Ashk – Episode 22 [Not a] Review

Thats it! I’m finally done with this serial – completely washing my hands off this one! Had hoti hai! There’s a limit to how much more I can bardasht as a viewer. Aik tou this serial is already beyond redemption and then oopar se adding insult to injury we are being played by the Ashk related FB pages. How much more desperate can the people behind this serial get? Have these admins ever heard words like ethics or professionalism? Right up to the moment the serial went on air, a particular page was hyping this as the last episode! Like seriously???!! Ab aap ko apna serial mubarak ho – I’m done! Even Fawad Khan, no matter how much I adore him, cannot convince me to watch this one anymore!!

Because I was waiting for the serial to wind up, I sat through this episode… and since I did watch it, might as well share my take …

  • Why the long recap?? Given that at this point there are only a handful of people watching, why the need to rehash so much? If we are suckers enough to still be watching, then we’re sure to remember what happened last week… Trust me, nobody new is stepping on to the Ashkian bandwagon…
  • More of the senior citizen pair, Mehru and Bilal, do we care???? Arrey bhai Dubai raho, gaon raho, jahan tumhari marzi raho…bas hamari jaan chor dowaisey if Mehru wanted to do mulk o qaum ki khidmat then why did she get married??
  • Zebu packing to leave … The only person I feel sorry for here is poor Aunty Kulsoom… remember how fresh and lovely she looked at the beginning of the serial and ab bechari auntyji ko kitna pareshan kiya hai is na khalaq aulad ne – what a useless beta and an equally silly bahu she has ...
  • Zebu still packing … why is there an ironing board in the middle of the room? And boy, is this woman a messy packer – har taraf cheezain bikhri hui hai… Ajjo and Mehru clearly didn’t teach her much of anything at all…
  • Zebu still packing … yes, never ending scene … Aunty ji is worried that Zebu has been summoned to Pakistan to take care of Ajjo – hain?! 
  • Zebu done packing …. Shukar Alhahamdulillah…. now crying ke she doesn’t want to leave … sorry not feeling your pain my friend …. And by the way, how does she know what excuse Rohail gave to Madiha before he came to meet her??
  • Zebu left … finally! after all the rona dhona … I know I’m supposed to feel sorry for her, but at this point I just want this scene to be over and done with … The only thing I learnt from this all this was that Istanbul actually does have taxis!! Who knew?! Pehle hi bata dete, at least poor Auntyji wouldn’t have been dragged everywhere!
  • Zebu ki dairy… but before we get there, we are reminded once again of how messy a person she is … stuff strewn all over the floor … my OCD self is disliking Zebu more and more by the minute…
  • Of course Rohail reads Zebu ki dairy … ummm Rohail, woh us ki dairy thi, hello, you should be more respectful of others’ privacy… Khair, after reading it the truth is revealed … but before Rohail can become really nostalgic, enter Ms. Madiha …
  • Rohail searching for Zebu’s dairy… needless to say Madiha trashed it because she was jealous of him reading it har waqt … now I’m confused… how long ago was this? Didn’t Zebu just leave, like a day or so ago? And if Rohail is still living with Madiha, who’s living with Auntyji???
  • Skip to Pakistan, skip Mehru, skip all the other other stuff, get to the scene where Zebu sees the toy mokey and flips out. Errr…. how can she rewind back to a scene which only took place in Rohail’s imagination?? Wah! what understanding this ostensibly estranged husband n wife share, ek doosre ke khayalat tak parh lete hain!!
  • Don’t know how to describe it, but that scene where Dinga is force-feeding Ajjo … please spare us!!! And then Mehru walks in asks Dinga to leave Ajjo alone …  Mehru, they are husband n wife and unka private mamla hai, leave them alone! Sainted Mother Mehru clearly needs to find other things to do with her time …go spend the  next few episodes fixing your sister’s marriage… Rohail and Zebu are clearly incapable and need a hand if the drama has any hopes of finishing…

With this, I come to the end of my journey with Ashk … I would greatly appreciate it if one of you would be kind enough to put up a brief summary of the final episode when and if it airs ….

P.S. And the games continue… here’s the latest update from the same FB page that posted about this being the last episode:
“sorry we were wrongly informed by an insider, next week is the last episode!”

