Zindagi Gulzar Hai – Launch Show Review

[ZGH postponed till the 30th of November] 

ZGH - montage

Zindagi Gulzar Hai: Kab se intezaar aur kitna intezaar!! Seems like its been forever since we’ve been hearing about this one. Seeing shooting pictures, losing patience while they kept announcing different air dates, and then of course the launch show that was supposed to be on Sunday, but then never happened, and then finally yesterday we heard about the Jago Pakistan Jago launch show…

Having been burnt so many times, I didn’t know what to believe, but for once the FB pages did get it right, and yes!! the launch show happened AND Fawad Khan showed up — Zindagi Gulzar Hai indeed!!

This launch show was indeed worth the wait … for once the host, Fahad Mustafa, was able to contain his enthusiasm long enough to let others speak – and we actually heard Fawad speak more than three sentences….

Along with a rakish Fawad, there were Sanam Saeed (what was up with that chalky powder on her face?), Samina Peerzada, Momina Duraid, Sultana Siddiqui, Javed Shaikh, Mehreen Raheal, Ayesha Omar, Hina Bayat, and Hadiqa Kiyani, all of whom spoke very eloquently about their respective roles in the project. Poor Ali Zafar, though, was the only exception – he had been woken up just for the call-in, and the poor guy sounded more than half dead. Oh and a huge surprise – Umera Ahmed called in!

The male version of the OST was premiered on the show. Written, composed and sung by Ali Zafar, it sounded a lot more upbeat than the female version by Hadiqa Kiyani. The reason for the two OSTs and their completely different styles was explained by the director as being deliberate, in order to highlight the different personalities of the protagonists.

The one huge thing – there are quite a lot of changes from the original, but I would appreciate it, if we tried not to compare the novel with the drama – lets enjoy each on its own merit. There were a lot more clips from the serial. I do wonder though if we haven’t been shown a lot already, so many of the new twists in the story seem to be revealed now…

Some fun things that came up/struck me during this show: a) Samina Peerzada requesting HUM TV to carry a disclaimer about smoking and Fawad’s visible squirming; b) Apparently the rumors had indeed been true – Fawad had been asked to do the OST, he backed out and Ali Zafar was later invited to do the OST; c) Seems like Sania Maskatiya has signed some kind of a deal with HUM TV; Momina Duraid and Samina Peerzada were both wearing her stuff.

After having seen the clips, all I can say that seems like it is indeed worth the hype. With a stellar director like Sultan Siddiqui heading the project, a talent like Shehzad Kashmiri behind the camera, and the support of technical facilities of MD Productions, I think we are in for a treat.

Below are some pictuers from the launch show and the two videos for the OSTs: the complete Hadiqa Kiyani version and a clip of the Ali Zafar one.

OST – Hadiqa Kiyani

OST- Ali Zafar

Written by SZ

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  1. Yaar, can one be a little tired of the hype before a drama? I think so. I am!
    Start it already!
    FK looked like FK 🙂 Sanam I like but I’d like her more if she was not so made up. Had enough of Sania M. Plz find another designer now!
    Ali Zafar said he wrote and composed his song so does that mean only Hadiqa’s was written and composed by NT and Shani? FK is definitely lazy/laidback by nature otherwise he would have jumped at this song opportunity. Fawad, we’re disappointed 😦
    btw Why do they Ashar’s pic up and not Zaroon’s ? What a blooper!


    • @Afia: I agree – those pics are so out of place with all the hype they are doing – thora sa paisa aur kharch lete!
      Yes, I think Hadiqas OST was written and composed by other people, whereas AZ did his own.


  2. well its way past my bed time but oh the things we do for Fawad Khan! but i must agree with @Afia the hype is getting tiring and i just want the drama to star already!! and really like Sanam as well but her look was just not working well for her..

    needless to say really enjoyed the launch show, FK looked oh so cute!! :*, although he doesn’t talk much and comes off really nervous.

    Nothing much to add as the review very nicely talks us about the points that stood out. Looks like UA finally wrote a pro women script and i for one cannot wait to see the two different takes on life becoming one!

    How come we are seeing mr. Asher again. I wanted to see Zaroon. Khair we can live with that i guess! 🙂

    Missed HB.

