Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay – Episode 4 Review

Episode 4 was yet another fun-filled outing; Qabacha made his much-awaited entry and I’m happy to report that he is as fabulous today as he was so many years ago, his bad-hawasees and baukhlahats are as funny today as they were then, and his chemistry with Miss Sania is as potent as it ever was. So yes, I thoroughly enjoyed this same but better than before Qabacha, and was overjoyed at this fond reunion between two of my most favorite TV characters. Behroze Sabzwari and Marina Khan are magical together!

Qabacha’s arrival has certainly stirred the pot in more ways than one. To begin with Sania is smiling more frequently, Aani seems relieved, Bibi and Chandni have new things to gossip about, and Serena has Shamsuddin Iltutmish to wonder about. As if all this is not enough, the local daakus too have a new murgha to go zibah – after all Dubai return asaami hain, koi kam cheez to hain nahin hamarey Qabacha sahab! 

No, but seriously, I love the way Qutbuddin Qabacha’s entry has been utilized in so many ways, to not only move the story forward into new directions, but also help resolve so many of our questions about the unknown past. I like how the mysteries are being unveiled, one gossamer thin layer at a time, just enough to keep us riveted – tension being built up even as answers are slowly revealed –  excellent writing this!

Since this serial is about the Naye Silsilay, it behooves me to move on from Qabacha Sr. to Qabacha Jr. the oh so adorable Shamsuddin Iltutmish – could Shahroz be anymore cuter??!! His stiff, awkward and serious demeanor is in brilliant contrast to his father’s more laid back manner. I was smiling throughout their very warm father-son moment, the father shyly talking about his affection/infatuation for Miss Sania – awww!!!

Another memorable scene was the one with the daakus – this was Durdana Butt’s moment and she did not disappoint for even a second. To begin with the daakus‘ entry was hilarious. Like Bibi, I too thought they were bodyguards, but kyonke yeh Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay hai, is liye halka nahin lena chahiye, nothing is at it seems. But of course the uninvited guests were not there to upset Chandni’s khaane ka hisaab kitaab, rather they were there to take care of their own business! I loved Bibi scolding the daakus, to hold their horses and be patient while Qabacha and Farhan saw each other after ages. Underlying the humor was of course a more serious commentary on the precarious law and order situation. Zain, who was eagerly looking forward to re-settling in Pakistan, is now reconsidering his decision. Similarly Zenia too sees all her fears, about life in Pakistan, coming true. Daaku bhaiyo, khuda ke liye sudhar jao ! 

This episode also marked Shehryar Munawar’s entry. He not only walked into the Youth Center but also straight into Mona’s heart – if this were a cartoon we would have surely seen hearts popping up all around her! Salma Hasan is so fab – I don’t understand why she doesn’t get more screen time – I hope we get to see more of her in the coming episodes. The episode ended on a very filmy note with Zenia falling into Shehryar Munawar’s arms – a  trite clichéd, and some editing issues, but it worked and I am now looking forward to seeing sparks fly between this pair!

Overall this was another entertaining installment. The writers have done a fabulous job – and once again I must commend their command of the language. I am literally savoring each and every line – kaan taras gaye the itni acchi Urdu sunney ko – a huge thank you to the writers for reminding us all about the sheerini and the baankpan of the Urdu language. In terms of acting, all actors have done a superb job, its hard to pick one over the other. But among the newer lot, Syra Yousuf and Kaif Ghaznavi are standouts. The stalwarts are all class acts – not much new to add to what all’s been said already. So yes, another great one from Marina & Co. Looking forward to more!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Lovely review but it was on okayissh episode for me as some scenes were done over the top like the servants jumping over ropes on the carpet , heroine falling into hero’s arm(cliched scene and editing issue ) ,glass falling over from Qabacha hands,even the thieves coming over was looking like over done.Then Farhan said a wrong dilouge to Qabacha,with basic urdu mistake, which needed to be corrected by editors,me and my mother were like that is a very basic mistake.Some good aspects were there of course Qabcha in itself and the happiness surrounding him ,and khala and Sarens chemistry and Salma Hassan is all the pluses.I really like the play i hope it picks up next week .


  2. You reviewed this episode in the best possible way 🙂 I loved this episode, it was very hilarious. The surma scene was very cute. I delighted to see great chemistry between the characters of this play? Let’s see how the story unfolds now……


  3. @Javeria: Hey! Thanks for enjoying the review and commenting, even though you didn’t care much for the episode itself – appreciate it 🙂
    I agree with you about the ending, and even that tripping over the carpet scene – I too thought the editing was bad there, and a bit too contrived. I had intended to mention it, but I guess by the time the episode ended, I had enjoyed it so much that it completely slipped my mind – my bad! As for the daaku scene, I see where you are coming from, but I don’t know why I just found it really funny – Durdana Butt was just awesome for me there – would love to know what others thought about these scenes 🙂 Lets see what next week’s episode has in store for us!

