Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay ~ Episode 7 Review


So far we’d been hearing and talking about new beginnings and new directions, but today we actually saw the naye silsilay taking shape. Shrugging off the lingering mists of the past, the story moved on to new beginnings with Serena voicing her love for Shamsuddin Iltutmish, Bibi talking about Chandni ke liye aaya hua rishta, Zenia grudgingly acknowledging her interest in Zarak, all the ladies of the household ganging up on Sania for her shaadi, and finally Qabacha manning up, albeit in disguise, and confessing his love for Miss Sania. Going hand in hand with the new beginnings were new directions. Leaving behind the comfort of the familiar past and moving into unfamiliar territory, we were formally introduced to Zarak Khan, his tribal background and his noble aspirations, and saw Qabacha trying to find a resolution to Farhan Sir’s problems. All in all, a significant episode in terms of progress in the story along with plenty of fun and laughter thrown in for good measure.

While on laughter and fun, how can I not rave about my fave pair Chandni and Bibi – they’re just too adorable. Ever since Chandni’s heard of the possibility of a film role, madam is har ghari taiyyar kamran, har waqt practice shuru. That’s all well and good, magar Chandni, girl, my friend, please set your sights on somebody other than Fawad Khan or Shahid Kapoor. Kuch to doston key armaanon ka khayal karo, please!! Waisey, seriously, I think Chandni has the potential to be a great actress, perfect Lollywood material! Who else but our esteemed film actresses would consider thinking to be a takhliqi amal!! Kaif Ghaznavi is a riot and Durdana Butt’s Bibi is the perfect Heckle to Chandni’s Jeckle!

As for pairings, oh yes, there were a whole bunch of them today. The Kishmish and Serena moment was very sweet, as was the bedtime conversation between Serena and Zenia. Zenia seems to have subconsciously reconciled herself to living in Karachi; now if only the subconscious could hurry up and deliver this message to her conscious mind, she would stop going on and on about the passport issue. I understand that the passport drama was meant to serve as a means to introduce Zenia and Zarak, but ab tau Zarak mil gaya na, now can we please not talk about the passport any more? That peeve aside, I am loving Shahroz, Syra and Alishba here.

On Zarak, we saw a lot more of him today and heard about his noble aspirations for building schools etc, all interesting, but I’m still not entirely on board with Shehryar Munawar as Zarak. He was unimpressive in his scenes with Parveen Akbar, and his accent seemed to come and go randomly. The only moments I enjoyed in that whole Youth Center sequence were when Zarak entered the Youth facility and Mona’s face lit up like a beacon – Salma was fab once again. The other noteworthy moment was between Zarak and Zenia while she was arranging books in the library at the Youth Center. Shehryar is very charming and is definitely effective is shorter scenes, but fails to make an impression in the longer scenes. Also, I’m not quite sure as to when and how did Zenia’s heart melt towards Zarak, so much so that she got practically engaged to him today. That whole scenario, beginning with Zenia leaving with Zarak to Gul Jaan covering Zenia’s head, seemed off somehow. I’m not sure I was entirely sold.

Moving on to Qabacha, though he was fab, and made me laugh, I didn’t quite get the reason for his disguise the first time around. I kept wondering why the resort to using disguises? Was he trying to build up courage to come out in the open and make an official declaration of his romantic interest in Miss Sania? But wait, I did get it the second time around. He must’ve been doing his own brand of sleuthing that other time as well, and Qabacha being the Qabacha that he is must’ve thought to kill two birds with one stone and make his intentions knows to all and sundry while still in disguise. The fact that everybody other than Bibi recognized him is beside the point. Don’t think Qabacha is losing any sleep over that minor fact. He’s probably too busy plotting his next move in his quest to get justice for Farhan sir. I am enjoying these intriguing insights in Qabacha’s multifaceted personality. Working wonders with a beautifully scripted part, Behroze Sabzwari is really good here.

