Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay ~ Episode 8 Review


This latest episode has compelled me to turn my review upside down and begin with raving about the last scene – what an epic moment – sentimental fool that I am, I loved it, loved it, loved it!!

Qazi Wajid, Badar Khalil, and Behroze Sabzwari, all three legends and all class acts, there’s not much I can say for them that has not been said already. They are brilliant and we know that, and perhaps after all these years of watching them perform we take their fabulousness for granted. Once in a while though, there come moments when you are reminded all over again of how fantastic they are and  how effortless they make it all seem. The manner in which the once embittered Farhan looked up at Qutbuddin with glazed eyes and wordlessly thanked him was a moment to savor – his one look said at all. Sitting across from Farhan, Aani’s silent reaction to her husband’s first genuine smile in years was telling to say the least – finally this very tired woman could stop pretending and allow herself to breathe freely for the first time in ever so many years. One could literally see the weight of the world easing off the shoulders of this very weary couple. They had borne this painful burden with nary a complaint and so much grace, that after a while this silent suffering had become a living breathing part of themselves. But one look at them and Qabacha knew he could not rest till he brought their culprits to justice. And now after all his efforts victory was in sight. He was the hero of the moment, but he was not looking for any awards or rewards – having the old Farhan sir back was more than enough for him. His gratitude at having being finally forgiven was beautifully portrayed. I don’t think anybody who watched the final scene walked away with dry eyes. Beautifully written, directed and acted – this 3+ minute scene was the pick of the episode, if not the serial so far, for me. A huge round of applause for Marina Khan, Mohammad Ahmed, Badar Khalil, Qazi Wajid and Behroze Sabzwari. I will not forget this one for a while!

Now to rewind back to the beginning and back to the box and its mysterious contents. Well, after so much hulabaloo about the daants and the good father vs bad father (the one who scolds is a good father and the one who screams is a bad one) explanation from our resident wannabe heroine Serena, the now annoying mujhe-waapis-jaana-hai routine from Zenia, and Zain being blithely informed that the family had found a possible rishta for his older daughter, we still don’t know nothing about the contents of the box. I am enjoying how the mystery surrounding Zara has been skillfully knitted into the story. All we know so far is that something had happened between Zain and Zara, something which perhaps Zenia witnessed and misinterpreted, and that misunderstanding is now coloring her relationship with her father. Regardless of what might’ve happened between the couple, it is clear that Zain is still trying to get over Zara’s loss. Watching him alone in that room, sifting through letters and cards, surrounded by memories of a once happy time, was a very touching moment. Asif Raza Mir is so good here and I wish we saw more of him. After all the tantalizing hints, I am eagerly waiting to see what transpired between him and Zara in those fateful final years of her life.

From somber moments to the more lighthearted ones, I like how we transition between moods here. Syra is adorable as Serena and her chemistry with Shahroz aka Iltutmish is as natural as it comes. I was laughing at the way she wrangled a dinner invitation out of the poor Kishmish. All their scenes together are so much fun to watch, and once you add in Qabacha to this potent mix there is surefire combustion. Loved the way Qabacha asked Serena to convey his salaam to Miss Sania. And yes, Miss Sania!! The way she interacts with her nieces is fabulous, she laughs with them, shares her own experiences with them, hears them out and counsels them wisely. She has to be coolest, hippest khala around – can she be my khala as well, please?! Marina Khan is excellent!

So far so good. Now to come to what did not work for me. I am sorry to harp on this week after week, but the Zenia-Zarak track is not cutting it with me at all, and all the Zarak Barak scenes are just plain painful. Shehryar Munawar is the weakest link in the chain here. That extra long scene at the coffee shop stretched endlessly. In an otherwise fun episode, this sequence stood out like a sore thumb. Another sequence, though not as bad, but still off-kilter was the one at the Youth Center. Apart from the impossibility of such a silly event ever happening, this Kaun-Banega-Sania-Ka-Jeevan-Saathi meet n greet was funny in parts. Mona telling the overweight guy off was funny, but the writer sahab, great cameo by Saife Hasan, was allowed to go on for too long. Also, the duel between the Munshi Premchand wannabe and Maula Jat redux, a funny idea in theory, was too OTT for my liking. Not sure where Mr. Iftikhar fits in, but I enjoyed watching Adil Wadia, brought back so many happy memories of the fabulous 50/50. It was so sad to see a heartbroken Qabacha peel off his fake mustache and give up on his chance to ask for Miss Sania’s hand in marriage – awww!!! Miss Sania, don’t be so mean! Itna pyar karne wala phir kahan milega!!!

All in all I enjoyed this episode… it had its share of weak moments, but the last scene sealed the deal for me. I have to say I am really enjoying the hooks – the final moments of each episode, that not only ensure that the weaker moments in the episode are overlooked, but also leave us viewers counting days to the next installment- very well done by the TNS team.  Looking forward to more next week!

