Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay – Episode 3 Review

Let me begin by saying that its now official – I absolutely, positively love Tanhaiyan Naye Silisilay! I was on the fence when watching the first episode, the second confirmed that the sequel was a fitting a tribute to the iconic original, and now the third episode has sealed the deal for me. Yup! this one is a winner in and of itself, whether you’ve watched the original or not, Tanhaiyan Naye Silisilay is a class act all the way. Marina Khan & Co. take a bow!

This latest episode began where the last one had ended, with Sania listening to Zara’s last message to her estranged sister. While listening to the message, I don’t know who was more moved and touched, Sania or me. I loved the exquisite sensitivity with which Zara acknowledged their past differences and handed over the responsibility of her daughters to her younger sister. It all seemed so clear and simple when I was listening to Zara’s words, but it was only after that emotional moment had passed that I realized that we had been very skillfully led up the garden path by the writers – itna kuch kaha aur kuch kaha bhi nahin?! We’re still left wondering about what went wrong between Zara and her family? Why had they cut off ties with each other for ten long years? Why no attempts at communication? Why? Why? Thoroughly enjoying the way we are being kept engaged here – excellent stuff this!

I love the smoothness with which the somber moments give way to the lighter ones. The mellow conversation Sania has with Serena and Zenia, followed by Zenia’s terse exchange with her father were not only beautiful moments, but also made for an excellent transition from the darker to lighter parts of the narrative. The scenes where Serena visits the the Youth Center with Sania were so much fun and signaled the arrival of the signature Haseena Moin humor that we’d all been waiting for ever since the announcement that a sequel was in the works. The repartee between Salma Hasan, Junaid Awan and Syra was a lot of fun. I was laughing at the way Serena introduced herself to Mona and Arif and then calmly proceeded to pick out bangles for herself. Similarly the interaction between Serena and Sania was very heartwarming. The chemistry between Marina Khan and Syra Yousuf is so natural that it seems almost effortless.

On the issue of humor, how can I not mention the newest jori in town – Bibi and Chandni. Uff, they are hilarious! Their exchange, as they watched Zenia making a complete hash of her packing, was rib tickling funny. I am particularly enjoying how simple everyday sentences are being skillfully used as comic lines here. Bibi asking Chandni if Zenia was suffering from an angraizi qisam ka daura, and Chandni’s questioning Bibi if Zenia was going to sleep in the ghonsla she was making in her suitcase, were absolutely brilliant lines. Similarly, Bibi telling Zenia that instead of serving her breakfast, kal se daaney daal diya karoongi, tum chug ke na ur jaya karna! And then later, Bibi chiding Serena for being dressed like a qurbani ki gaaye!! Seriously funny stuff this!

Underlying all the fun and games are some very serious issues that remain unresolved. Sania holds a grudge against Zain, Zenia has a tense relationship with her father, and the broken Farhan we see today is a far cry from the strident confident man, we had met years ago. It remains to be seen how all these issues are gradually resolved in the ten remaining episodes, Already, we are beginning to see Zenia slowly opening herself up to the unconditional love and acceptance that Sania, Bibi, and Aani are offering her. The scene where Zenia starts taking her first baby steps in building a relationship with her khala was beautiful.

The final scene, the entry of Shamsuddin Iltutmish aka sheen seen ka pahara aka kishmish aka Qabacha’s son aka Shahroz Sabzwari has to be the funniest scene of the episode; it was literally ROFL funny. Topping off a fantastic episode was what has to be best moment  – a grinning Sania turning around to meet her very own Qabacha – Miss Sania aaap??!! What a superb ending!

Yes, clearly I enjoyed this latest installment – the writing, acting, directing all gelled together really well. The superb placement of the lovely OST, beautifully sung by Zoe Viccaji, adds so much to the overall ambiance. Among the actors, Alishba is good as the introverted Zenia, whereas Syra shines as the chirpy extrovert, Serena.  I am loving the chemistry between the two sisters. Marina Khan was particularly fantastic in the scene where she was listening to Zara aka Mahirah Khan. Durdana Butt and Kaif Ghaznavi are hilarious together and I love Kaif’s lisp, just a little touch, but it adds so much to her characterization. Badar Khalil, Asif Raza Mir and Qazi Wajid all made their presence felt. The quick glimpse of Shahroz and Behroze Sabzwari has me eagerly waiting for more. Can hardly wait for further adventures of Qabacha & Son – looking forward to the next episode! 

