Coke Kahani – Episode 2 Review


That’s the one word that kept popping up in my mind while I was watching the second episode of Coke Kahani. Waisey if you prefer, you are more than welcome to use brash, fresh, energetic, daring to be different, other adjectives that are all equally apt as one tries to capture the essence of this funky little sitcom.

Story wise, ostensibly there’s not much to talk about. Asfand owns a restaurant that is about to go belly up. His daughter Zoya and the rest of his restaurant staff concoct a plan designed to rescue this sinking ship. His estranged wife Maya lives in Florida. Meanwhile Asfand’s sister Nusrat and her husband Mutma’in are proud parents of a son, Rehan, who’s a take-it-easy-just-chillax kind of guy. So yea, basically a straightforward narrative here. No need to wrack your brains trying to figure out the saas‘ manipulations  or the chalak bahu’s nefarious schemes, or the interfering nand’s kartoot – nope, none of that here. Just sit back and let your mind go with the flow… Don’t over think it, kyonke sochne ki zaroorat hi nahin. Coke Kahani is pure entertainment – loving it!

Alongside the uncomplicated narrative what makes Coke Kahani a delightful watch is the crispness of the dialogues and the seemingly effortless humor. Be it Mutma’in Uncle calling his son salmahu, or Nusrat and Mutma’in arguing about their kirayadar, or Jugnoo imagining himself as a naanbai, or Bedil daydreaming about becoming a Chingchi driver and threatening to write Halalala – Tera Munh Kala on the back of his new vehicle. Excellent writing by the two writers – Mohammed Ahmed and Yasir Rana; I am thoroughly enjoying this combo of youth and experience.

The freshness of the cast is a huge plus point here. I love that we are being introduced to a new lot of talented actors. We might not see them on TV 24/7, but nonetheless they are very good and display none of the awkwardness commonly associated with new faces. I am thoroughly enjoying watching Yasir Hussain, Adnan Jaffar, Almas Fidai, and Ahmed Zaib. Syra Yousuf is fun to watch. Her hairstyle gives her a completely different look from Serena’s in Tanhaiyan, so I don’t mind watching her twice in one day. Faisal Rehman is fabulous as  usual, and I must say its great to see him in a more age appropriate role. After watching Hina Bayat play a very hip mom in Shehr-e Zaat, its great to see Faisal play a hot dad. Maya’d better come back soon – otherwise she might just find herself out of the family picture permanently! Shamim Hilali and Ahmed Sahab are such a cute couple and such fun parents -I am thoroughly enjoying their tehzeebyafta nok-jhok, both with each other and with their son. Behroze Sabzwari was fabulously cool as the hey-dude bhai loag.

Above and beyond all Coke Kahani belongs to MJ and her DOP Farhan Alam. The direction, camera work, lighting, slick editing, and oh yes the background music – all superb stuff!

Before I sign off, I must applaud the exquisite little vignette with the Parsi couple. Watching Mr, and Mrs Nusserwanjee brought back so many memories of the cosmopolitan Karachi I grew up in. Asfand’s conversations, first with the hey-dude bhai loag and later with the Parsi couple added in a whole other subtext to the so far deceptively simple story. Seems like Alfonso is not just a restaurant, it is perhaps a metaphor for the city of Karachi, or indeed for Pakistan itself. Hmmm…. perhaps everything is not as it seems, and the story is not as seedhi as it appears … thora ghaur karna parega … Excellent storytelling guys!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Fun was the word that was coming to my mind while watching Coke Kahaini.I think it’s a near perfect idea for a sitcom with a really good new fresh faces.The chemistry between the young group is amazing,please i really want to see more new people on the screen. The father daughter relation is also adorable.Rightly said Faisal as a hot dad. The direction literally had no lapses which is great for a sitcom.I loved the lightning effects in the indoor scenes. Fun watch and really refreshing.


  2. Total maza- so different from anything else around. First saw it myself and then with my daughter who complained that it’s too short, “Abhi toh shuru hua tha?”


  3. Coke Kahani is one ‘cool’ story. Like you said it is very different in all aspects, be it the story, the camera work, the dialogues and the actors…it is very refreshing to watch a light narrative after the never-ending family-politics which are dished out every day 😛
    In yesterday’s episode, it was a delight to see the young gang make the plan. Their coversations were hilarious.
    I just can’t get over the Shamim Hilali-Ahmed Sahab scenes, they are too cute. He is such a wonderful dad. I loved his conversation with his son in the last episode:p


  4. Agree with all of you! Fun, maza, cool! Again all totally perfect adjectives to describe this fabulous sitcom 🙂
    @Afia: Yaar, your kids are too cute! Agree with your daughter – it was indeed too short!!
    @Heela and Javeria:: Absolutely, the lighting and camerawork is stunning here. And yes, all the relationships shown here are indeed so very sweet. Overall, I love the simplicity with which the story is told.
    MJ, I am so glad you are back!!


  5. Thanks for the review! 🙂

    Love this Show. and a totally new story, so different from what we see on our screens now a days. The writers have done a magnificent job targeting the younger audience and then of course MJs magic touch! I am sure we all can relate to the story..

    Just one thing i don’t like, its too short!! we need more Coke Kahani!! 😀


  6. This was very cool and refreshing! Enjoying the camera work a lot, and its to the point. Enjoying the weekend dramas immensely;
    SZ where’s Tns review??


  7. Nothing more to add absolutely loving it 🙂 such a cool breath of fresh air inside the stuffy hotel. Loving all the characters which is so fantastic to see from our two writers. Bohat mazay ka hai yeh Coke kahani jaisay koi cheez ho jaani phehchaani.

    Good call on the hotel being a metaphor for the city or country. That did not even cross my mind! Brilliant stuff SZ 🙂


  8. What to write more on this great review 🙂
    I watched episode 1 and 2 together and so loving it.. The humorous script with some one-liners in-depth dialogues like ‘kabhi kabhar baat karne ki bhi zaroorat nh hoti, sirf saath bhetne se cheezain resolve hojati hain’ 😀

    All youngsters are givings such a refreshing and chilled vibe.. no wonder name is apt chosen ‘ coke ‘ … Waiting for Sonia Rehman..
    Mehreen Jabbar never leaves any stone un-turned..
    so looking for CK


  9. Thanks everyone for appreciating our work, special thanks to SZ for writing such a lovely review.. we really had fun shooting C.K


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