    Till Friday , happy watching ZGH launch show people!! 🙂


  3. I was in College so I missed the Live show …. :/ Just finding my spare time I can’t wait any more to see Fawad Khan … 😀

    Okay every one is looking Amazing there … Fawad LOoks dame Cute and Hawt ❤


  4. Well just saw the show as i missed it in the morning,it was really enjoyable. The indus college student who said Fawad jaha jatay hain woh jagah hit ho jati hai was hilarious,some director should scoop him up for acting,the girl who called Fawad jis kay hath paon thanday ho rehay they was so cute,it’s always good to listen to Fawad fan’s as they are so genuine.Loved the outfits of Momina and Samina and Fawad looked handsome as usual.It was good he spoke more than usual. SZ so right Ali Zafar bechara was dead beat ,he was taking time to remember what he was suppose to say.Oh yes i don’t want to see a cigarette smoking Fawad on my screens plz. run a disclaimer atleast before the show hum TV. Thanks for the prompt review SZ it’s always a delight reading them.


      • Yes i guess because it also turned into a pun at Fawad’s smoking in real life.But TV channels should now start paying serious heed to the issue ,in all the international plays either they never show lead character smoking (except for Mad men which is a period drama of sixties and one or two others) and they always run disclaimer.Hum Tv repeatedly says it’s a qualitative drama channel,i guess there is nothing bad in taking these issues a little seriously.Smoking is not cool or dashing anymore so they should stop putting cigarettes in heroes hands is my own personal opinion.


      • I didnt know sz you would be this fast in writing it up! Oh and I saw the Ali zafar ost on ZGH page, it was ok not great, definitely prefer hadiqas though.
        @ Afia Haha… I saw how everyone just got quiet and tried to gloss over it. That’s one thing that gets me too, Fawad seems to smoke in every drama, just not cool!
        Loved those Indus valley clips, Fawad is just too modest, such a level headed person and always thankful, considering he feels like a 2 headed snake at a circus…poor guy fahad kept asking him about how he felt about larkiyan going crazy about him? What’s he supposed to say, he’s so decent. I think that’s another part of why he’s so popular, his personality is lovely.
        Oh and Afia, I think he loves those v- neck cashmere type sweaters, he always looks well dressed! Well now we have Friday to look fwd to IA and our lovely discussions too!


        • Sk yes he indeed is humble and modest i guess here the charm of his personality lies as i i have never seen him arrogant.That is a rare quality in a star and makes him really likable.Oh and extraordinary looks can’t hurt 🙂


        • I was thinking SK that Fawad can give a lesson to Fahad on how to dress lol What was that awful blue jacket he was wearing that he borrowed from the concierge services!


            • yes I have seen FQ dress in some really odd outfits on his morning shows! Where the heck do they find this stuff and who tells them they look good in it – awful!


      • I know what you mean Afia I loved Samina’s suggestion and everyone was like eh….

        there is no need to show actors smoking. Whenever I see one on screen, I always wonder how many cigarettes they smoked with all the retakes they did and what that has done to the person standing next to them (in this case Mehreen Raheel) lungs!!! Kaali nahi tow brown zaroor ho gaaye hogi.


  5. Tou aap ne bhi kaal raat shab-e-baydaari mein guzari 😉

    I watched a good 90 minutes of the show live and it was a fun watch. I was surprised to see FK there since I was not expecting him, and poor guy always gets tongue tied with all the appreciation and weird questions that are asked of him. I am just not digging the new hairstyle 😦 looks so 3 Musketeer-ish. Buss sword and armour ki kaami thi. Maybe he’s playing Mohd. bin Qasim for his next project?

    Agreed on Sanam’s makeup! She’s such a pretty girl – why oh why was the makeup so loud and cakey and the hairstyle oh so boho!

    Enjoyed the call from Umera Ahmed. Ali Zafar is always a sleep in the mornings…not sure why they call the poor guy. He always sounds like that at 9 am! lol and why does Hadiqa wear the same clothes (from the 80s) – aur kapray nahi hain kya?

    the dude from Indus Valley was hilarious but they overdid it 😉 Liked Momina’s comment that during some scene there were no guys just girls because guys refused to be there LOL!!!!

    Also liked Sultana aapa’s message.
    Poor Javed Sheikh was invited just to fill the empty space I think. I would have preferred Shehzad Kashmiri. 🙂


    • Hadiqa Kiani was like a Mard Maar aurat meets Lara Croft! She’s always liked wearing trousers and jackets but these ones were obscene.


    • Uff! Hadiqa’s dressing was horrible. She needs to consult a fashion designer ASAP. Why cant the woman also wear a kurta and not ruin the flow. Snow boots and punk jacket pehan kar aagaye. and her ombre look was not working for her either.. Shes the person the fashion police is looking for! lol

      LOL @ Fahad M’s jacket. Poor guy thought he was looking oh so cool with his popped collar and all.

