Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 3 Review


Three episodes in and I have to say that despite my reservations I am enjoying the manner in which Zindagi Gulzar Hai is unfolding. No, I’m not entirely on board as yet,and my problems with characterizations are rapidly adding up, but there is something mesmerizing about the conviction with which Sultana Siddiqui is narrating this otherwise routine story. Like an enchantress she waves her wand and you cannot help but suspend belief and get sucked into this crazy gulzar world, where 22 yr old boys/men with over-gelled hair love Julia Roberts, mothers snap at their grown children for no rhyme or reason, and daughters have the temerity to behave so rudely with heir fathers. Sultana Apa’s absolute belief in the otherwise problematic characters shines through brilliantly as she smoothly transitions between Zaroon’s and Kashaf’s stories. From Zaroon’s carefree attitude to Kashaf’s more stressful life, from Ghazala’s bizarre behavior to more of Murtaza’s bluster, from Rafia’s iron will to Junaid’s self-inflicted mazloomiat, from Sara’s rudeness to Sidra’s concern,  we saw all shades of contrasts, contradictions and comparisons. Though I still can’t buy into the characters and their motivations, I can feel their anger, pain, joy, humiliation, bitterness, envy – you name it and I felt it today! Kudos to Sultana Siddiqui and her actors for breathing life into an otherwise not so gulzar zindagi!

This latest episode opened with Zaroon trying to gather his wits after being thoroughly told off by a very irate Kashaf. I had hoped that we would get an insight into why Zaroon had been so eager to strike up a conversation with a random girl, but alas that was not to be. About Zaroon, I must say he comes across as one confused and contradictory character. To begin with, we see him as a very carefree, almost immature 22 yr old, chewing gum and rudely shouldering women aside to look for his name on the merit list. He has problems being punctual, prefers to hang out with friends, girls and guys, rather than focusing on his studies, and has no qualms about stealing cookies from his professor uncle’s plate. But on the other hand, the same Zaroon is shown as a conservative mature guy with firm ideas about how a girl should dress and is already thinking about the kind of wife he wants, and is quite comfortable discussing his parents’ relationship. I’m not exactly sure how Zaroon is justifying all these contradictory thoughts, but I am having a hard time trying to meld all these facets together. That said, I have to give props to Sultana Apa and Fawad for doing such a fabulous job with Zaroon’s split personality. I couldn’t help but smile when Zaroon talking about his full be-izzati program, and later pointing his imaginary gun at Kashaf and blowing her ego to smithereens. Can hardly wait for the actual showdown to begin!

Kashaf’s character on the other hand is so much more even keeled – she’s bitter, insecure, angry, frustrated – we get her so much more easily. Unlike Zaroon, there are no contradictions here. Sanam is fantastic as Kashaf. It would be so easy to get tired of hearing the same old same old rants, but there is once again such conviction in her portrayal, that I cannot help but feel for her. I am very intersted in seeing how and when Kashaf turns a corner and sees the ray of sunshine peeking out from behind those clouds of doom and gloom. It is fabulous the way in which Kashaf’s darkness is beautifully offset by Sidra’s brighter more easy going personality. This is not to say that Sidra is an empty-headed girl, unaffected by the going-ons. No, she does see and absorb everything around her, and gets equally disturbed. The scene between Rafia and Sidra, after the OTT Murtaza had left, was a beautiful illustration of the very close bond Rafia shares with her second daughter. I am thoroughly enjoying the Kashaf, Sidra and Shehnila moments. Love how Kashaf comes home and discusses her day with her sisters, and that chai and Aspirin scene was a lot of fun. They are so different, but the bond between the sisters is beautiful, particularly the older two. Mansha Pasha and Sanam Saeed are fabulous together!

From one fabulous pair to the other not so fabulous one – I am at a loss when it comes to Ghazala. I have yet to come across a more unrelatable character. Who is she?? I really hope we get some insight into her issues, ’cause this is one woman who has serious problems! Junaid is another character I cannot fathom. Why has he compromised so easily? He calls his wife ehmaq, but isn’t he equally complicit? Surely there are better ways in which two educated people could have handled things earlier on? And, if Junaid does have problems with Ghazala’s attitude and understands her shortcomings, why wasn’t he more involved in his children’s lives earlier? Is raising children solely a woman’s domain? Maybe if he’d been more involved, Sara would be a nicer person. That said, I absolutely loved the Zaroon and Junaid scenes and also the Zaroon and Sir Abrar scenes. Once again, bought into the premise because of the fabulous performances.

