor.. its so great to see her variance from CK to Talkhiyan..loved her scene with Agha ji, physically abusing him.. Khalid Ahmed is too good portraying Agha ji.. indeed a scary one!

    A new character with new happenings.. so looking forward to 3rd episode.


    • @Rehmat: Agree that this was a great ep. I was afraid that this one wouldnt be able to match up to the first one, since our expectations were so high after last week, but so glad that we were not disappointed.
      Yes, loving Sanam as Bibi, isnt it fab that her we have a woman who doesn’t resort to tears and melodrama, rather she manages to keep it all so real and under control and just carries on wit her head held high – Go Bibi Go, indeed!


    • @Rehmat – agreed on all accounts! 🙂

      Can’t wait to watch the uncle make his entrance and see what he has to bring to the story! 🙂


  4. Beautiful review SZ! enjoyed reading it just as much as i am enjoying watching this drama.

    People are looking for a different kind of drama, story – Well i say this is it. Iam thoroughly enjoying every single scene of this drama. Has been shot so beautifully. And each character is etched out so perfectly that you can totally feel for them and even relate at some parts.

    MY personal faves, Sanam Saeed, Hina Bayat, the two kids and even though older Zoyee is hardly there she definitely leaves her marks in her scenes. She looks so tired and worn out and is begging for a vacation, her eyelids all dark. Love it!

    The kids are so smart, they understand everything yet keep it to themselves. All their scenes are so fun to watch, and love all their lines. very well written. Appo gives them something to write and then just keeps admiring herself. lol

    The scenery and location is breathtaking. The place seems so relaxing, calm and a perfect getaway from our routine runaround lifestyle.

    Agha Gi def has mental issues!. Beats his partially blind wife at this age for no reason at all. and the poor woman is sticking up for him? Why dear God why.

    Looking forward the next episode, and i can certainly say that this drama for me is a lot better then most dramas on air right now, and dare I say zgh??


    • I totally agree @Ash this drama is a far better venture then much of the stuff they are putting out there. Other production houses should take notes how to tall a story beautifully without unnerving the audience in the process.


  5. Love the Drama it deals with issues in a different manner without the melodrama that is associated with the sub continent. I do not think there is anything to not love keep it and brilliant review.


    • @Salma t : Hi! Glad to hear from another talkhiyan lover 🙂 Yes, absolutely! loving that everything is so underplayed without resorting to melodrama..
      Hoping that you’ll continue to join in our weekly discussions – looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂


  6. Agreed…a very enjoyable second episode, I was loving it! The ost is mesmerizing and was perfectly placed.Loved the umbrella scene, just so very English. The kids are so cute, but sad how they pick up everything 😦 A good look at the hypocritical and two faced facets of our society. Aghaji beating his wife, yet coming across as the perfect gentleman. I feel like BIbi was extremely strong for having the courage to leave her abusive husband and come back to her family who are not welcoming her. Her mother is still a victim with no self esteem as she repeatedly defends her husband, bibi obviously chose not to follow her mothers footsteps. Let’s see how jugnu baba affects things! Looking forward to the next one 🙂


  7. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou SZ and all our cherished viewers!! I know I speak for everyone when I say this – cast, crew, DoP, writer, producers, director – we all put our hearts and soul in this one and to have it acknowledged and appreciated thus is a reward and award in one! The contradictions, the hypocrisy, the double standards of our society can be sooooo depressing but kudos to Beegul and Khalid sb for conveying it in a manner which is so beautiful and dare I say, laughable at times.
    As Mehak Khan said the on-screen “talkhi” was the complete opposite of the warmth, love and “mithaas” off-screen! For Sabeena and Saagar we will always be Bibi, Mama, Aghaji, Janoo baba, Bari Zoya and Appo ji – and for us they are Zoyee and Jugnu forever. This off-screen family will always remain bonded. Thankyou Khalid sb for giving me the opportunity to be Appo, thankyou Beegul for conceiving her the way you did and trusting her with me, thankyou Razi bhai for taking that risk, thankyou Imran Mahbub for believing in me, thankyou Shamim apa & Sanam for that energy & selfless, commitment and thankyou Naveed bhai for capturing Appo in every shade of her character so beautifully! And a special thankyou to Mehak because if it wasn’t for you Appo and I would not have met 🙂

    I know we all love the behind the scenes stories – so here is mine and Appo’s! The script actually came for Mehak (who happens to be my neice) but when I read it I just had to ask Khalid sb who was playing Appo. On hearing that it still wasn’t finalised I laughingly asked him to consider me too eventhough I didn’t think he would 😉 Nevertheless, he was kind enough to say that he would discuss it with the writer and producers. Imagine my delight when I got that call from Khalid sb saying Yes!!