Written by SZ~

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  1. You wrote exactly what I felt about the episode…to the tee!!! Omg Loved that final moment, brought tears to my eyes. Loved serena kishmish, so adorable together with great chemistry. A much better episode than last week, also agree with the weak parts, ott youth centre scene and coffee shop scene were too long. I also want to know what’s in the box, zain needs to start talking, way too much suspense!!
    Oh and poor qabacha, really did feel bad for him at youth centre, will he get his miss saniya??..I hope so!!


  2. I didn’t watch the entire episode , but caught in chunks..and unluckily I just watched the Zarak wala scene that you have described to be never-ending. As I haven’t watched the entire episode so can not comment much but didn’t like this part at all. It was too long, and Shehryar Munawar couldn’t carry it off properly.

    Now, since I have read your review I will go back to watch the last scene. Thank you! And yes, iA today I am planning on watching Talkhiyan too as I was impressed by what you had written in its review:)


    • @Heela: Do come back and share what you thought of the last scene .. also check out the Serena Kishmish scenes — too cute!
      Thanks for checking out Talkhiyan on my recommendation. I hope you like it! Will wait for your verdict 🙂


  3. Totally agree Miss SZ! It was an enjoyable episode with more good scenes than bad but the dulha hunt was too silly for words. Ditto on SM’s acting :/ Didn’t he have a pathan accent last week? Couldn’t detect it this week.
    The last scene was sooo good, pura bachpan yaad aagaya. And yes, I too had tears in my eyes. Was trying to explain the gravity of the situation to my girls but I don’t think they quite got it! Uff, kitna acha scene tha, these stalwarts of acting lift the whole show to another level with performances like these. Can you imagine what this scene would have been if Zaroon, Osama and Asmara were doing it? Satiyanaas maar dete aur sharmindagi se Zaroon apna sar deewar mein patakh deta.
    Btw isn’t Qazi Wajid’s name in the show ‘Faraan’- not ‘Farhan’?


    • @Afia: You know honestly, I am not sure .. half the time it sounds like Farhan and other time Faraan. I will check with Ahmed Sahab and write my next review accordingly 🙂

      LOL @ Zaroon and Asmara and Osama in that last scene – Just thinking of that unlikely scenario gives me the shudders! Agree with you on all counts about Zarak. Oh how I wish some other actor had played Zarak.. .


    • LOL Afia at the last scene being done by Asmara, Osama and Zaroon – Uff just thinking about Osama’s expressions and Asmara’s fake acting cracks me up 😀


    • @Afia: Just checked with Mohammad Ahmad Sahab, the writer, and you are absolutely correct – it is Faran, not Farhan – my bad! Thanks for pointing it out – much appreciated! 🙂


  4. Hey sz great review but why are u not acknowledging the original writer…HAsina Moin…i know she only wrote first 8 episodes and changes were made by marina and mohd ahmed in her script but still she wrote thr complete story and the new and old characters were developed by her…


    • @Sherry: Hi! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 If you read my earlier reviews I have acknowledged Haseena Moin. From this episode onwards, however, if you noticed at the very beginning, they have credited Haseena Moin with the story and characters of the original Tanhaiyan. The story of the Naye Silsilay has been credited to Jaleel Akhtar and the screenplay and dialogues to Mohammad Ahmed. Hope that clarifies the situation 🙂


  5. Wonderful review again SZ! I actually did not mind the Zarak Barak scene and the OTT dulha finding scene too much. They were better than the whole Zarak Barak-Zenia scenes from last week. And why is that nobody has told poor Zarak Barak and Osama how to say his dialogues? I mean surely between all the seniors on the set of Tanhayian and ZGH, someone should have sat him down and said “beta, itna zayda animate hone ke zaroorat nahi coffee drink karne aaye ho, shaadi karne nahi” He so needs to take some Acting 101 lessons pronto.
    LOVED the Serena and Kishmish scenes and the Chandni “mafroos” scenes lol – her lisp is just HILARIOUS! and she does have some good dialogues too 🙂 I am in love with Chandni lekin please someone give her a change of clothes! Also enjoyed the Serena-Qabacha scene too. Overall like you said more fun/good scenes vs. the OTT ones so much more enjoyable episode than last week’s 🙂


  6. So agree with you on all accounts! This episode for me was better then last week’s. The Serena, Sania and dare i say Zenia scenes are always so fun to watch.

    I was cracking up when Sania was chasing Serena around with a duster which was just so casually lying in the corner of the room btw….

    So i wanted to give mr Zarak one more chance and this was it. He has failed and I will be fwding his scenes from now on. They are a pain to watch and the weakest link in the drama. IF there is anything thats making this drama not the best is Zarak. And that scene was just way too long. I mean come on coffee date itni lambi kabh se ho gai.