On a related note, I found it interesting that Zaroon greets his father with a salaam and his mom with a Hi. Is Ghazala that far away from all semblance of culture and religion that her son realizes that she would not take kindly to being greeted in a “desi” manner? Don’t think I’m liking the way this woman is being shown. Also not liking the no-lifer Asmara. Can she find something else to do other than just hang around Zaroon? Similarly, I do not understand what Sara does with her time all day long. Surely she has other things to do than just hanging out with Farhan and her other friends. Also, wow! could she be any ruder to her to her father? Not liking these stereotypes at all!  Could we see a more human side please??

On being human, I guess we saw as much humanity as we are ever going to see in Murtaza’s character. We’ve talked about him so much last week, so I’ll wait to red what you all thought, but I did enjoy the brief glimpse of Murtaza’s eklauta beta, Hammad. He seems like a pleasant enough chap, and seemed quite polite with Rafia, and now I want to know about his relation with Kashaf baji and his other two step-sisters. Murtaza’s second wife is the stereotypical sautan – and so no surprise in that she goads him on about his position as the head of the family in Rafia’s house. I’m not sure why she’s so eager to see Kashaf married – what does she hope to gain out of it? Looking forward to more on these issues.

During the whole Murtaza business, I appreciated the way Rafia stood her ground and refused bhaiyee sahab ke betey ka rishta. Loved Samina Peerzada as the iron-willed Rafia here. From her resigned expression after Murtaza left, it was clear that they had had several such arguments before, and she was fed of fighting him at every step of the way. But then, why was she so eager to share the good news with him last week? Surely she didn’t expect him to change colors for that one moment?

For an episode which functioned as a gradual build up to the upcoming Zaroon-Kashaf moment, there was certainly a lot of food for thought here. The even pace of the narrative and the smooth transitioning between the two threads was very well done. Unlike other dramas, where boy meets girl and they get married within the first few episodes, I like how Umera Ahmed and Sultana Apa have taken the time to develop their characters – whether I agree or disagree with these characters is a whole other matter. Finally, I must commend the production team, the technical team, editing, and camerawork, for giving this serial such a beautiful look and feel. The judicious placement of the instrumental version of the OST in the background adds much to the overall ambiance.

Looking forward to seeing what next Friday has in store for us!

Written by SZ~


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  1. You have said everything that came to my mind when watching this episode that I have nothing else to add 🙂
    Overall the episode was just OK for me. I was expecting the story to move forward but it’s almost like nothing happened. There are basically 2 main developments – Kashaf is doing better in class than Zaroon so Z better get on board with the program and Rafia refusing to some idiotic rishta. Apart from that, we just saw more character development i.e. Junaid and Zaroon.
    Thank goodness for a good director and good actors (minus Asmara, Shehryar, and Maheen) and the technical team for making this drama stand out from the rest. Otherwise like you I am still not sold on it completely. Here’s to HOPE 🙂
    Looks like more OTT scenes next week and maybe we’ll finally get rid of the father’s character for a while?? Here is to MORE HOPE haha

  2. Okay ….. First of all amazing Lines which you used for the episode and the people of the show … SZ Hats Off to you ❤
    I think episode was superb amazing ❤ LIke each and every thing I swear we have every thing thought this show … ❤
    Zaroon is doing in every scene I think I never feel that he is not 22 years cux he behaves like us .. I mean like the student of Uni ❤ So Fawad Khan is all set to tell tell world that he is best again ❤
    Kashaf undoubtely doing amazing with her character <33 She is superbbb <33 Sanima ma'am rocking <333
    Dircetion wise 10/10 <33 Over all an amazing show ❤ A lively show ❤

    • @Ana: Hey! Thanks for enjoying the review 🙂 Yes, Fawad and Sanam are both doing a great job – can’t wait for more of their confrontations in the following weeks 🙂

  3. I love your voice of reason ,agree with every thing. I have a problem with the general music they play in the back ground apart from ZGH track rest feels too suspense thriller type and it’s a little to loud. Asmara is an obnoxious character and she is really getting on my nerves over protective , jealous type. Frankly this time when Murtaza came on the screen i simply walked out as could not fwd. I knew later i could not but help feeling angry. Zaroon with his dad was a nice, sincere moment. Ghazala is really coming across quiet negative and getting worst.
    Well it’s Kashaf and Zaroon story at the end i guess,and i find both the main characters interesting and likable to root for.

    • @Javeria: I just re-watched parts of the episode, and you’re absolutely right – in atleast a couple of places the music was really strange and loud and trying to build up suspense where none existed!

