Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay – Episode 5 Review

Thank God for Qabacha!! His move, next door to Miss Sania and Madam Aani, has not only brought laughter back to his neighbors’ household, but also helped bring some closure for all of us viewers. At long last we got an unequivocal answer regarding Zara’s whereabouts – yes, indeed she had passed away. Furthermore, Qabacha’s direct questions left Aani no other choice but to come out and openly talk about why Farhan had turned into such a curmudgeon – he was involved in a corruption scandal and had to put in some jail time as well. Awww!! Feel so sorry for Farhan uncle now… but chalo koi gal nahin, have no fear Qabacha’s here… he will set things straight, and while he’s doing so, he’ll keep us viewers informed of all the other mysterious going on in that household. Think about it, its been five weeks since we’ve been asking arrey bhai Zara kahan hai? Farhan Uncle ko kiya hua? Koi seedha jawaab hi nahin… sab loagon ki apni gol gol baatein … Shabash Qabacha – aapne woh kar dikhaya jo hum paanch hafton main nahin kar sake!!!

Indeed, Qabacha was the star of the show today. His views on the be-sabaati of this faani duniya, and his afsos at the halat-e zaar of the dil girifta Miss Sania, bas kya kehne, yaani ke lafzon ka ek dariya tha jo sailab ki tarah behta chala jaa raha tha – that entire sequence was just too good. Behroze’s delivery and timing was just fabulous. Matching him at every step was Marina Khan, she was just great. The passing of the hot plate between them was a risky gag that could’ve seemed like overkill with other actors, but I thought these two worked it really well. The entire sequence concluded with the oddest but the cutest little jig from Qabacha, when he learns that Serena and Chandni are not Miss Sania’s daughters. Behroze Sabzwari is such a class act and his comedic timing is so fabulous that it is almost unfair to the other younger stars who have to stand in the same frame as him. Shahroz has his father’s flair for acting and is actually good here, but after having seen Qabacha Sr. in full form, its kinda hard to focus on Qabacha Jr. Sorry kiddo, but what to do – your father’s just too good!

Meanwhile, Zenia’s passport mystery – how it got to whose bag how – was amicably resolved, and we saw the continued breaking down of the communication barriers between Zenia and Zain. Though they still address each other in the third person, but at least they are talking. The chip on Zenia’s shoulder is still as huge as ever, but there are gradual signs of erosion there as well. At least she has now  started going to the Youth Center with her khala and sister. Speaking of the Youth Center, I almost want to start an inquiry into the finances of this Center – kaun deta hai iske paisey, kahan se aatey hain yeh paise?? This place is so huge and the decor is more suited to a mall atrium or a glitzy hotel lobby… I have yet to see such a fancy facility for the youth – but if such a place does exist in Pakistan, then bhai wah! kya kehne!

While at the Youth Center, Zenia runs into Zarak Khan again. Their’s were the scenes that I had really looked forward to – I wanted to see sparks fly between these two very opposite personalities, but sadly their scenes left absolutely no impact on me. Zarak’s lines were funny and the setting was just right, but Shehryar just could not deliver. Ordinarily, I would say he was passable, but after having watched a stalwart like Behroze Sahab in action, followed by the relatively more experienced Shahroz, I have to confess to being very disappointed. Shehryar has great screen presence and the requisite charm, but this kind of comedy requires experience and that will just come with time. Alishba was much better and gave a good account of herself, but the real scene stealer here was Salma Hasan. What an actress she is! She had no lines, but just her expressions, as she mimicked the actions of feuding pair, were too good, as close to a silent running commentary as you can get – loved it!

My “it girls,” Serena and Chandni were as cute as ever. Syra has nailed the breezy unaffected Serena to a T. Similarly Kaif plays the perky Chandni with such ease that even in that one scene with Zain she made her mark. Her hilarious translation of Haka’s gestures, as he tried to explain what happened to Zenia’s passport, left Zain completely befuddled. The poor chap, now how is he expected to make sense of passport-eating fish – pehle daku kiya kam the ke ab yeh nayee museebat! 