    From then on it was a joyride with Seema Razi’s constant supply of Rita Imlee, Nargis Rashid’s side-splitting humour, Summer Nicks delicious treats, Sarmad and Adnan’s antics, Fazeela’s tolerance in allowing me to do my own makeup and the entire crews consideration for our minutest needs. Working on Talkhiyan was an unforgettable experience and I’m sure for its audience too, it will become one! Wish us luck 🙂


    • Loved loved and loved your detailed insight scoop 😀 had fun reading, shows how much fin you actually had 😊 appo till now is making me smile .. So looking forward how story unfolds … Wish you good luck 👍


    • @Hina: Hi! Lovely as always to hear from you – always such a pleasure to read your thoughts and insights! Loved readig the story of how you came on board. After having seen you as Appo it is hard to imagine anybody else playing her with as much panache as you do … I should be hating her, but I’m totally in love with her – her rainbow eye makeup n all!
      I hope you ‘ll continue following the reviews and share more of the sweet memories behind the bitter onscreen story 🙂


  8. WOW my first impression is what fabulously etched out characters who you don’t ever want to meet in your life (well maybe Appo ;)) Warning to myself – don’t watch this serial when I am feeling down otherwise it can lead to depression.
    Bee Gul, the actors, and directors have created some splendid characters on screen where you feel sorry for All of them – esp. the children – their innocence lost forever! (On a side note: I wonder when children this age are asked to say such adult dialogues – does it make an impression on them outside of their work environment? Do they end up growing up rather quickly in real life too? Those are always my reservations when I see children cast to play dysfunctional characters)

    Coming to the characters:
    Appo is hilarious (along with her sidekick from Akbari asghari) watching wrestling, wearing the 1980s dulhan makeup (man those 3 eyeshadows had me cracking up!!) and going on about how pretty her feet are. You’re right SZ the desi version of Cruel la de Ville 🙂
    Sanam Saeed looks so melancholy and subdued. Quite a departure from our fiery Kashaf. Although I do wish Kashaf would come out and stop the wife beating her Mama is going through. I am not sure why she has Appo schooling her children rather than her doing it? It was interesting to see that she is more concerned about them being dressed properly and having good table manners rather than what they are learning from their surroundings. So sad!
    Mama jaani – I love how she rationalizes Agha ji’s behavior – he’s jealous of me because I can manage to take care of myself and can make money by selling pickles etc. Wow! talk about a woman who should be empowered to make her own decisions but has resigned herself to being beaten every chance Agha ji gets. Sad again
    The children – when their first sentence is can we squish the frog you know something is definitely wrong with this picture. There were some laugh out loud moments when they said squishing frogs is embarrassing but squishing Appo is not and Zoyee punching the neighbor lady and running away. the young Zoyee is such a firecracker that it is Sad to see the older Zoyee be so morose, lost, and depressed.
    Looks like Jugnu will turn into a loser like his father and grandfather. 😦

    I find it interesting that almost all the characters are avid readers but none of them were able to learn anything from all the books they have read. Reminded me of the saying “Quran tow phaar liya lekin hidayat nahi mili”

    The cinematography is LUSH and as you said it is nice to see surroundings outside of the bustling cities and the same old homes and night gowns being exchanged. I do wish we had a Sidra here to brighten things up a bit. I was feeling so sad and disturbed after watching the 2 episodes as there is no ray of hope for this dysfunctional family. *sigh* Even though I love the quirky characters, I think I’ll be watching this every few weeks and on days when I am feeling super happy so that it doesn’t bring me down too much 😀
    Question: is Janu Baba, Bibi’s brother? I didn’t know why she was upset on hearing the news that Janu Baba is coming back. I find it interesting that apart from Zoyee, we don’t know anyone’s real names.


    • Annie, I think she was upset at the hypocrisy. Everyone was getting excited at him coming back even though he had also divorced an angraizi mehm. They were much more happy to see him than they had been with her and her children.


    • @Annie: Hey! I wondered when you would get around to watching this one! Was waiting to read your inimitable take on this one! Yes, I think Jaanu’s her brother or a cousin and shes pissed at the hypocrisy and double standards of her family as @SK said.. the older Zoyee said as much as well she wonders why Appo and Mamaji were not as upset abt Jaanu.
      Yes, Mama jani is an very interesting character .. and sadly very true to life in the portrayal of an abused wife .. they usually find ways to rationalize everything .. in some ways I’m glad they are not sugar coating anything and its a very stark portrayal, and thank God Khalid Sb and Bee Gul did not go the melodramatic route, so we are spared the sight of Mama crying her eyes out or wailing about her kismat as we are wont to see in other dramas..
      and yes LOL! so true abt the fabulous makeup .. and the HD links are so great b/c they allow us to see every detail.. So true, Appo is the worst baby sitter ever!! I hate/love the way she tortures these kids!
      Interesting point about their names … lets see how the story pans out …
      Hopefully you’ll continue following — I know its a dark story, but somehow I dont feel depressed after watching .. infact, after Humsafar and SeZ, this is the one I usually watch once more during the week, don’t know what this says about my mental makeup! :/


      • @ Annie i can tell you from the book’s perspective on this. Firstly all through the book too characters had kind of nick family names Chacko,Ammu,Baby Kochmaa,Momaachai ,Pappachi .We never get to hear there real names,which adds a certain mystery and fascinating aspects to the characters. Now Janu is Chacko from the book,he was a highly educated guy. He went on to be a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University,someone who got all the family’s love and attention. In book he was rather full of himself sometimes rather got annoying who seem to think he is better or more important than others.There were basic conflicts in his actions and words.Her relation with her sister is also a result of that.She is just annoyed at times of his attention seeking ways. She is very much cornered in the house due to him.If i will tell you more it will be spoilers.I hope you stay around for this play. Well i am really hooked. 🙂


        • Thanks Javeria for explaining the character from the book! I had read a quick synopsis of the book, and it was so morbid. My first thought was that the author of the book must have been in some awful relationships throughout her life to write such a story.
          I hope he adds to the dynamics of the story and we get to move beyond the women wronged and women scorned mentality.