      • LOL you ladies ate so right I think the music sounded so odd during the Osam-Mara We don’t know how to act scene. Or maybe they put it there so it can drown out their bad acting??

      • It is quiet understandable that there are very few copyright music sheets available to production houses and it takes a lot of money and time to produce new music therefore it is inevitable to avoid repetitiveness. That being said however where there is a will there is a way. It takes less than 10 clicks in Audacity (music editing software) to edit the music (pinch, tempo etc) to suit the mood and recycle that music sheet into something a little bit new! for example they did that in SeZ where there was very slow version of “khriad Ashar” music sheet, unless you are use to counting beats, as a viewer you wouldn’t even notice that it was the same music but it was still now “new”. jab koi nai cheez kay andar invest kar nahi sakti phir itna shoor bhi machatain hai kayn why is foreign content taking over our screens etc etc.
        anyway, great review SZ and great comments 🙂

  4. Friday experience completes with your review. Done! You have pointed out everything carefully and elaborated every point too. Thank you SZ!

    Personally, I liked the episode because the story didn’t start directly.We, as viewers,have been given some time to love these characters the way they are. I too was left smirking at the Zaroon-Sir Abrar scenes, they were cute and added a charm to the whole ambience of University life. Is it just me or someone else too didn’t like the first scene. Why was Asmara hysterical about Osama’s point of view(for Kashaf), I mean like ,they are shown to be close friends. They hang out all the time, so why was Asmara so dry?! Zaroon, disapprove of the ‘rishta’. Please!Please!

    I simply adore Kashaf’s family. The girls and their very cute mother share such a beautiful bond. I agree with you, the tea and aspirin scene was enjoyable. Ahh, how many days till next friday?

    p.S Zaroon’s mother is so rude. Poor man! He was over-dosed on beztis 😛

    • loved ur comment 🙂 yeah she was rude.. Zaroon ko kuch ke tou dikhaye she will kill that person 😉
      lol on over dozed beztis :d

    • @Heela: hey! Yes, I too didn’t care for that never ending first scene. Shehryar should really take some voice and acting lessons…and that whole Asmara thing was overdone . Also not sure why Kashaf said Zaroon did badtameezy with her… he just said hi .. I think that was weird, but surely not badtameezi?? what do you think?

      LOL@ Zaroon saying no to the rishta – he does not! (thank you Hum for all the spoilers 😦 ) and loved your OD-ed on be-izzati lines .. too funny!!

    • @Heela: Cause Asmara is so insecure and she wants ke sab log sirf uske naam ka kalma parte rahen. But again they are also giving her way too much importance just bc she actually spoke up to Zaroon instead of drooling over him.

  5. Lovely review SZ . I am getting worried about Zaroon’s split personality too does he need to see a specialist? Lol .I think his personality is going through a transition stage , he is maturing from the fun loving boy to the caring , mature Man he should be. I know Everyone including myself is finding Ghazala’s behaviour unbelievable but sad to say I have met three such women in my life . Ghazala is shown as a highly educated socialite but I have met middle class women who are just the same kind of self absorbed character described here.
    Agree with Javeria ,I wish I could just walk out of the Murtaza scenes..

    • @Sadaf: Since I haven’t come across such ladies I cannot relate, but I still think that tV characters should be composites of what we see around us, not an extreme plucked from among tens of thousands of working women who just happen to be from upper class families.

    • I haven’t come across any women like Ghazala. I think it’s just too over the top- which woman would thrash a son for asking her where she’s going- woh be abroad?

  6. Interesting review..as it shows another angle of things too 🙂 and makes you think ke aray haan..point! ye to socha he nahin “)

    I somehow liked the episode totally..be it the college scenes or family scenes. Sanam is brilliant in portraying Kashaf.. i am loving her acting. The way she came back from university, shared her major happenings with sidra, putting her bag, lying on bed.. its shown so natural.. all kudos to Sultana apaa:) Liked how they are including diary part.. these 4 ladies are so great with each other.

    Fawad is indeed one effortless actor.. His act of waking up from sofa, was done realistically.. such a small thing to notice but don’t know why i liked it so much..his scenes with Sir Abrar were amazing.. i am so looking forward for a scene in class with all 3. Sir Abrar, Zaroon and Kashaf 😀

    The way Junaid was shown telling about his good yet be-waqoof wife, can’t we get Ghazala telling about how exactly Junaid is.. it would be then better to understand him.. what I understood, he is laid back kind of man.. knowing but not acting.. only because its wastage of time to make his wife understand.. but never the less Javaid Shaikh was outstanding in that scene.