Amidst all the doom and gloom that we hear on our media 24/7, I am so glad for Coke Kahani and Tanhaiyan – two shows that always leave me with a smile on my face. Tanhaiyan is a simple but lovely story about a family for the family. There is nothing here that needs to be fast forwarded. The language is beautiful. There are no underlying agendas, except to promote good values, adab, adaab, tameez, lihaaz, basic stuff that should be intrinsic but isn’t, so I’m glad that there is a conscious effort to do so. All in all, another fun episode, some weak spots, but overall enjoyable!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Ah, Weekend television is back for us! Honestly, each Saturday I wait for these two dramas and then cant wait for next Saturday to be already here! Both Tanhaiyaan and Coke Kahani are great reminder of our creativity, culture, youth, solutions to the problem and the resilience of Pakistanis on whole. These actors are great in portraying a normal Pakistani on TV and the daily problems that we face. It had been a longtime since there was a drama about a student and a middle class family. All the TV networks had been bombarded with Waderas and their zulm o sitam and the nihatti aurat against her politicizing saas and nands. Watching both these serials remind me of how life is not that bad and theres still hope and we can fight and change the times.
    I love your reviews. Honestly amidst all the excitement about the serial I usually forget the message that underlays them but your review helps me look back at those details that I left. Kudos to you for keeping us informed and excited about the serials and giving an in-depth analysis! 🙂 Hope to see on Saturday!


    • @Aeman: Welcome! Glad to know you’ve been following my reviews, and even more glad ke you decided to join in today – ab keep commenting 🙂
      Yes, Saturdays are indeed back with a bang! I so agree with you about TNS being a drama about regular ordinary folks, no hifi lifestyles or any such nakhras – just a simple story simply told. And yes, enough of the dard o zulum formulas!


    • @Aeman: I agree with you! TNS and CK are a great come back in our drama industry and i really hope these drama producers, directors, writers jo bhi take a leaf out of their books and try to gives their viewers something more refreshing like this.
      Also about the reviews, always give us something to think about and point out the issues we and details we tend to miss! Writing at its best, SZ!

      Good to see you here, looking forward to your comments! 🙂


  2. Hello, yeah I couldn’t agree more. Shukar hai, aik class ka family drama to aaya. Seriously we desperately need to go back to our drama roots, the stuff that goes on on our channels these days in the name of drama, is a disgrace. The twisted love stories, cheating husbands, office affairs, sisters stealing each other’s husbands, yukh… makes me sick.
    Another great review, drama ka maza dobala 🙂


    • @Kiranpdp: Hi! Lovely to hear from you. Thanks for visiting, reading and commenting 🙂 agree that its high time the producers and channels pay attention to the ratings of CK and TNS and move from the crass comedy and the formulaic stories!
      Looking forward to continued conversations with you! 🙂


  3. Hahaha i loved what your wrote about Jr.Qabacha.. so true indeed!

    Qutubuddin was no doubt the best in episode, from asking aani madam about miss zara, to say condolence words to miss saniya and to freaking happiness on knowing about serena and chandani being bhanjian 😀 The way he asks about husband(s) from saniya was hilarious.. that beautiful Urdu.. maza aagaya 😀 Saying ‘SubhanaAllah’ instead of ‘Inna lilal he’ was such an oppps moment 🙂

    I am so with you on Shehryar’s acting.. i more liked shehroze-syra 2 minutes scene. really hope their chemistry gets better..

    Missed Bibi though 🙂


  4. Absolutely agree with you regarding return of Qabacha…he was fantastic! Loved all his scenes, esp with Saniya..Omg I was in fits. Loved the part where he days he said subhanallah instead of inallilahi…hilarious! It still makes you cry in parts though, as the memories of Zara are still with everyone, the big be aunt and niece was so heart touching and well done. I was actually so focused on hearing Shehryar actually talking and not just doing sign language, that I didn’t notice their chemistry really , will have to wait and see on that one, he had fab expressions though.
    I am also glad some fun is back in the dramas, really enjoying saturdyts these days.


    • @SK and @Rehmat: Agreed, the subhanallah vs Inalilahi was ROFL material – actually the entire Qabacha sequence was too good! Yes, I love that the comedy is beautifully balanced out with just the right amount of sentimentality.
      @Rehmat: I missed Bibi too 😦


  5. So totally agree with the rest. After I was done watching TNS I was like Can We Not Have MORE of this type of stuff! I mean thank goodness like Aeman said above for no scheming saas, bahu, behan, etc. etc. Uff what a relief to watch normal people being just a tad bit silly without really doing full on slapstick. And no mazloom aurat here – OH WHAT A FREAKIN’ RELIEF!!!!
    I have to watch the Qabacha Saniya scene again because I have to listen to that Urdu first and then the English translation of it next LOL! Because I was too busy thinking “plate pehlay tow hot nahi thi, how did it become hot all of a sudden ;)” and that took my focus away from the goings-on.
    Like SK I was too busy enjoying Shehryar speak and showing his Colgate smile that I forgot about him being an average actor. His smile is just so infectious that you can’t help but smile in return. Also loved the whole bling bling on Serena – SO SO MUCH fun to watch and hear those chooriyan jing-a-ling 🙂
    Will be giving this episode a 2nd viewing for sure!