Even as I enjoyed this foray into the new silsilas, I couldn’t help but wonder about the as yet unfinished other silsilas. What’s up with Sophia and Zain? I missed seeing more of that track in this episode, and hope we can catch up with Zain’s story next week. Not that the girls’ seemed to miss him. There was no mention of him till they sneaked into his room to open up the metaphorical Pandora’s Box. What lies inside is anybody’s guess. Do the contents have the potential to turn the story on its head? Guess we’ll just have to wait and wonder. What great hook to bring us back next Saturday! Great stuff from Marina Khan and her TNS gang! Looking forward to the next installment!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Hey! I have been waiting for this review to share my two cents in 😀 It was great to see the story finally moving away from the past and showing the new budding relationsships. Loved the Zenia and Zarak’s Library scene, Serena and Kishmish ki barhti hui fondness, Serena and Zenias bedroom talk and Mona and Serena stalking eligible men for Sania on FB. Left me with a big smile on my face and my cheeks hurt from that wide grin, literally 😀
    Zarak is charming and his mute (hint: Mere dard ko jo zaban milay) scenes are good. but I agree with you when it comes to his longer scenes and dialogue delivery. He needs to work more on it. My second concern is Gul jaan. While we know Parveen Akbar is a skilled actress, there’s something very over the top about the character. Knowing that the character is very significant in episodes to come, it fails to shine in between all the other characters. May be you have something to share about it. 🙂
    Qabacha was once again brilliant. It amazes me how Behroze Sabzwari carries the role out without making it look tacky. The different get ups were funny and his secret proposal to Sania was cute. In short, Qabacha is simply adorable! =D
    I missed seeing Zain too. but was a bit happy not to see him as well, cuz mostly watching him means some fight with Zenia or an explanation of the bitterness. I hope things sort out between them soon, so that we can enjoy watching them together. Hmm, the pandora box might not have something significant. he probably carries some dear items of Zara in it and is shy to share it with the world. we’ll have to wait to see that.
    Again, just cant wait for the next Saturday to come around and leave us overwhelmed with a new supplement of TNS! Thankfully Talkhiyan is starting today so the weekend is not over yet! it looks promising. Happy watching! 😀


    • @Aeman: Hey! Sorry for making you wait! Weekends have become kinda crazy with all the dramas! Glad to know we’re on the same page in terms of what all we liked 🙂
      I agree with you about the whole Parveen Akbar thing… somehow that new track failed to fly with me .. I’m hoping that it will get sorted out in the coming week or two 🙂
      Yeah, dont know abt the box .. lets see!


  2. Hey yeah agree wit the review.i just love your TNS reviews,it was now moving on in the present episode.Finally Qabacha saying is ghar main aik hi khatoon kay sath zindgagi basr ki ja sakiti hai was an aww moment for me with of course his attire giving the whole scene a very funny context .Qabacha on his own 007 hunt. Zarak and Zeniya track is also moving rapidly and when Zeniya finally smiles contently when Gul Jaan covers her head with her shawl i was like shukar hai Zeniya ko hansi to ayi. Have to agree with @Amien and you in long scenes Zarak acting flaws sometimes become real obvious but yes he is real cute and hopefully he will improve with time. Bibi just brings so much life to the whole play her acting skills are as aspiring as were in the original i am so thankful for her presence. I was waiting till the end when will Zain come more than his track with Sophiya i am really looking forward to see Saniya and Zain somehow making up.


  3. Shehryar definitely should have worked on his accent a bit more because it being there at times and not being there at other times is definitely not helping his part in the whole TNS business. I simply loved him in mere dard ko jo zuban milay. On the same topic I think that the main reason Shehryar’s acting, irrespective of his skills and its level, does not seem to be up to par is because the people he is sharing the screen with are well ahead of him.

    On a relatable topic, how and where did Zarak and Zenia’s engagement took place? Gul Jaan only ‘udaofued’ her a shawl / dupatta!

    As far as Serena and Kishmish are concerned, the duo is superb. Their chemistry adds to my enjoyment.