    Ghazala-set her priorities then there is no looking back..letting the viewers know that she is good.but can’t see single good thing..if they had shown something regarding that, i had found bit acceptable what Junaid said.

    Sara, literally a spoil ‘young’ girl..what else to say about her 😉

    Coming to Murtaza, what i saw in last episode and today, I found him bit insecure, (not knowing the reasons) and this what exactly his second wife knows and play smartly with him, and does what ever she says.. but today i liked how he favored Rafia and daughters about earning themselves, atleast he admitted that.. but then again stretching bataya tha, poocha nahin tha… no wonder Rafia did great thing. His son was cute and i so want to see him.. getting inspired from Kashaf baji 🙂

    Rafia a typical sweet house wife, who knows her husband but still want to share her happiness but when it comes to education and daughters.. she is like cut the crap.. I can have benefit of doubt that before this Murtaza or his brother never talk anything about education 😉 Sameena as always leaves her mark!

    So yes, i am definitely looking forward for zindagi to be more gulzaar. 🙂

    • @Rehmat: Enjoyed your detailed comment 🙂 I agree that Kashaf’sfamily has been portrayed with a lot more nuance than Zaroon’s .. I love the bonding b/w the four ladies.. can so totally relate to them .. the other family is dysfunctional with a D.
      And yrs, that scene was very cute b/c Zaroon and his dad 🙂

      Btw, Kashaf Baji is 22 and there are four other sisters between Kashaf and Hamad.. so he’s about 15/16?? can kids that age drive motorcycles??

    • @Rehmat: Yep Murtaza is insecure about the fact that hes so ugly! lol JK. But the guy has serious issues and i dont want to see him on my tv screen.

      I also loved it when Kashaf came home through everything on the table and jumped into bed, reminds me of what i do on a daily basis as well 😛 but ugh then its so hard to get back up..

  7. BTW!!! Did any one notice the same old nightie being used again that has been used by AO in Humsafar, BA in Mere DArd ko and pata nahi aur kaun kaun, this time by Hina Bayat, in the precap for next week!!

    Haha – I dont even want to imagine how bad that nightie must smell now! ugh

  8. Put that nightie in the wash now 🙂 I agree with you about the characterisation SZ. I have always mentioned it . sorry we got cut off .When I say I know women like Ghazala only one of these three was actually working . Even then it was mostly a hobby run on money from a husband desperate to maintain the marriage. These women were actually housewives but were very uncaring and cold. Perhaps it is the arranged marriage system or something but there you go. I really think we need better , more nuanced images of working women in our media .Most of the working women I know and I know a lot (peadatricians ,oncologists etc..) are very caring wives and mothers with well balanced , well mannered children.

    • @Sadaf i just want feww plays now where we have positive roles depicting working women too.Not the one’s jinhen dekh kar log kehain dekha kaam karnay wali aurtan ghar ka yeh haal karti hain ,bachon ka yeh haal karti hain .Women already have great difficulty in getting permissions for work from husbands ,fathers. These plays only can further promote such mindset.

  9. Loved the episode.@SZ: I so agree with you on the scenes between Sidra and Kashaf. They were so warm and touching. The disprin scene was really cute.The bond between the sisters is so aptly portrayed by these two actresses.However, I do not agree with what you say about the characterization of the father. I had atleast ten girls in my class, who were studying because their mothers worked to send them there. The fathers were less educated than their wives so felt inadequate. Hence, they tried to overcome this by trying to be very difficult husbands and fathers. They had issues with everything!! Nothing was good enough and they nitpicked on everything. Their mothers would relate the victories of their daughters,just to make a point that ” see, I was right in sending my daughter to college. she is doing so well” but they got rebuffed in the same way as Rafia did. I don’t know how it is in your country but there are hundreds of households where such things are a routine. I also do not think that writers should take out the average characters from our society-A sum total of what we see in our society. Charles Dickens is one of my fav writers. Each character in his novels is strange, unique and sometimes bizarre but unforgettable. I think the writer of ZGH has created these two parallel families to talk about the major issues in two different stratas of our society.
    The direction again is superb. I totally agree with you about the acting of Zaroon’s girlfreind. She is quite flat Zaroon on the otherhand is an absolute delight. Eye candy plus great acting!!
    I am hooked to ZGH !!