    • LOL @Annie good catch but not good enough. If you go back and watch the scene you can see Sania twiddling her fingers around just like you do when you are holding something hot, right before Qabacha walks in and even before that you can tell she was holding a hot plate. Zara dhayan se phir dekho. 😛

      SM def has a colgate smile but bechara has no other expressions. arrey yaar if you are mad and yelling that at least show it on your face now.. But khair he works for eye candy and thats good enough i guess. 😉

      i had to give it a second viewing before commenting and trust me it was just as funny the second time around, but the first time around i missed out on a lot of things like SubhanAllah and Inalillahi…funny stuff!


  6. Qabacha definitely was the star of this episode! All of his parts were soooo good. I only knew of him as Asher’s dad so it’s pretty amazing to see him in such a different role. I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to Pakistani dramas so haven’t seen the old Tanhaiyan and thought I’ll start watching the old one as well but hadn’t got round to it. But after today’s episode I’m going to stop putting it off, I feel like watching it just to see what Qabacha used to be like…

    Agree with the ‘story about a family for the family’. The baraat series seemed to be something everyone in our family used to enjoy and we watched together (though I know that was quite different from TNS in many ways). Since then, there hasn’t been anything we could all watch together so am glad we now have TNS. Am gonna try to get everyone else in my family to watch it now.

    I used to love your reviews of SeZ and thought you always used to draw out such great lessons/issues/meanings (not sure what the right word is but you know what I mean) but then thought it was also partly because of the subject of that drama. But it’s great how you highlight the important values that things like CK and TNS show, which I just seem to take as light entertainment and never really reflect on to see the deeper meanings. So thanks for sharing all your reflections so that people like me can realise them 🙂

    Goodness, it takes me so long to write a simple comment. All you guys write so eloquently, sz and all the other regular commenters, it makes me quite nervous commenting.


    • I know what you mean A. SZ, SK, Annie, Maria, Sadaf all write so well mashallah but you write great as well so no worries. After all we’re not taking a literature exam here. Plz comment as much as you like.


      • A you have written a very thoughtful comment, I really enjoyed reading it. We all just state our opinions, I myself am bot a good writer at all, more make people laugh with my typos all the time, anyways there is no need for you to be nervous! It is fun reading everyone’s comments, looking forward to seeing you more!


        • @A: hey! totally love reading your comments. No reason to be nervous at all. As you can see we all have so much fun with our discussions, talks, typos, stories ke no one is paying attention to whether you got each sentence correct or not! no excuses to be a silent reader!
          the more to read the merrier!!

          @Javeria: So very sweet of you to appreciate my mediocre comments! but I agree every single person on this blog does a great job. just love reading so many different inputs and opinions! 🙂


        • Yaar, mein toh aise hi jaldi jaldi likh rahi thee- must have missed others too, ofcourse Ash and you yourself should be added 🙂


    • @A: Hey! Happy to see you back again 🙂 I echo what everybody has already said – you write very well! and yaar, as @Afia rightly said, yahan konsa literature ka exam ho raha hai 🙂 we’re all in the same boat! If only you were to see my posts in the draft stage, where they are just random incoherent ramblings, typos n all… So don’t get bogged down by those issues – we do not judge, we just have fun sharing our thoughts and discussing the dramas that we all enjoy watching – even they try our patience and make us all ashk-y 😉 So, ab araam se befikri se likho and no tension… 😀
      I agree with you on the Baraat series being another stress buster many of us enjoyed — I loved it when it started, but somewhere midway it kinda got lost .. but I hear another installment might be on the way, so who knows 🙂 But yes, I think TV channel owners, programing execs, and producers should see the response to the Baraat series and now TNS and CK and stop saying ke they are giving the masses what they want — arrey bhai channel walo maaf karo hum ko … no more tears left!!
      And thank you for reading and enjoying the reviews – much appreciated! 😀


      • Lol true, no literature exam but you’ve got such a high-flying blog, standards maintain karni ki koshish to karni chahiye na.
        Khair, will try to be bindaas 🙂

        Yeh I know some people thought the comedy in the baraat series became a bit too in your face towards the end. But still enjoyed it. Oh, my brother will be happy if a new installment comes, please do mention it if you get any more news.