    @Heela: Thanks! Yes, that surma scene was really sweet, and indeed the chemistry is really fun to watch. What did you think of Serena’s desi look? Oh, and isnt it fun the way Bibi keeps talking to Bari Apa’s rooh? 🙂


  4. Yes definitely fun filled, mainly due to Qabacha returning. I didn’t think he could do it 27 years later, but he was back with a bang. I don’t even remember most of Tanhaiyan, but qabacha is just unforgettable, so really liked his scenes. Saniya has obviously mellowed in those years and didn’t throw a huge fit that her gate was blocked.
    I felt it was generally a slower episode though, the passport issue seems to be lengthened and drawn out, so hopefully it picks up. I also agree with javeria the dakoo scene didn’t do much for me, seemed over the top, yes bibi was hilarious as always but that’s about it. Yes I do find it funny, when she talks to apas ruh, she is just a class act! The chemistry between everyone is great, waiting to see the chemistry between couples now!! But SZ your review was very energetic and fun to read, even though I don’t think the episode was as fab as the first three, except for the qabacha parts that is, I am still loving it and waiting for next week!


  5. Saturdays are just so much fun now 🙂 Enjoyed TNS along with CK and ANC – oh the abbreviations will drive us nuts one of these days!

    I think the strength of the drama lies in the actors and the story. Marina is an okay director who doesn’t like to experiment at all as we have seen with the baraat series. you can see her using some of the same techniques here too – the naukar scene at Qabacha’s house, the daaku wala scene, the last hero entry scene. There is not a whole lot of novelty in terms of creative direction but thankfully the script and the actors are strong enough to hold it all together for us. Enjoyed the episode overall even though the Iltutmish joke got a bit repetitive but thanks to Qabacha Uncle for nailing it once again 😀

    Agree with you regarding Syra Yusuf and Kaif. Loving them! I hope to see Kaif in a full fledged role soon and no not the roti dhoti mazloom aurat kind 😉


  6. Inspite of all the little glitches that you’ve all mentioned I enjoyed TNS (Annie, lahore has a school by that name 🙂
    It’s good fun overall and can be watched with kids. I really am enjoying the 2nd coming of Behroze Subzwari (even his real name is a bit tough to spell!). Loved his little cameo in Coke Kahani, then there’s humsafar, zgh, MDKJZM.
    Another aspect I enjoyed in TNS and CK was the great urdu one got to listen to. Infact I watched both with my girls. My older one could pick up some urdu mahawras that she’s learnt in class and was over the moon that she ‘got’ them- Ausaan khata hona, baray mian toh baray mian, chotay mian subhanallah ‘n more.


    • ah good point Afia! It’s definitely a good lesson in Urdu for all the young’uns who are used to speaking Eng-du now – myself included!


  7. @SZ yes, it is . I love her chic look and it is true that when people come back from. Foreign country they buy clothes and bangles with the most vibrant colours:) Bibi Sara din unhein shikayatein lagti rehti hai:p


  8. Wow.. whether its some serious and thought provoking drama like SeZ or light-comedy stuff.. you always write beautifully 🙂

    This episode was best so far.. from first scene to last.. i was actually laughing out loud.. Shamsuddin Altatmish is cuteeee like his father.. bibi interacting with altatmish was one funny scene for me.. it just the presence of Durdana Butt.. that makes me grin, hilarious dialogues come later.. For me scene of episode was Daaku scene..for sure stress-buster 😀 bibi’s one-liners and all family gathered at one place.. Classic..

    I am really keen in knowing how Qabbacha manofy Faraan uncle.. saw him smiling in OST.. fun episodes are definitely yet to come 😀 Picture abhi baqi he mere dost. Shehryar Munawar finally comes to complete whole cast!

    That’s the reason the love Saturdays 😀


    • @Rehmat, thanks! Glad you’re enjoying the show as well – honestly what a welcome change this after the whole string of serious social drama we’ve been sujected to in the recent past. Hopefully someone will see the audience interest and do something about bringing in variety.
      Yes, me too! I am waiting as well to see how Qabacha manaofies Uncle Farhan, and see if Sania gets married this time around, and see how the two younger couples get together.. Nice that we have so many things to look forward too!


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