    • @Anupama: Every country has their package of all different kinds of people. no matter what corner of the world you live in ,you will always run into similar incidents! 🙂

    • @Anupama: Hey! thanks for the detailed comment – enjoyed reading it 🙂 Glad you’re on board with ZGH 🙂
      Yes, both our countries have similar problems and there is no denying the fact that these need to be highlighted. Here, I’m not asking for taking out the realism and throwing in glamour, rather I would prefer a bit more nuance. Along those lines, I think Maria mentioned Daam last week.. a brilliant play, also by Umera Ahmed… If you haven’t seen it yet, you must check it out! Btw, Sanam Saeed, our Kashaf from ZGH is playing the spoilt rich girl in that one .. and shes very good there!
      And yes, the bonding between sisters is very sweet indeed – like @Ash said, I would totally love to have a sister like Sidra – Mansha and Sanam are great here 🙂
      Looking forward to more insights from you as ZGH continues!

  10. I am totally hooked! I was expecting zaroon and kashaf to carry on where they left off, but oh well we will have to.wait some more. It was very good in terms of more detailed insights into the main characters thoughts and feelings. I think this is going to be very important in how the relationship develops and their future, we are only 3 episodes in but the director has done a fab job in developing all the characters even if some are black.
    SZ, you mentioned all the main points and best scenes which I agree with to, so nothing to add really. I do have a problem with Zaroons mom, and that dialogue just really annoyed me when she was travelling. Can a mom really be like that?? Maybe with her husband she feels she has to be dominating and show her independence , but with her son?? He asked a very simple question, and she answered with the most ridiculous answer that was just plain stupid. No wonder he shakes his head and goes to his room, no independent and working woman no matter how dominating would take offense to a q like Where are you going, and he says it very politely too. It’s not like he said oh you can’t go, you work too much.. I seriously think there are more people like kashafs dad than zaroons mom. @ Sadaf you obviously have seen people lime her, but I have seen dominating women for sure who boss their husbands bit are still loving and caring towards their kids, poor Zaroon he is just getting it from all angles , but he is doing such a wonderful job, perfect zaroon!!! His waking up scene was just awesome!!
    Oh and didn’t that rishta scene remind you of the sane scene in MEJ …it must be deja vu for poor Hina and then with farida and Sara in Humsafar …all of them decide rishtas before the boys know…some things never change!!

    • @SK! haha have to agree with you on the whole rishta scenario! No matter how modern one may be, never tell your children your setting them up with someone and surprise them on their engagement day!! 😀

    • @SK agreed her response to her son was indeed to senseless like her character has been shaping up, What a sharp contrast of character dimension from here to Talkihyan Hina is showing us.

    • @SK yes I have seen a few. It is not the domineering part which is bad . Sometimes domineering people can actually be very benevolent even if they are annoying. It is the callous indifference to other’s feelings and the constant self absorption. It is not demeaning to inform your spouse you are leaving the country it is called mutual respect. One lady I know her husband finds out from her twitter feed when she is leaving and where she is going. If I had not seen it I would think it is a lie. We are so used to the wicked husband stereotype ,we may sometimes forget there are some pretty shareef (call them enablers if you want) Men out there who maintain really bad marriages to keep a home together for their children etc…

    • @SK.. totally agreed with you. i too have witnessed such moms who are dominating on their husbands but too sweet and lovable for kids…:)

  11. Why am i not feeling it with this drama. For some odd reason the entire time i was watching i was not gripped to it, in fact it kinda put me to sleep so i had to find other activities to do while watching.
    The drama is a full package yet I fail to understand why I cannot enjoy it . Basically something does not add up.

    I am glad for the most part everyone is on the same page, I honestly do not have much to add, as the review states everything beautifully.

    Some of the parts i enjoyed were Rafia speaking up to her spineless husband and letting him know whose boss of the house, but wait why does the “baghairat” show up again in next week’s episode. Whatever happened to “man of his words” and who the heck does the older brother think he is calling himself “hum sab baron ne” when his brother ditched them and decided to go marry somebody else for the sake of a son.
    *cough cough* Dare i say this reminds me of another drama currently on air, second marriage for the sake of a son.

    The weirdness in the Junaid household is unfathomable. The mom of two grown adults is hard to understand. she really does not give a hoot about whats going in the house and just plain worried about herself and her career. No matter how liberal an individual might be, no body is that careless when it comes to their family / kids so i am not sure what population she represents. Her husband , to not have to deal with the bickering avoids any kind of confrontation. The brother and sister have their own issues. What a great family to be part of……

    Madiha, oh I am sorry I meant Asmara, as annoying as ever. Cannot tell if i am watching Ashk or ZGH when shes on screen. Yes its been said over and over again but i swear I think ill be more irritated as each episode airs. Her getting all jelli because he was talking to other girls and throwing hissy fits all over the place were quite annoying to watch! Jeez woman, learn to explore a bit and urrm last time i checked he was not your boyfriend.