        And true about the sob stories in all the dramas…
        When my grandma’s over, she gets me to put dramas on for her on the laptop so she goes ek acha drama lagao (where acha here is defined as happy, feel good) I was like how am I meant to find that!? If all else fails she watches Humsafar reruns. 🙂
        (and I end up watching quite a bit with her :-S)


  7. Again a lovely review so agree with you,it was a great episode .Qabacha is defiantly the star of the show even when he is delivering the most tragic dialogues i can’t stop laughing he bring so much life to the show he is comedy gold. His lines with Miss.Saniya on fana ,lafzon ka dariya and his translation so epic and Marina is the only one who could really match up with him . Faran uncle anger had a good justification too and i believe only Qabaca can bring him out of there. His son Iltitmish is quiet good in comedy delivery. Sharwyar Munwar was the only weak link from acting standard but i get comedy is a difficult feat.Hopefully he will improve.TNS is definitely a very different story where you have so many bits of humor so it’s a vast improvement from all the Saas bahu tragic plays out there and that is why it is keeping me glued.


  8. Lovely review! and usay ziyada lovely discussion!! 🙂

    As always i am late and missed out on all the fun!! =\

    khair! can i say i am in love w this drama. Agree with everyone and really do not have much to add here except Syra Yousaf is doing a great great job, Alishba needs to take anger management classes and bechara Shehreyar Munawar has failed to impress me =\, totally adore Shahroz Sheikh, and of course the senior lot everyone has been amazing!
    Have to give it to Chandni for doing a great job with the whole lisp act, I can just imagine how hard it must be!

    Qabacha is well, a very happening character. Why does he walk sideways and bump into everything??

    Loving all the nieces, aunt scenes, they are really touching. All three (Marina & Yousaf Sisters) have excellent chemistry and i love how Serena is loving Pakistan so much, always wearing new outfits, mismatching duppattas, the whole nine yards and look is working very well for her.

    “woh waqt jo guzar gaya dubara nahi ayega” – have to agree with those lines, but for the love of God dude cheer up!!

    Shukar Khuda ka that passport finally dhoob gaya! i was getting sick of the hide and seek ab ke dhoob gaya we will never have to hear about it again! 😀
    and Zara ka khisa khatam hua, i mean i am sad and all that she died [wait am i really?] but we all go through these tragic moments in life and we all have to move on “yehi hai zindagi ka dastoor” hopefully everyone will now move on as they all got closure! and looks like Qabacha can change things around, well he already has but really looking forward to whats coming next!
    Like ummmmmmm the romance between SS and SY! 🙂 🙂


  9. Qabacha is definitely the star of the show. I am glad that we are finally getting some answers to all the unanswered questions. I am actually quite frustrated how they are keeping the cause of Zara’s death such a mystery. It seems as if the entire story is based around Zara ki mauth. Shehnaz Sheikh, why couldn’t you just be in the drama so that Haseena apa could have put a different twist in the story. Ahhh!


  10. After a long time I finally got some time and sat down to watch SeZ( last 3 episodes) and TNS ( all five in one day) I had heard so much about TNS and believe me I was not disappointed. The second episode brought tears to my eyes!! Hearing Zara speak to her while sania sits in her car at seaview was done beautifully. Marina Khan looks beautiful and very attractive. I think she has done justice to her role at a Director and I wish her success!
    I agree with everyone’s views about Shehryar.
    He has missed it in this serial. The chemistry should have been sizzling! but they both fall flat as a couple and yes, Shehroz and Serena are much more natural and interesting as a couple!!
    I am now going to watch Coke Kahani as I have read such a lot about it here 🙂
    As usual you are fantastic SZ. Your reviews rock!!


    • @ms: hey!! welcome back! missed you during the final run of sez … what did you think of those? would love to know what you thought 🙂
      glad you’re onborad with all of us and enjoying this new edition .. yes that scene was so very well done .. I had goosebumps when watching that and hearing zara speak from the grave literally! And isnt Qabacha just fab!! I didnt think he would be able to pull it off nor did I think I would enjoy it this much the secod time around, but clearly we all needed some comedy in our lives. I hope we’re done with the rona dho phase in our Tv dramas now .. enough!

      Looking fwd to more convos Fri onwards … Happy days are here again!! 🙂


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