      • thank you ladies for your replies 🙂 So he is the brother!
        For me SZ, it left me disturbed and quite depressed not from the adult characters’ POV but rather how the children turn out. I prefer a more balanced approach and I can see that they are trying to show that to a certain extent by inserting some lighter moments here and there but for me it is still the story of 3 women wronged by Evil men minus the glycerin. I wish we could have actually seen something different here since the characters are so well etched out – it’s a travesty that the story revolves around abused women once again.
        For me, it is mainly Appo’s character that will keep me coming back to this and to see how Bibi’s life progresses even though there is zero hope of a happy ending.


  9. hey please can anyone help me im dyyyyyyyiiinngg to know the name of that song that BIBI keeps listning on her tape recorder .. if anyone knows plz inform me !!


      • thankyou soooooo muchh.. you can’t imagine how much i needed to hear it once again properly 🙂
        nd the drama is absolutely amazing its the perfect depiction of the novel ❤


  10. @AM: Hey! Welcome back after your hiatus! LOL @the daant, you know you’re a part of our gang, and when you disappear you are missed… is liye ab no ghaib-ing! 😉
    Glad you’re also on board 🙂 Talkhiyan is indeed amazing in that it does move you without saying anything out loud. Just this week as I was watching it, I was comparing it to the other serials like Daagh, Ek Tamana Lahasil Si, or even ZGH, and couldn’t help but think about all screaming, explicit verbal and physical abuse there, so much so that I end up ffwding through most of the episode. But here, I dont even think of the remote .. there is so much packed in each scene and its so beautifully shot that you cant help but get sucked in to the crazy Silverwood ppl world.
    I hope you continue watching despite the darkness .. I had been fine with the first two, but i too found the third one dark .. but Im so hooked that I think I’ll keep with it .. hopefully we’ll continue getting the lighthearted moments to offset the darker ones.. waisey with the colorful Appo around its hard to not have a smile every time she’s onscreen, massaging her hands or soaking her feet… Hina is fantastic here!
    RE: Deputy Nazir Ahmed, he was a mid 19th-early 20th c scholar, an Urdu writer and a social and religious reformer. He is known for classics like Tobah-tul Nasooh and Mirat-ul Aroos among others. The reason I brought him up as an analogy was that the Urdu that Appo speaks, particularly when she’s hating on Bibi or gossiping with Mama-ji, is so reminiscent of the particular literary language that was used by the classical Urdu writers…. not something that I would have imagined an English-print loving sophisticated Ungraizi medium lady (to be very unpc) like Appo to be using in the 1980s .. the change in register is remarkable .. hence my humble observation …
    You can read more about Nazir Ahmed at this wiki entry and if you can read Urdu, then Mirat-ul Aroos and Tobah are both fun reads…


    • Oh ok, thank you very much for explaining 🙂 Hadn’t noticed the type of urdu Appo uses, will take notice next time.
      Actually I remember my grandma had that Tobah-tul Nasooh story. I had started reading it with her but even though she was reading it out to me, the urdu was quite difficult for me and I lost patience. But if you recommend it, maybe next time she’s over I might give it a try again,
      Had read humsafar and zgh online, but i think the urdu’s a bit easier in those…


      • @AM: Oh yes! the Urdu is definitely more contemporary in Humsafar and ZGH, hence easier to read and comprehend. Tobah – is an ok story, not one of my faves, but a classic regardless. Mirat-ul Uroos is much more popular (the original two sisters’ story!).I’m sure you must’ve seen the remakes on TV. Faiza Iftikhar/Haisam Hussain’s Akbar Asghar was a twst on that and there was an earlier OTV one as well. Umera Ahmed now has another remake coming up with Mehwish Hayat/Amina Shaikh/Mikaal Zulfiqar/ Ahsan Khan…


  11. Hi,
    loved 2 episodes !!
    this drama is bag of mixed emotions !
    U love zoyee-jugnu n pitty for them at sametime
    similiarly got angry on mama when she didnt support bibi or neglected bibi’s pain
    but felt sorry for her when she was beaten by her husband !
    Bibi is also not exception ! we know she is going through hard times but even she is neglecting her kids in a way !!
    I think Bibi ko thoda maturely unhe ye complex situation me samjana chahiye tha becuase yehi sab affecting the twins more adversaly which is reflectd through their conversation !!


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