Ashk – Episode 20 [Not a] Review

Here we go again, another week, another [not a] review, just sharing my free flowing, unedited thoughts as I watch  ….

  • Ajjo/Deenga/Mehru/Major Sahab….. yawwwwnnnn ….. hand on the ffwd button – thank God for modern technology… 1/3rd of the episode focused on the Ajjo/Dinga track… Why??
  • Zaibu now a chef at Bedi’s restaurant …. errrrr….really? kyon? kaise? kab?
  • Bedi/Rohail again [literally] chilling out on the balcony … Clearly Istanbul has no cafes/bars… moral of the story never go to Istanbul in the winters otherwise you too will have to chillax outdoors all the time….
  • On Istanbul, it’s so small Madiha can stalk Rohail very easily … no escape for our [not so] bechara Rohail… Warning to all potential stalkees, do not live in Istanbul… warna aap log apne anjaam ke khud zimmedar honge
  • Maa ne Rohail ko bohot kuch sikhaya magar acche dost banana nahin sikhaye ... more than half of Rohail’s problems stem from having useless friends like the thaali ka baingan Bedi and the looney-tooney Madiha …
  • Umbrellas magically appear out of thin air, Madiha waits outside on benches in pouring rain, and Zaibu wears boots when relaxing at home and writing diaries in the middle of the night …. Ashk haiiiiii
  •  Poor Auntyji falls sick, Zaibu cannot get through to Rohail and does not know how to call an ambulance, so she drags poor beemar Auntyji through hallways and streets (the size of Istanbul is now shrinking magically by the episode) …. errr Zaibu behen, agar taxi /bus nahin hain Istanbul main tau why didn’t you call Chinky bhai? Or better yet, should’ve called Bedi, your new boss/best friend/bhai ?? No wonder Auntyji passed out… By the way, did Zaibu really compare Auntyji to a tractor?? Way to go bahu raani!
  • Has Rohail quit his job? How come he’s able to araam se sip on his coffee, and flip through TV channels at 9 am … Oh, and why does Madiha wear a hoodie to bed?

  • Why does Zaibu lie and save Madiha’s butt? Does she wanna be a candidate for the People-look-at-me-I’m-the-mazloom-long-suffering biwi of the year award??
  • Madiha bibi, Wah! Recommending a nurse! What a way to endear yourself to a woman you see as your honay wali saasu maa… Shabash beta ab to hogayi tumhari shaadi Rohail se ….
  • And on Auntyji, wasn’t she admitted in the hospital? If so, why was she wearing her coat and stuff after coming back from tests?? By now, we know houses are not heated in Istanbul, are hospitals like that too???
  • Bottom line, Ashk haiiiiii…...

Written by SZ~

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  1. Haii SZ saari dil ki batein likh deen. This episode was totally ashk worthy- actually not even worthy of those.
    The Ajjo-Mehru track was forwarded.
    Can’t stand Madiha now (I didn’t dislike mehreen raheel but after this I really don’t want to see more of her doing the same stuff in ZGH).
    Zaibu was most irritatingly holier than thou…c’mon woman fight for your man!
    Rohail- pagal ho chuka hai…otherwise why would he bring his mistress to see his v sick mom who loves the bahu? (Did you notice the gel he was able to apply on his hair while ‘rushing’ to hospital?)

    Rohail-Bedi chilling outdoors was understandable though- No one could miss the beers they were consuming (even if I desperately tried to)- obviously providing all the warmth required. So sick of people being drunk and happy and gay (no pun intended). This whole Ashk team might be the shoqeen type but for heaven’s sake- spare us!


  2. well i think madiha is nowhere wrong. She did what she was told to. It was bedi who pushed her to accept Rohail and take care of him when zaibu didn’t gave a damn n was doing her so called “natak”!.

    Madiha kept refusing to do anything for Rohail. BUT bedi pushed her and btw Rohail himself went to Madiha. Now he is saying that “no madiha wadiha”…wow Rohail, u were the one who went to her. Now when she comforted u during ur terrible days, u are saying “no madiha wadiha”?… you forget whatever she did for u?.

    Madiha was not stalking Rohail. She went there to meet her friend bedi. Ab agar wahan do dushman ek doosrey se piyar bhari batein kar rahein ho. of course madiha will get hurt by seeing them like that.

    Saas aur bahu itna natak karti hain, definitely insan ko lage ga ke dobara natak shuru ho gaya.

    And if zebu really loves Rohail, then why didn’t she tell all about her kartoot to her saasu maan? that it was her who misbehaved with rohail in the beginning. went to bars with an other men.? why didn’t she tell about it to her sassu maan?