    What’s Maheen Rizvi’s name in the drama?, is a lil to quirky for my liking. The girl needs to take it easy and not be so excited about everything. I think Kashaf also thinks ke ye larki thori si kiski wi hai.

    Kashaf and Sidra were again a treat to watch. They look their age, they have great chemistry and their scenes always bring a smile to my face! They’ve even got the best lines in the play. Love their conversation.
    Would love having a younger sister like Sidra around, shes so caring and take cares of her sister’s every single need! very sweet.

    I mean the drama isn’t all that horrible but please lets get on with it. 4 episodes and we are still at character development, but oh wait, we still don’t know half of them, I.E Ghazala, Junaid, Zaroon’s split personality, although we can kind of blame his parents for that…..

    Wish they aired the drama in present day and used the college scenes as more of a flashback, that way his 22 year old look and all would be more believable…
    just sayin…..

    A humble request to HUMTV: Please stop showing the same old pre cap, and re cap scenes for all the commercials and then agan for all the “after the break” scenes! watching each scene all week and during these breaks feels like we’ve seen the episode already ke by the time we watch the episode its like omG i think I’ve seen it all already!!

  12. Thanks for the review! As usual agree with all you’ve said.
    Although I don’t find anything odd with Zaroon’s character. I have a 21 yr old nephew who is the happy-go-lucky type of a boy, goes to college, hangs out with friends (ala Zaroon), is punctual when he wants to be, studies an appropriate amount, drives his parents crazy at times but at some instances he is so mature and his thoughts are so well-thought-out that he takes us by surprise. There have been times when he’s talked more sense than people 20 yrs older to him. So Zaroon doesn’t confuse me at all.
    And the reason he goes and says hi to Kashaf could be that he was just saying hello to all the girls around?

    • Seriously is that considered Badmashi in Pakistan..? In a coed enviroment obviously boys and girls interract. He was not making a pass at them or anything so why the Madiha style jealousy. As usual the “other ” modern women is a psychotic caricature

      • No, it’s not considered badmashi in Pakistan 🙂 sirf madiha- sorry asmara ki nazar mein ! Woh chahti hai yeh badmashi sirf us ke saath ki jaaye :/

  13. I totally agree @ SZ . He didn’t say anything bad to her, I guess she was very bitter. My mother was like, ‘Bachara Larka, sarey mardon, basson aur rakshon Ka ghussa is par Utar Gaya:p’ My family has started loving Fk becaus sof my endless ‘talking ‘about him:p oh yes, I had missed that in my comment above. Like you, I too loved FK ‘shooting’ Kashaf’s name:p

    @ Ash, oh yes. I hadn’t thought about that. Thank you so much for enlightening me:)

  14. Once again a great review 🙂

    As far as Zaroon’s contradictory behaviour is concerned, common he is only 22. Men are never mature enough for their age 🙂 n he is only 22. No one has got their priorities all figured out and listed at that age, yes he is contradictory but he is not even out of uni yet, so he should be given benefit of doubt here, don’t u think 🙂

    • @Kirandp: Thanks Kiran!
      Haha you’re team Zaroon 🙂 Lets see how his character develops in the next couple of episodes, and see how the the various aspects of his personality come together…

  15. every time when i start to write here i sit in front of my computer screen and think for 5 min “OK how should i start it now” but like always nothing comes to my mind and then i start rambling….so SZ your review was really nice, and well when it is not? you always describe everything and do it so eloquently that there is not much is left to say. episode was just OK for me, it really need to pace up now, i was almost falling asleep while watching besides few scenes which i loved. i really like kashaf and sidra’s sister bonding. wish i had a sister like her who would bring tea for me when i come home from university, and there is such a difference between these two. sidra is always optimist about things but kashaf is pessimist all the way. and when zaroon took a biscuit from sir abrar’s plate (hehe), and asmara!! this girl need another hobby and sooner rather than later besides following zaroon all the time and throwing fits just because he is flirting with other girls. come on asmara give that poor guy a break.. ghazala!! can she be any more heartless, ughh.. being career oriented is one thing but she is on another level. rafia was so good when she stand up for herself. I dont know why she let murtaza degrade her so much. by the way looks like someone like our dear kashaf and i am not talking about zaroon here…..