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  1. You must have had a busy night, watching and reviewing! You can recuperate a couple days now till our favourite Ashk!!! Just want to agree, that am totally in love with this show, such a beautiful balance between the light hearted and heavy parts. This was the one I was looking forward to all week, oh and of course Sez finale. I just love all the funny moments too between bibi and Chandni! Love the sisters bond of zenia and serena and it reminds you so much of Zara and Sanya. Now we have qabacha plus son coming, omg laughters galore:)) Looks like it will get even more amazing!!


  2. @Rabia: Hey! Great to hear from you! Looking forward to more from you as the story move along further 🙂
    @Zainab: Indeed! very excited to see all the goodies the TNS store has in store for us!
    @SK: Mat poocho!! Now done for a while!! Glad you were able to finish watching the ep. Do come back and share your thought on the Coke Kahani ep 🙂
    @Hina: yes! intezaar is shuru!!


  3. I simply loved loved this episode,i agree with you on all accounts. Muhammad Ahmad has came up with a sharp witty script just in line with the original tanhiyan .So many dialogues just made ma laugh out loud.I am loving Syra Yousaf and hamsuddin Iltutmish aka sheen seen ka pahara aka kishmish aka Qabacha’s son aka Shahroz Sabzwari,even his name sent me to stitches,so waiting for there chemistry to develop and seeing this couple like saniya and qabacha . Well the last scene of a second of Qabacha’s entry was the moment of the episode for me,i could not wipe the smile off my face.I am now so happy they decided to go ahead with the sequel as just seeing them once again in there original characters is all so worth it. Bibi is just another high point of the episode ,and Marina and Zain’s small conversation again was so like being back in time i guess gaps will be bridged soon. Zeniya and Serina attire are so like Saniya and Zara TG’s clothes when they became a hit.same collared fabrics.


  4. Thanks to your review decided to give it a watch and it was well worth my forty minutes!! The serious scenes followed by the light humored ones was very well done! I was basically laughing throughout most of the episode.

    Like the review says, the chemistry between Khala / bhanjis was really something. Syra and Marina Khan in particular! Looking forward to their scenes and of course Shahroz Sabzwari and Shehryar Munawar. Still waiting for them. Ok well SS has made his appearance and loved him! but cant wait to see more…
    maybe next week?


  5. Saturdays have become so busy and we have been thoroughly spoiled now with coke kahani, tanhaiyaan, and cinderella! Absolutely loving the treats 🙂


  6. Same here.. after some intense and thoughtful friday.. Saturdays bring so much light moments 😀 Whole episode was really gripping..saniya crying on zara’s message to her.. made me cried too.. such effortless actor she is.. I am loving Serena’s character.. Syra yousuf doing great job..

    The scenes you mentioned.. were seriously Loling 😀 😀 Bibi – Chandini are our rockstars.. Pillow fight between sisters and scene before that was so beautiful.. loved it.

    Zain-Saniya finally had a word with each other.. though forcefully but made me recall oldie goldie memories.

    Last scene was epic.. entry of khishmish or seen -sheen ka pharaha was hilarious 😀 hahahaha and that Qabacha’s usual style.. literally bought huge smile on my face..

    Looking forward for Shehryar Munawar’s entry and love blossoming between couples 😉

    As always.. loved your review SZ 🙂


  7. Marina Khan! You have been doing a wonderful job throughout all these years… I don’t know whether someone else has noted it or not but your idea of dedicating each episode to the departed souls related to Tanhaiyaan, is simply mind blowing… I have seen first episode been dedicated to Shahzab Khalil, who was husband of Badar Khalil, the lady playing the role of Aani in this sequel,, while the second episode been dedicated to Azra Sherwani, the lady who played the character of Aapa Begum and to whom Durdana Butt (Bibi) is always talking in this sequel.. unfortunately i could not see anywhere in the episode that whom have you dedicated the 3rd and 4th episode… i noticed 5th episode been dedicated to Yasmin Ismail, the lady who played the role of Veeda in Tanhaiyaan… Marina Khan dear, if you read this comment or anyone who is sure of my question plx do reply as i will be waiting…
    Love the whole cast of Tanhaiyaan and its sequel… So proud of you Haseena Moin


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