    Agar ladai jhagde karke ek saath hee hona tha toh madiha ko beech mein kiyun ghaseeta in first place?

    Rohail is really rude so as zebu.


  3. This was so funny and true. But come on there were some good points and there are worse dramas .At some point we are going to be accused of flogging a dead horse.


    • @Nadia: LOLZ! Jaisa ep waisi running commentary – what to say?!
      @Afia: yes, I want the name of Rohail’s hair gel too – all of us on the East Coast could’ve used it yesterday and today with the gale force winds of Sandy blowing us all around like leaves…;)
      @Wardah: Hey! Great to have you join us! I agree with you that Madiha has actually been used quite harshly by Rohail and Mr. Bedi has a lot to answer for, in this whole mess … and I’ve said quite a few of the things you say, in my earlier review as well… But that said, I have to say that Madiha is making mistakes upon mistakes as well … and today telling Rohail’s mom to get a nurse was not exactly the most brilliant move on her part …
      @Sadaf: LOL! You are really sweet in your defense of Ashk, but when we begin an episode by ffwding the first 13 or so mins, its pretty telling of how bad the situation is … I personally can’t find any good points here except FK … there are definitely worse dramas out there, I dont think any of us are saying that its the worst thing out there …But it is bad when you compare it to earlier outings of the uber talented Sarmad or Fawad or Resham … If we praise them to the skies for their fabulous work then its only fair that we be equally critical of their failures ….


  4. Please I never praised Resham .I prefer Resham in mohubbat Jaye bhaar mein She is a good actress but that whole Mehru Bilal thing ruined it .I never thought she should be a pair with Fawad . That was a total miscast. And I agree ofcourse we must call a spade a spade:) . I


    • Sadaf: 🙂 Not saying that you praised Resham, just saying that this trio is so talented that to see them in such a below par project is painful. To me, this Ashk is a classic example of good intentions gone very very bad … :/
      Now all wishes and prayers for ZGH staying on track 🙂


  5. Lol just finished watching…. Very valid points you raised!!! I’m pretty sure there are no heaters in the houses and hospitals, and no cars or taxis…maybe they should have all just gone back to lahore and at least been warm, and if nothing else can get a rickshaw!!! You forgot to mention in this day and age of technology, rohail could have checked his cell phone and seen if zaibu had called, and whether it was missed or answered, rohail I’m sure you have a hi tech phone or may be you don’t, seeing as you don’t have a car either.. You need to get a better job!! speaking of which you are right SZ why wasn’t he at work?? Maybe quit and looking for a better salary:p
    Anyways, other than that not a bad episode, but Bedi really needs to pick team zaibu or team madiha, talk about double game…crazy best friend rohail has!


  6. Ash, hope you get elec back soon. How do you manage without it? Here, we’re prepared with generators and UPS’s but that’s not the case in the industrialized world na.
    Coming to Ashk, the editors I think chopped off the scene (as they’ve done many others) where they reveal what ailment took over Rohail and why was he sprawled across the bed like that? The next morning the sleeping arrangement’s altered- to keep us guessing?


    • LOL! Afia kiya kiya sawwal poochti ho tum – I was so tempted to put that up there but then decided to keep quiet – there enough tamasha going on without us adding moe fuel to the fire about the goingons in Ms. Madiha’s bedroom – ahem 😉
      waisey yaar what bakwas – she wears those huge cocktail rings to bed along with an embellished hoodie and a watch?? no wonder Rohail was up and about before her…


  7. On somethings it is better to draw a veil . I am so hoping Rohail has not crossed the rubicon of sharafat and they are just playing with our heads.


    • @Noshaba Khalil: hahaha waqaii that’s the million dollar question isn’t it? Why Sarmad and why fawad??? 😉 Hopefully our ashks will be wiped away by the upcoming ZGH – fingers and toes crossed!! 🙂
      Hoping you’ll continue visiting and sharing your thoughts with us! 🙂

      @Sadaf: Ameen! 😉


  8. LOL I noticed the hoodie too on Mehreen which made me think – ok bedroom mein kuch nahi hua haha!
    And I was more fascinated by the lights automatically turning on and off in the hallway when FK and Neelum are walking than their conversation 😉
    You are so right – so much Ashk here. I wonder if the actors watch their own show for a few cringe-worthy laughs 😉


    • Ditto about the automatic lights. And yes. I think the actors (and director) must be cringing on seeing their labour of love.
      All said- I’m eagerly waiting for my weekly fix 🙂


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