    • Farah haha well when you are really not that interested in the play you really have to think what to say and nothing really comes to mind. Like you have watched the episode but nothing useful was in to comment about . The best way is to get in rant mode. 😉

    • @Farah – I feel your pain. This drama doesn’t leave much to be talked about and SZ does such a fine job in her review that well after that we really dont have much to add 😉

    • @Farah: good to know we’re exactly on the same page here 🙂 I found that whole Osama staring at Kashaf bit a little to OTT for my liking.. arrey yaar do teen din main he’s making cow eyes at her …I wish that had happened a little later or perhaps done a bit more subtly .. didnt care for that part at all.. but good to see ke he too gets shot down by her in the next ep – hate how Hum gives away so much in their precaps!
      but yeah lets see how Zaroon sahab deals with all of this stuff 🙂

      • yeah it was a bit eww watching osama in his own la la land while he is staring at kashaf. it has been what? a few days or may be a week since he know her and he already has a crush on her… precaps sure spoil the fun but it always leaves us anticipating for so much more….

  16. Nice episode. The actress playing kashaf is fantastic. Fawad K is okay..he is yet to grow on me. The girl playing his sis is very grating. Sorry to say, her dialogue delivery is very rough on the ears.

    I find the zaroon family sketch to be okay so i dont get the fact that so many ppl seem to criticising his mom and sis for being too liberal and independent..but that could be coz i am not aware of the cultural sensitivities. However, i love the kashaf family dynamics! they are universal! and flawlessly brought to the screen in this show. 4 women, very diff in personalities and their approach to life but equally independent and resilient. in fact i find them far more emancipated than the women of zaroonz household coz being very rich, they arent dependent on societal approvals and can thus afford to ignore them..

    i do have a question…how come they show so many non college going people on the college campus? is that allowed? coz out here, only students are found during class timings…no one from outside is allowed to roam so freely. but in today’s epi i cud sight a kid with mother, a middle aged couple, and a few others who definitely werent students.

    • @indepgal – haha! great observation with the different people on campus. I know that here where I am people who are not students are never seen on campus so yes thats a bit weird to see other people roaming the campus.
      maybe its a place of “outing” for them! lol who knows.

      Yep AO is pretty annoying, she and our boy SM can take dialogue delivery classes together! 🙂

    • @@indepgal: Hey! Enjoyed reading your insight about the women on Kashaf’s family being empowered and emancipated – so true! Now if only Kashaf could see herself that way, life would become so much more gulzar for her, no? 🙂
      My problem with the women in Zaroon’s family is not their being liberal or independent – rather its the singularly black shade with which they have been painted, affording them no humanity at all. Surely there must be some redeeming qualities to them?!

      • i guess, being here amoungst the ritchie rich who today in kashaf’s eyes seem to have it all kashaf may realise in time, that no one has it all…that despite all the hardships her mom and sisters have suffered, their bonding and togertherness is priceless… that one can better one’s economic condition thru sheer hardwork, but the inner peace of mind and security that comes from a strong family bond cant be “arranged”

        • @indepgal: Well said! That is indeed the moral that the director and the writer want to convey here. Now that the premise has been set up, it’ll be interesting to follow Kashaf on this journey of realizations, from shikwa to shukar… looking forward 🙂

  17. ALL FawadKhan FANS: have you guys seen his latest commercial!! Now these are the type of roles FK should be taking up! He looks soooo hot! :D.

    • OMG I was thinking the same thing when I watched the commercial. Someone cast him in a desi version of 24 or Bourne Identity NOW!! Sadly we don’t have the writers to make good suspense thrillers – would have loved it :*( I would even settle for a telefilm *boohoo*

        • CSI is the exact suggestion I gave to Sadaf’s post on DP that she had written about our ‘dream show’ while ZGH was getting delayed 🙂 My suggestion was FK and the guy playing Rooman being the 2 lead detectives and Mahira playing the Doc who dissects the cadavers and the 2 guys have the hots for her LOL 😉 Of course the main focus would be on solving the crime.

        • Criminal Minds yay! Fawad doing the Hatch role and Illtitimsim as Agent Reed. Mahira can be JJ .We can have our very own criminal minds going on here. 😉

        • This is uncanny I was thinking exactly the same, a desi CSI : Las Vegas with FK playing Grissom (I dont like Ted Danson) and Mahira and Sanam Saeed playing Catherine and Sara or wait Lahori NCIS with Asif Raza Mir as Jethro,FK as Danny and Mikaal as McGee,Mahira as Ziva and Sanam as Abby – perfect.
          For Criminal Minds I agree with Javeria’s casting!