      FK pretty much dresses the same. Even in the JPJ HS show he supported a v-neck sweater over a white collar button down. very casual yet classy look and looks good on most men who can pull it off, but well clearly FM likes to experiment, and one day he shall mature 🙂

      The dude from Indus got annoying and FawadKhan was so embarrassed. bechara.. even when that girl who called who was “mere haath pair thande hoge” He was so nervous. Such a modest and down to earth guy! God, i Love him!!! ❤


  6. Interesting bits:
    Sanam: “Kabhi socha hi nahin” – On feeling responsible for the delivery of Umera’s tough lines. Really socha hi nahin?
    Sleepy he might be but I felt Ali Zafar was sounding disinterested to the point of appearing rude. Saying things like “Mein tv nahin dekhta” to people who make a living out of tv. Maybe there’s some FK-AZ history/rivalry in the background?


    • I get the feeling from Sanam that she is really not interested in doing Pakistani drama. I think she probably wants to make a name doing British or American sitcoms and movies. Just the feeling I’ve had seeing her indifference during the interviews she’s done so far and a comment I had read a while back on her FB page.


  7. @Afia: agree on Hadiqa’s dresing – fur lined knee length boots?? and the studded jacket looking like it came from Michael Jackson’s wardrobe – ugh! Agree with all on Fahad Mustafa’s dressing, needs to get better asap – that did indeed look like it belonged to a concierge – good call @Annie 😉
    @Javeria: true that Hum TV should take the lead on banning smoking scenes in their dramas, given their rep for being a trendsetter.
    @Afia: yaar bechara Ali Zafar, actually he’s always praised FK and vice versa, so cant think of this as being a rivalry. I think AZ was just being honest, most people who live the crazy kind of life he is living these days, do actually end up watching everything on YT or dvds. They should’ve shown a recorded a message from him, just like they did with others.
    @Annie: True that about Shahzad Kashmiri… btw, a clarification … Farhan Alam was the DOP for Dastaan not Shahzad… I know like me, you’re a serious follower so thought you’d wanna know 🙂
    But all in all a fun show, glad it aired! 🙂


    • you won’t believe it SZ but the other day husband was watching Coke Kahani and he was like they shot it with a different camera and I said yeah DOP is Farhan Alam isn’t he just awesome! (as if hubbs actually cares!), he lives in VA and I think he shot Dastaan or maybe not and then I went into that self-talk mode – was it Farhan or Shehzad who shot Dastaan? – husband could give 2 hoots about it LOL

      I don’t know how our brain waves got aligned but your comment totally surprised me!! 😀

      I was a little afraid when Hadiqa hugged Sultana aunty ke kahin unn bechari ke eyes na hurt kerdai with that jacket of hers.


      • @Annie: LOL! you know all that they say about great minds thinking alike etc etc 😉 But yes, I too was thinking about all this when watching Coke Kahani, and then I thought about you and our little fanclub for the various DOPs… so I was gonna tell you then, but I totally forgt till you mentioned Shahzad Kashmiri today 🙂
        So Farhan has done Malal, Dastaan, Sanjha, and this one for sure .. there could be other stuff that I don’t know about… Isnt it great that we have such fabulous talented people bringing us such amazing work!


        • ah did not know about Sanjha – I guess because his work there was very traditional and not edgy by any means 🙂 I know I was completely bowled over by his work in Dastaan and now CK – just wow!! you are right such talented folks that hide behind the camera (literally!) – wish they would come on some morning show with a good host who asks them relevant questions!


      • Thanks for educating us about DOPs! Then S Kasmiri did humsafar, sez, ashk? Which drama was malal? Sounds so familiar but can’t place it.


        • Afia: Shehzad Kashmiri’s done Humsafar, Bilqees Kaur, MeJ, Vasl, possibly Neeyat as well ..and now ZGH … these are big recent ones that I can remember offhand…
          SeZ and Ashk are done by the new person Khizar Idrees…

          Here’s the Malal synopsis from their fb page:

          The storyline revolves around Zinia and Danish (Faisal Rehman) who are close friends of fifteen years, living in the US. Danish goes to Pakistan to visit his mother (Shameem Hilali), and agrees to get married to the girl of her choice, Mahi (Sarwat Gilani). When Zinia learns of his marriage, she becomes extremely upset. Meanwhile, she meets Jawad (Imran Abbas Naqvi), who turns out to be Mahi’s cousin. She is almost a decade older than him. They begin to meet frequently, which upsets Danish, and the realization that his wife is immature does not help matters. To make the situation worse, Zinia discovers that Mahi is being blackmailed by someone from her past, Saifi (Adeel Ahmed).