    • @Hina: LOL! no, she didnt really get engaged, I said “almost” 😉 I was also referring to Gul Jaan covering Zenia’s head with the shawl, a nod to the fact that she accepted Zarak’s relationship with Zenia and was welcoming Zenia to the family.. also, the turnaround in Zenia’s attitude and her almost coy attitude towards toward Zarak was a bit too abrupt for me .. too much too fast, nahin?
      Agree with you about Shehryar being outshone here… I feel bad because he has the potential, just a bit too much going on here for him to handle effectively:/


      • Oh. Keeping in mind the fact that Zenia had not consciously accepted her feelings for Zarak how can she be all cool with Gul Jaan behaving with her as she is her daughter in law abhi se?

        Zenia’s attitude has abrupt changes from the beginning. One minute she is happy with her father, other moment she is angry and then she is crying. She is definitely confused beyond measure.

        And I seriously wish they’d bring something else for Zenia to talk about apart from her passport and her father, don’t you agree?


  4. Lovely review! You sum up everything so well that nothing much left to say.
    The story is finally moving on the naye silsilay, which are of course so fun to watch.

    Really wish Serena and Iltutmish had more scenes together bc they look oh so adorable together!

    It was hilarious watching Iltutmish go in circles after Zenia rambling on and on and she was blasting music in her ears! Bechara itni mehnat se takreer kar raha tha and he got nowhere.

    Well at least in this scene he was able to win over Serena’s heart who reminded me of a 15 year old crushing over the hottest new celebrity. Well lucky for her, in her case the crush is real and she can actually win him over! 😀
    He’s such a sweetheart though, always wanting to make things right and fix issues for everyone else…

    Zenia for some reason has still failed to impress me in this drama. She has been whining since the first episode and now i am just annoyed. She falls for Zarak a lil too soon being that she was soo irritated with him when the drama started. Yes he has a killer smile, BUT the guy is pretty boring. If i were her i’d fallen asleep in that car ride to the consulate. But i guess it all to keep the story moving.. I am hoping their scenes get better though and the passport ends up in Mars somehow so we never have to hear about it again, cause clearly she’s not going back anytime soon.

    I am thoroughly enjoying all the scenes at the youth center with Salma, Serena and Saniya. They are so fun and the search for Saniya’s husband was funny, i mean come on not a single cute guy in the lot.. =\
    Chandni is also really funny and her music collection is just amazing but sometimes I wish it was Bibi who would stop talking and not Chandni, at least Chandni is funny!, and I wonder how difficult it must be for her to speak with a lisp, when she has to talk so much

    All in all, its a very enjoyable drama and loving the mellow pace. Your reviews add so much more to each episode, so thank you! 🙂

    Next week hoping to see more of S and S! 🙂


  5. I think it was an ok episode. The serena kishmish zenia part was pretty hilarious. Qabacha was a little over the top, what was with everyone trying to be pathan, not very convincing sorry and very stereotypical portrayal. Zaraks accent is god knows from where, l and I didn’t like the whole zarak zenia track, it did seem very aprupt . SZ agree with you she kind of fell for him too fast. Why did his tayi say he kidnaps girls, did not make sense to me that whole escapade. Also references to Greg pearl and taliban didn’t seem to be something you should make jokes about, I wasn’t really finding it funny. All in all you wrote a great review, but I don’t think this was as great as the previous episodes.


    • @SK: Agree with you – the whole Zenia//Zarak track is not working for me either and yes those dialogues were not funny.
      Re: Qabacha, agree about stereotyping etc, but I enjoyed the idea behind the disguises. that he was trying to go undercover and infiltrate the gang responsible for Farhan’s problems. Only Qabacha could’ve thought that he was fooling anybody with his OTT getup 🙂


  6. I am with SK on this one. This episode was just OK for me. I agree with you SZ the whole Zarak-Zenia-Gul jaan track was so contrived and unfunny. How can Gul Jaan like the girl instantaneously. If it was one of our regular daadis or aunties they would have said “haaye haaye iss ne tow salam bhi nahi kara” :p
    I didn’t find Qabacha Uncle’s getups funny either.
    You are too kind SZ on this week’s episode 😉


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