    I love how casually everyone just gets up and leaves the house and does not need to tell anyone, dates, dinners, shopping, you name it. Everyone is out and about and dont have to tell anyone. I think i need to move in with them! 😀

    Was happy to see more of my fave Iltutmish. He and Serena are fab together and she’s freaking hilarious. But too obvious about the drooling over him.
    He being the bechara gives in so easily to everything, even comes to pick her up for dinner.
    I’d so much rather watch their scenes then Zarak / Zenia scenes…ZZZZZzzzzzz

    Well hopefully everyone gets married soon in this drama because lets see , teen teen shadiyan hone lagi hain…wait isnt it 4? oh yes Chandni is also about to get married to hmmm i wonder who
    but i really hope Sania marries Qabacha and not that weird mustache guy from her office, [sorry SZ i dk who he is or 50/50]


    • @Ash 50/50 was a very famous tv show in the 80s directed by Shoaib Mansoor.
      Remember Maria posts that sherwani sharing YT video every time Fareeda Aunty’s night gown comes on HUM TV? 😀
      here is another clip:

      here is Maria’s favorite sherwani clip which I am sure she’ll post again after next week’s ZGH episode lol


      • haha!! ohh!!!!! i ve seen “bashira in trouble” so many times its not even funny! actually i still watch it kabhi kabhi and always crack up! that video is hilarious!! but which one is the guy from TNS.


      • LOL Annie this is soo funny, Yes i love the sherwani video! its so appropriate. can you imagine, halaat abhi taak waisay kay waisay hain or ab to thoda modren zamna ho gaya hai jee…i wonder how the nightie is sorted out.. 😛

        but 50 50 will never get old. its like the Onion News Network. some segments you watch after years and are shocked to know they are very true even though they were for comedic purpose….
        when i go on my holiday break, i will finally watch TNS. 🙂 until then people, see you guys on Friday 🙂


      • Annie after you mentioned Shoaib Mansoor, i remembered ABC 🙂 and this clip. I don’t know why our drama industry is so insecure of itself…i remember our amazing gems like 50 50, ABC, Tanahiyaan, un kahi and i am like if we could do it back then, why can we still not do it now 🙂


        • hahaha! thanks for sharing that clip Maria. I never got around to watching ABC. Every time I would put it on the video and audio quality was so bad that I would give up.
          I think we’ve had the debate of “why not now” many times before. My perspective is that we just don’t have the writers anymore to come up with different types of concepts and scripts.


          • @Annie: I think its not just the writers … its more the production house and content heads for channels picking up stories that fit into the formula mold, all for TRPS… ABC was produced in the pre-TRP era… Even now when we do have different projects like Talkhiyan they are not carried on any of the bigger channels b/c they dont fit the 2+2 formula…


  7. Great review as usual SZ 🙂 TNS is my feel good serial . I know there are quiet some loopholes almost in every episode but i love the overall play so don’t complain much. Throughout there have been up and down moments in the play but i choose to ignore them cause i do feel connected with the play esp. with Qabacha and Miss .Saniya after all these characters are my bachpan ka pyar. Sharayar Munawar ,hmm ‘what do we do with a problem like SM’ ,guys set up a joint fund and get him some acting classes. Well the last scene was cute i do think the story of inter-pole was quite a wide stretch and i was laughing at the story line but i do enjoy that they have some imagination.Youth center scenes and Miss.Saniya rishta had also no real place in the story but yeah the i don’t get bored TNC. Sarena and Illtitmish parts were my favorite this episode,Illtitmish is really good at comedy. I like him more with every episode. Well like i said i like the over all fun aspect of the play and the humor in it and that makes up for the weak moments .


  8. No wonder i started watching episode from last part as i so wanted to see whats in the last 3 minutes that’s much appreciated by SZ.. 🙂 and it was worth..loved the scene..just few dialogues and sense of feeling with amazing expressions by those great actors.. i was bowled off by Qazi Sahab’s expressions… simply amazing!! plus the background music always move me..
    and then tadaaa thought to see episode backward.. ( i know it was insane 😉

    Kishmish-Serena.. you truly are heaven made couple.. *scuweet*.. where Altatmish is adorable.. Serena is bindaass. had huge smile after their scene was cut 😀 and literally opposite when Zzzzarak and Zenia scene was going on. ahh it was pain..what was SM doing.. that cheesy acting.. bhayee normal raho itna smile dene ki kya zaroorat hai… jaldi shadi karalo in ki..

    Groom hunting scene for Sania was going ok ok for me..but Qabacha’s entry made it interesting to watch.. i was amazed with Behroze’s pashto accent last week and this time it was punjabi.. too good!

    5 more episodes and its going to be indeed super five saturdays 🙂


  9. After watching this week’s episode, especially seeing the oh so wonderful Zarak Khan,!!!!!! I just regret that I haven’t watched the Original Tanhayian yet, I saw few scenes and maybe an episode here but unfortunately never had a chance to watch the full drama but even then I can tell that this Tanhayian just doesn’t have the same feeling…I mean it feels like they are in some rush…scenes are just changing too fast,,,lines just wayyyy too in a rush..or maybe that’s just me, I prefer the slow, serenity of Shehrezaat or Talkhyian etc or the original Tanhayian


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