      • Annie, LOL they shot coke Kahani using Red camera’s i am 100% sure. the texture that comes on screen from red cameras is very different then your average shooting cameras 🙂 they are wayyyyyyy up there 😀
        Did you guys notice the glimpses and angles of humsafar integrated into ZGH! its because there is one big connection, that is Shezad Kashmiri 🙂 and well as they say a director is nothing without the cinematographer 🙂


  8. There was an FK interview in a urdu paper some time back. When they asked him about who he envies, he replied Alizafar and atif aslam ! Awww how sweet is that! . Don’t know if this was a genuine interview though.


  9. Loved the show and YAYA! You reviewed it;) double treat!
    I agree with you, Thank GOD Fawad spoke more today, we got to see more of him. I feel he is very down to earth. I, too, loved his expressions when Samina Pirzada spoke of cigarette smoking scene and all. Sanam too was smirking and looking side to side.
    I liked Sultana Siddiqui’s presence on this show, it was a a lively show because of her.
    Loved the show! And yes the promos, WOW! I can’t wait till it airs! Fridays will get wonderful and blissful again:)


    • Heela, glad you enjoyed the post – ab since I had already spent time watching, thought I might as well share my thoughts and hear what everybody else thought, because its so much fun to always discuss every minute detail to death wit like-minded friends – makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable 🙂 Yes, now Fri needs to just come on already!!


  10. Read your review and took a sigh of relief of show being great..! Finally got free time to see and it was indeed worth the wait.. Fawad khan.. modest person i have seen on television.. and what was Fahad asking again and again ‘kaisa lagta he/kaise mahsoos karte hain’ araay bhaee bhaksh do bechare ko… Sanam was actually good and spontaneous in answers..
    Sultana Sidique coming to show made it full of quality and caliber.. all things being talked or discussed were so intriguing..I liked how Momina shared ZGH being first writing of Umera.. too good!

    I literally went LOL.. on Ali Zafar’s call.. he too was aware of him being in sleepy mode..but shukar he talked sense 😀

    Hadiqa said infinite times (no matter what the question was) as it was Sultana aunty, i had to say yes,, fine lady we got it!!

    Last but not the least.. THE call.. i never thought, i could hear Umera’s voice.. she knew what she has to speak and to whom..Excellent!


    • Rehmat!! You actually didn’t stay up?! Wow yaar! I’m so impressed at how sensible you were to wait for a more appropriate time to watch fursat se 😉 I need to learn more self-control from you 🙂
      But yeah the show was fun and Im glad you didnt feel let down after reading my post 🙂 Yes, Fahad was annoying – but at least this time he was letting other people talk, and bechara AZ, I felt really sorry for him!!


      • Lols! you see, for me to enjoy something i really need to be active and fresh else i ditto sound like AZ 😀 sometimes its bit annoying as i am literally last one to watch something..

        Noway i can feel let down after reading your posts 🙂


        • @ Rehmat: Well at least commercials se to bach gaye! The one reason i hate watching live shows, commercials drive me insane.
          YT and DVR Zindabaad..

          Khair I had to make an exception this time around and same when that JPJ Humsafar show came on! 🙂

          But it was fun, both shows.
          I however was AZ all day today, totally can relate to his phone call in the show!


  11. Good show and perfect write up SZ 🙂 Missed some of it ,probably that is when Samina Peerzada was talking about the smoking issue. I really wish they would take that seriously ,lung cancer is no joke and I understand if someone cannot stop smoking but do not glorify it on screen .Is it only me and my friends who did not like the violence portrayed in the promo for ZGH ? Zaroon almost knocked bechari Kashaf out and later they are suppose to have a relationship? I don’t think that is an appropriate thing to show. Ok you thought Fawad looked rakish? I guess its the hair,He looked kind of shy to me. He was actually blushing each time that guy came on the screen and said that . This is why I like him so much, he even said he was not such a great actor and could not understand why people were so impressed. I could write a thesis believe me.. Thank God I missed Ali Zafer, I met him twice up close in Dallas when He was not THE ALI ZAFER and He was kind of unimpressive .We had sponsored a show for 14 th of August and the first time when he was singing he just kept coming closer to me and I know he did not mean it probably, but he gave me the creeps. The next time I did not even try and let the little kids get his autograph because he kept putting his arm around people. So he does not watch TV? Well no one watched his Movies so its all fair and square. I may be deluded but Fawad comes over as a nice ,shareef, family oriented person .