Written by SZ~

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  1. Aww SZ ( no that sounds too professional here- let us start over…)
    Awww pyari saheli- aap bore ho gayeen ashk se? Abhi toh yeh bohat behtar ep tha pichlay se. Atleast it had a few relatively good FK scenes.
    I think the real culprit that let you down ( apart from ashk itself) was the false claim by a fb page. After that disappointment, everything started irritating you- from the ironing to the packing to the mess ( interestingly I did not notice the mess? Maybe that says something about me: \ )
    I hadn’t believed the last ep claim hence less disappointment. You are sooo right about the likes of mehru ajjo deenga- argh more than ashk.
    I think rohail was ‘visiting’ madiha’s place when he came looking for the diary- which reminds of the pathetic diary they showed. If the sis had to present a diary, it could have been a nice one- yeh toh school students type thi.
    Better sleep now- c u in time for the zgh show 🙂


    • LOL@Afia: you’re just too cute – love you for that!
      Ashk was boring as it is and now this whole last ep drama- you’re absolutely right I was really angry! This just needs to finish already … all this ajjo dinga pyar vyar – seriously yuck!
      Hahaha abt safai! ok Im a bit crazy abt it – but even Rohail had to move clothes aside to find a chair and then when he bent to pick up the diary there was more mess there … 😦 Now please keep me updated on further (mis) adventures of Rohail and Co …
      LMAO @ the ugly “diary” – so true! Chalk up one more reason for why not to see Ashk …


  2. Aren’t we just watching it for the fk scenes anyway and his were pretty good… other stuff we fwd anyways…so why are you so upset’s just another day at the office!, If you look at it that way, it’s still one of the better ones. Yes the thing that did annoy me was zaibus non stop crying, and also her memory of the wedding night like you said, how stupid of them showing that when it was all rohails imagination…sloppy indeed. I do understand your sentiments expecting the last episode, but didn’t I tell you these fb pages are simply put Liars!!, after I saw the promo on sk page, with no mention of last episode, I knew it wouldn’t be…so totally went with the flow. Anyways after watching the ZGH ost, nothing can annoy me now….who cares!!


    • SK, yaar, even the FK scenes don’t make any sense now … where the heck is this leading to? If you think about it, nothing really happened today – except him reading the diary… And if Rohail was indeed just visiting Madiha, then why was the diary there and how did Madiha know he was reading it har waqt??


  3. Guys in the alternative universe that is Ashk it all makes sense. Sorry about that Facebook thing, I have posted it on my FB profile so you guys know what liars they are/Sz I agree with every criticism you made but barring the ASHK team posessing a magic wand ,no one is going to change it for us.Someone is editing it because some parts look a bit disjointed,or that is just the way it is..?Let us draw a veil over Ajjo &Dinga,but Mehru and Bilal were just about bearable.I think I am with Afia and SK we are watching for FK at least till ZGH starts Fawad was excellent as usual and that is why I persevere .Just think of all the time he spent in the cold in Turkey working on this .??The same page now claims next week is the last episode …not believing anything it says any more.


    • @Sadaf: LOL! Yaar, you’re too sweet! I hope Ashk team appreciates your efforts to grapple with the drama – I’m officially done. We have ZGH (all fingers and toes crossed) starting Fri so I’m bailing out… plus their FB shenanigans are just beyond my bardasht …. as for FK’s expressions, I’ll just OD on the ZGH OST, much better for my blood pressure 🙂


    • LOL!
      have to enjoy the irony of it all – first FK gives Ashk to all his fans and now he’s saying Zindagi Guzar hai yaar 😉
      Was this some sort of a conspiracy by Hum Tv to make ZGH a hit….hmmm…I demand an answer 😉


      • Have you noticed though how he’s never mentioned Ashk…it’s like it didn’t exist!!, he was talking about working with great teams makes you a better actor, mentioned Humsafar and ZGH…lol no Ashk for obvious reasons. Except for Sarmad that is…poor guys Must have got pushed into it somehow. He’s never even put a pic up of Ashk on his fb page…he knew from the beginning lol


        • SK: One big reason (apart from the fact that its a loser serial) is that they all mention only those projects which air from that particular channel …


  4. ashk pee pee kar thak gai hum
    ab zindagi gulzar honay ki bari hai 🙂

    hopefully ab Nov 16 ko gulzar ho hi jayeee…liars liars all these facebook admins are!


  5. LOL SZ even though I can sense your anger but the post was still FUNNY as heck!! 😀 chalain shabash cheer up Fawad Khan is on Hum TV morning show. Enjoy karo Coke piyo.


  6. Wow SZ, hats off, u made it till the 22nd episode, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I gave up after the 3rd 😦 couldn’t take it any more. You should get an award for your sacrifice, in the line of duty 🙂
    Even some of my readers requested us to review this drama, a couple of hundred episodes ago, but I couldn’t sit through the drama, I tried, believe me.
    So, once again, bravo.


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