      • FK as jason bourne!! now that would be a sight to see… all lost, trying to find himself again. well, he is kind of lost now too.. all confused between what picture he has of women in his mind and what he is seeing in his surroundings.

    • Somehow I didn’t like Fawad’s stone cold look in this ad. Yes he looks cool/ hot etc but I much prefer him doing stuff, talking, animating (SZ Is that even a word?) than just staring at the camera- ” my looks will alone sell this phone.” There’s one scene in which his hair isn’t all made up (kind of a reflection I think), after the sailboat pulling scene- there’s the FK I like 🙂
      Haven’t seen any of the shows you’re talking about but I know the type you mean- yes, Fawad would do well in any well written role.

  18. LOVED it , thanks Ash 🙂 But I have to disagree I don’t want him to do those Dhoom type Abhisheik Bachan roles… well maybe just the once 😉

      • You guys a re right , let’s go straight to the top with this: : James Bond it is then We have the added advantage of having our very own “JUtt” in there too 🙂 Seriously , did anyone watch Jutt and Bond like I used to? Of course it was for the sheer Shakespearan richness and the deeply moving performances… 😉

        • YES! Sadaf I never missed an epi. I’ve been a fan of Fawad ever since. Haha, he was such a dork. I feel so proud, he’s grown up so much. :’)

          Uss ke baad Satrangi bhi tha, if you’ve seen it. He sang the OST for it as well. Darn, I miss those days…

          • couldn’t sit through 2 minutes of Jutt and Bond. haha
            Satrangi was Good! Wish he would do something like that again – a non-woman oriented drama.

            • Well, we have our own preferences. 😀 I was 10 when it used to come on, and I would watch it for the “eP guy(s)”. If you know what I mean xD

              Agree, with the non women oriented roles. Lekin ab drama industry bhi badal gyee hai, aur Fawad bhi. We still have the likes of Coke Kahani and other similar serials, so there’s hope. But then again, he isn’t likely to do smaller roles in dramas which aren’t broadcasted during the primetime now.

  19. @Annie @Fariha @Ash @Javeria… while on the topic of discussing desi versions of our fave TV shows, check this one out … Give yourself 10 mins tops and you’ll be ROFL at this beyond bad plagiarized version..

    • My goodness ROFL, just kill me now,this is the exact chappa of House S01 episode 01. Even they did not change the case,and they gave the actor the cane too. Hugh Laurie should see the actor doing his role somehow .I just take my Criminal Minds fantasy back,if this is how it works out no no way. I still am really dazed at what just happened. House is my fav show at least it’s first four seasons.Just going to wipe some tears. Itna Dukh to mujhay uskay finale par bhi nahi howa 😉 Please just don’t tell me there is a Lost version too out there .I just won’t be able to stomach it.

      • Couldn’t manage more than 5 mins * shudders* Painkiller-how original ,someone should really send the clip to Hugh Laurie he would probably commit suicide with that cane of his..
        I am going to take my fantasy back as well what if the producer of Pain killer reads this blog and decides to make it!.
        For some reason I am reminded of ‘ainak wala jinn’ did any of you remember watching it?

    • LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! aapki patient ko brain tumor hai and she has to die WTH!
      thanks SZ for a Monday laugh session 😉

      Acha let me stay with my fantasy of FK as Jason Bourne or solving a crime mystery in Miami. I am not asking for any visuals on screen 😉

  20. Guys, apparently there is a sequel in the works for Ainak Walal Jin as well … but at least in calling it a sequel they are acknowledging the original .. here I watched them promote this Painkillers on the PTV morning show and not once did they acknowledge that it was “inspired” by US show .. rather they were going on about the ‘new” concept they are bring to TV … Yes, with @Javeria and @Fariha, I take all my fantasies back as well 😥

  21. @Annie and @Sherry: Satrangi was one of my faves too — loved the the whole going out of the studios and exploring the world out there bit. I seriously wish they had more of those around!
    @Sherry: I so agree with you … that the bigger channels do not want to budge away from the formulas and Fawad will in all probability not work with a smaller production house/channel so I guess we’ll just have to continue seeing him do the chocolate hero ala Ashar in different avatars again n again n again 😦

  22. Waooo.. Loved the review as well as the play.. ZGH was one of the finest thing among many others.. Nothing was mysterious but everything was mesmerizing.. Completely agree with you SZ.. I was familiar to the story as I had read the book but I’m pretty much sure that ZGH deserved to be the most beautiful drama based novel.. Loved loved n loved this play.
    Loved zaroon and kashaf ❤

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