    • Not met AZ but your story sure hints of stuff. Just the fact what he’s been upto in his movies is creepy enough. FK’s ‘perfect’ to meet (aur kya kahoon) and has been in love with the same woman since almost childhood!


      • That is what I admire. I detest these “player” types who feel they have to be flirty all the time to look cool.Thanks for confirming what I thought might be true . Say no more I am so with you on that “au kya kahoo”train….:)


    • It was a good show. For the 1st time Fahad Mustafa let his guests talk & didn’t interrupt them while they were talking.
      Why did FK have a beard & a mustache? He looks so much better clean shaven. Maybe the role in Bin Roye Ansu requires him to have that look, so he can look rugged.
      The call from Ali Zafar was just plain rude. It wasn’t that early in the morning, so why was he pretending to be sleeping? I don’t know if he was half asleep or drunk but he sure pretended to be more superior than all the television personalities.
      @Sadaf: you’re right, we don’t watch his movies so its all fair.


  12. Sadaf,, did you see the part where they are talking about the violent scene? It was in the first part I believe. So actually it’s been toned down from the novel, where zaroon properly slaps her! Obviously due to the image that would have sent, the slap was omitted, sanam said she couldn’t believe the novel readers were looking forward to that scene the most, that a woman gets slapped!! You know I didn’t even know when people kept talking about slap scene, slap scene…I thought maybe kashaf had slapped him, really couldn’t believe it was other way round! You are right, it probably is still a little too violent, but let’s see what precedes it and how it is dealt with afterwards. I am sure it will not be glorified as the right thing to do.


    • @Sadaf: I think @SK has explained the whole slap scenario well, and they end the scene with Kashaf pushing Zaroon away …
      It is interesting to read of your experience with AZ, I had a completely different encounter with him.. he was extremely humble, very charming, and very polite .. sorry to know you had a bad meeting with him 😦


      • No it was not a bad experience as such , I just was not particularily impressed. I have met one or two celebrities and usually it is sooo exciting but cannot say that about him. He probably could say the same about me as in who ? What?


  13. I have been talking to the novel readers, and they say Zaroon was a very angry character . It is Fawad so Ok but I think Umera Ahmed does not have a good view of Men. So far all her so called heroes are not good people at all..I really prefer Farhat Ishtiaq


    • Sadaf, Zaroon as I remember him from the novella was very arrogant, not really angry as such… from the promos seems like FK’s Zaroon is a softer person. Ashar was similarly “humanized” as well…


  14. Hope you do not mind ,I am stealing this for my Facebook .It kind of reinforces what he has said previously.Well I for one am hoping he or at least one of our stars can make that leap. Something fun instead of Bol but with emotional depth like Humsafer .


  15. Tomorrow, I hope my zindagi will be more gulzar after it begins. First of all what is compelling me to sit down and write this long over drawn comments. I will point out the negative stuff first.

    1)someone please tell who ever in charge of marketing: to reduce the amount of promo one plays on TV multiple times. Ok so I come home and while making dinner, I turn on the TV and in the 20 minutes that I spent in the kitchen, 10 FULL minutes were dedicated to ZGH. I heard the promo, the actors telling us to watch their drama and pretty much all crucial scenes played over and over and over and over again, like for a millionth time. I mean bombard karni kay haad hoti hai! I am looking forward to ZGH but this new blitz of ads is waning me out and from the look of it many other people too.

    2) I completely agree with Sadaf that when Samina brought up the point about excessive use of smoking from actors and portrayed in characters, everyone just shrugged it off. I hope this picture will provide a little bit more insight. Take this seriously. And no I am not kidding.

    Pakistan is a developing nation, while here in developing countries we try to figure out how we can keep people 10 ft away from buildings while they are smoking, I am shocked that we don’t have any policies regarding use of excessive smoke shown on our televisions. It’s a disgusting habit and by showing it in what is perceived to be drama targeted towards younger audience where the main character is smoking (and showing it as normal behavior), no my dear producers, directors and actors it is not cool!

