Talkhiyan – 1st Look Review

After this latest experience, with over-hyped mega-projects that never begin and promos that give away way too much, I am really annoyed. I understand there are extenuating circumstances and all that jazz, but after the promotional overkill, the hype and the surrounding controversies, I’m very put off. Let’s just say ke if I have to wait, I’d rather look forward to something that is not hitting me over the head with its fabulousness – enter Talkhiyan…

Teaser -1

Talkhiyan is an upcoming serial from Express Entertainment. Written by Bee Gul, this project is directed by Khalid Ahmed and produced by Raziuddin Ahmed. The ensemble cast includes names like Shamim Hilali, Hina Bayat, Sanam Saeed, Khalid Ahmed, Hassan Niazi, Adnan Jaffar, and others.


I was originally given the heads-up about this one from a friend. Honestly though, more than her recommendation, it was the beautifully executed, short, sweet and to the point promos that compelled me to take a second, third and fourth look.

Teaser- 3

Beautifully shot scenic locales and Sanam Saeed in a completely different avatar were the first things to catch my eye. I am so glad to see Sanam not playing it safe with conventional roles. It is great to see her trying out different characters and looks.


Much as we love Hina Bayat, we’ve all been questioning her playing mommy dearest to all and sundry. Sarah jaani, Aabi jaani, Falak jaani, Mayer jaani, and now Zaroon jaani— mummy jaani yeh aap kya kar rahi hain?!! Jokes apart, I guess it was not just us, Hina too got tired of playing musical mummies and decided to don a very different character. She looks absolutely stunning in the teasers, in what I’m guessing is the earlier part of the story. Her later look, as seen in the OST, is a complete departure from anything else we’ve seen her do. I can’t wait to see how and why she ends up in this sorry state.


The violin wielding Shamim Hilali looks amazing here as well. It is such a pleasure to see her in a role other than a woe-to-me saas. Looking forward to seeing how Sanam, Hina and Shamim’s characters are related to each other.


Among the male actors, Adnan Jaffer has a completely different look from  his Uncle Jugnoo avatar in Coke Kahani. Hassan Niazi’s character too looks different. Khalid Ahmed looks menacing, a far cry from the laid back Bala in Bilqees Kaur.

Teaser -7

For me, the biggest attraction here is that Talkhiyan seems to be a fresh story, one not based on a novel. I can’t recall having watched anything else by Bee Gul, so I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised. For a change we will be watching a story, where we anticipate, not compare. Khalid Ahmed is an experienced director with a keen aesthetic sensibility, so I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing what he has in store for us here.


Even after watching these eight teasers and the 5 minute OST, I am hard pressed to figure out much of the story, except to say that I am thoroughly intrigued by all the characters. This is of course a huge compliment to the editors and the people in charge of the publicity for resisting the temptation to tell it all here and now. As for the OST, it sounds and looks very good. I thoroughly enjoyed the narration (Khalid Ahmed’s voice?) in the OST as well as the teasers.


So far Express hasn’t announced a confirmed air date, but I am planning on keeping an eye out and will check it out when it begins. I sincerely hope to not be disappointed…

Written by SZ~

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    • LOL! Well that too – but I’m just fed up of the whole ZGH tamasha now. I think there are other equally interesting projects out there that are worthy of our attention. Since we are the ones who complain of being fed up of the same story lines and the typecast actors, I feel then it is up to us to encourage and pay attention to other lesser known, but more intriguing projects 🙂
      What did you think of the teasers?


  1. This indeed looks very different, Thx for all the info. I had seen one of the teasers with SS, and was very intrigued. Hina bayat for sure looks to be in a very different get up, love your mummy aap kya kar rahin hai! lol… it was getting a little too much seeing her play everyone’s mom in the last four consecutive serials, even though she’s amazing at it!
    Will definitely look out for this, glad the promos don’t give much away, almost mysterious like.


  2. I just read a quote about the road of great expectations leading to the sad lonely beach of disappointments……..I think any channel needs to keep a balance and perspective on its promotion. Good work promotes itself itney Dhol bajay gay tho it gets too much. Will look into this Talkhiyaan. Why did they make Sanam look so decidedly plain in that launch show? She is a a very attractive , lovely woman in all her other dramas.


  3. thanks for introducing us to this new venture. I love the visuals by the DOP and it is good to see Shamim Hilali, Hina Bayat, and Sanam in different get-ups and a little different roles. Not sure I am digging the depressive story though…seems like another one on neglected women and children who grow up without a father and have to face all of life’s challenges on their own. The character sketches are interesting but the story as a whole doesn’t intrigue me much.


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