    3) I really am the last person to judge someone over their clothes but seriously I really want to speak my mind here: I think people who are born in foreign countries are certainly not the ones who suffer from identity crisis, but from people in Pakistan certainly do. I think Hadiqa is a perfect example of that! Enough said!

    4) Coming to the show content itself, I watched it when it was on but missed most of it. I watched it again now. I found Umera’s call quiet amusing as she was soo straight up, and she didn’t excessively praise anybody and sounded quiet uncomfortable though. I was like wait call khatam ho gai, that was one abrupt call. But it was interesting, but not surprising to see how much power Umera yields in the industry

    5) Ali Zafar becharay ko waisay hi utha diya. I could not stop giggling at the close up face of Fahad Mustafa trying to understand what exactly Ali Zafar was bluttering! So jaoo Ali Zafar soo jaoo, abhi subha nahi howi mamu!

    6) Fawad as usual, spoke 2% more than what he usually does. Actually I found him more interactive in the humsafar JPJ show then this one. That kid in the indus valley should be in one drama. He was hilarious! Waisay mere bhi haath paoon thanday hoo rahay thay!

    7) Sultana apa was sunshine of the show and the best line was when she said that “hum Pakistanis compliments ko buhat mushkil say sambaltain hain, koi tareef karain to we don’t say thankyou, agay say nahhi nahi boltay hain. 😀

    Hope everyone has a good ZGH day tomorrow! looking forward to your review SZ 🙂


  16. Zindagi gulzar hai
    Humy is se pyar hai

    Finally finally today is 16th. Happy ZGH day to all. I watched the launch show last night. Missed the live telecast due to uni timings 😦 The Show was quite entertaining

    ThankGod Fawad khan talked a lil more than usuall. He was looking cool even in his new hairstyle and his down to earth attitude made him shinning among all 😉 … And whatever every one said about Hadiqa’s dressing is I think not enough to justify how weird she was looking 😛 But about her OST I enjoyed it. And It was better if they not take Ali Zafar’s call and let him sleep.lolz ! And one thing that made me very happy was seeing Imran abbas after a long time. He was so nice to wishing best regarding ZGH…It was like a double treat show to me 😀

    Sz I think ZGH reviews are gonna break all the records in no of the comments they are receiving 😀

    Maria you are right Hum tv has over bombarded their viewers with ZGH promos and now whenever they come my mom says plz change the channel 😛


  17. Mujhe toh lagta hai ye drama kabhi on air nahi ho gah!!

    This is from the humtv and ZGH fb page

    “Zindagi Gulzar Hai
    Sorry guys, we could be facing some bad news regarding ZGH tonight. Cable TV is on strike, ZGH might not air. Will keep you updated if anything changes. “


  18. Here is the latest update.

    “HUM TV This is to inform hum tv lovers that because of some cable network problem we have postponed the launching date of “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” to 30th November’12 and we hope that by the time it will be opened so that everyone can watch it easily.”

    Okay I am so done w this drama. It’s never airing!!


    • This is absolutely ridiculous… What was the point airing a million promos all day and messages from cast too if they were going to do this. We should all bombard the hum page with complaints!


      • They’ll not care. Pakistan and their rules are so weird I swear. I feel like this drama is going to tank.
        They’re are testing our patience way too much.


        • It’s the unprofessionalism that gets me…just no words for it. Did they not know of the problems yesterday, why did they have fawad saying chand ganto me ZGH araha hai. This looks like something else, I don’t know why it just looks fishy.


          • SK: LOL @Fawad saying chand ghariyon men … dont worry he’ll say it again … aah the joys of canned promos 🙂

            Here, I don’t think it is unprofessionalism as such … they couldnt have predicted the problems .. it is Pakistan after all… apparently PEMRA has come down on some channels and cable operators .. hence the cable strike, and the HM TV decision to give it 15 days to resolve the issue …

            Agree with all – marketing and promotion has been HORRIBLE


  19. What the heck,why are they not showing it on Hum Tv itself ,the people who have no access to there FB pages should know it as well,that really makes me want to give up on the play.God the wait has been endless.


  20. I feel blue. Though, I do understand the unpredictable situation in Pakistan but still it is extremely disappointing to know that it’ll not air after a ten-months wait. Hayee!


  21. whatever 1% expectations I had have evaporated into the smog caused by cigarette smoke.
    I agree with the posters above, aab January mein hi chalana yaar. Why even bother airing it this year at all. Hopefully by that time our memories of giving away the whole story in the promos would have faded a bit 😉
    I hope we get to see new episodes of our favorite shows tomorrow.


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