Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay – Episode 2 Review

What a beautifully mellow episode this one was! One minute I was in tears and in the next instant I was sitting there with a huge grin on my face – kuch dhoop chaoon ka sa aalam raha throughout. By the time this latest installment ended, all my lingering misgivings, about this whole sequel business acha ho ga ya nahi, original jaisa hoga ya nahin, were laid to rest once n for all. Yes, friends, for me Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay is a winner – a lovely tribute to the original by Shahzad Khalil and Haseena Moin – excellent stuff from Marina Khan, Haseena Moin, Mohammed Ahmed Sahab, and the entire cast and crew!

The one thing that really stood out in this episode was how respectful the writers and director have been of the viewers’ emotional attachment to the original Tanhaiyan. Staying away from the tendency to try to recreate the original or to ignore the original and create a whole new ambiance, I loved how these first two episodes were in a way a tribute to the past, a much needed bridge between the original and the sequel. As Aani, Bibi and Sania grieved for Zara, we, the viewers, were also invited to pay our last respects to our beloved Zara. Just like Aani told Bibi and Sania to get past Zara’s loss and welcome the girls, we too were gently being asked to move on, respectfully acknowledge the past and open our hearts and minds to the joys of the present. Superbly done!

Though Zara’s death was acknowledged today, the fog surrounding the circumstances of her death remains as thick as ever. We saw some awkward attempts at conversation between Zain, Sania, Aani and Bibi, each one trying to grapple with Zara’s loss in their own way. The girls too seem to be still trying to come to terms with the strained relationship between Zara and her family. There is also the continuing mystery about the 360° turn in Farhan’s Uncle’s character – what happened there? A court case gone terribly wrong, or  is it all somehow connected to Zara’s eventual estrangement from her family? Can hardly wait for answers!

Juxtaposed against all the heavy moments and sadness were unexpected moments of hilarity and warmth. The scene where Sarina and Zeniya are talking about ghosts and Bibi walks in with the emergency light was very well done. Similarly, when Chandni is peeling potatoes and her conversation with the girls about Bari Apa living with Bibi was hilarious. Bibi’s tears and smiles, at seeing the sisters interact with each, much like Zara and Sania once used to, were very heart warming. Another moment I loved was when the two sisters accidentally run into Farhan’s room and we see the iceberg showing some signs of melting – so sweetly done! I am thoroughly enjoying the chemistry between all the cast members; there is a palpable sense  that all actors actually enjoyed playing their characters.

Throughout, any and all mentions of Zara made me teary -eyed, but the last scene was especially poignant. The awkwardness, disappointment, the sense of betrayal, most of all the hesitancy in the conversation between Zain and Sania, where there had once been no commas and full-stops was truly heart-wrenching. I don’t think I could have sat through the message that Zara had left for Sania, Zara’s one word was chilling enough, so for me it was a perfect place to end the episode.

After what seems like ages, it is fabulous to have Marina Khan back on our screens – I’m in love with her all over again! Asif Raza Mir reminded me that before there was Ashar there was Zain – and oh what a Zain he was! Looking forward to seeing how this new and mature Zain evolves here. Alishba and Syra were very cute – their characters are very well-etched out, so its easy to hints of Sarina and Zeniya’s personality traits peeking through even though they haven’t had much to do so far.  Kaif Ghaznavi was fun to watch as the quirky Chandni – what a character she is! Qazi Wajid, Badar Khalil, and Durdana Butt are institutions within themselves and its fabulous to see them in great roles. Now looking forward to seeing how the rest of the new characters are woven into the narrative.

Watching this second episode, I was reminded of what used to be great about our dramas a couple of decades ago – they were mellow. There was no screaming, yelling, crying, abusive language or physical abuse, just a subtle hint of things gone wrong, in other words, they were not in your face loud. It is precisely this soft, understated quality about this sequel that in my view sets it apart from other current serials. I am especially enjoying the adab, tehzeeb, lihaz, and ikhlaq we are being shown here – a much needed reminder of values that were once a hallmark of our culture but are now increasingly rare.

Now that ghosts of the past have been acknowledged, seems like next week will usher in the proper beginning of the Naye Silsilay. From the precaps we see a smiling Sania and yes!! Qabacha is back! Looking forward to seeing what shenanigans he’s been up to all these years – bring it on!!

Written by SZ~


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  1. Aapki eid reviews likhte guzri and we couldn’t stay away as well!
    Did they really say in so many words that Zara had died coz maybe I missed that scene- there were too many kids screaming away at our place …The ones I saw didn’t specify what happened to her-pretty irritating!

    • @Afiya: LOL! Bas dekh lo 🙂 Yes, I was confused as well in the beginning but they did say it many times throughout, for instance Aani told Bibi about it and she was really upset but Aani tells her that for everybody else’ sake they have to move on — What we still don’t know is how Zara died …

      Seems like Islamabad ki eid kaafi mazedaar rahi aapke liye – screaming bacchas and all 🙂

  2. Hey great review but sz u r forgetting the person who created both the tanhaiyaans – hasina moin…u should must mention her in ur review bcz both the tanhaiyaans are her piece of work..and mohd ahmed has co written it..so the original writer of both tanhaiyans is haseena moin nd u must acknowledge her she is a legendary person 🙂

    • @Sabeen – Agreed! Haseena Moin ko kaisey bhulaya ja sakta hai – woh to mumkin hi naheen hai! But my impresion is that this particular serial, in its nitty gritty was written by Mohammed Ahmed Sahab, with Haseena Moin’s blessings 🙂 But yes, will add her in 🙂

      • Sz pehle mujhe bhi aisa lagta tha k this serial isnt written by haseena apa but later in a promotion event it was clarified that the whole plot was written by hasina apa and mohd ahmed wrote the screenplay bcz hasinaapa hadtogo abroad and even in the olpers promotiomal ad hasina apa is credited as the writer and ahmed sahab as the co writer..and ahmed sahab wrote the screenplay under hasina apa’s supervision…..so ye drama bhi haseena moin ka hi hai :). Another gem to her credit i must say 🙂

        • Aah! Thanks for clarifying! Yes, totally a gem!! Aur yeh episode kaisa laga? kaafi log keh rahe hain depressig tha– what did you think?

  3. I loved it…is main haseena apa ke purane dramas wala touch hai..the aani and babi scene was sad and reminded me of old tanhaiyan…mohd ahmed has also done a very good job and the direction was awesome…waiting for qabacha and lovely review 🙂

    • Hello ahmed sahab 🙂 loved this episode….can u clarify how much of the drama is written by u and how much by haseena moin…did she write the plot? And u the screenplay?

    • @Mohammad Ahmed Sahab: Welcome! What a pleasure and an honor to have you visit and comment here – thank you! Hopefully we will continue to hear from you as the serial progresses 🙂
      Loving all the suspense and drama that has been created in just two episodes!

  4. It was again a pretty good episode ,i had the same problem as Afia i had to watch it with tons of people but the good part was lots of cousins were there and everyone chipped in with there verdict. Some were really angry that Zara is not there so they that is the only objection i heard .Even the fifteen years old in my family have seen this play on DVD’s and i guess the whole clan is in love with it.
    But yes the pace is good.the dialogues are well written and i am just liking the sisters a lot.The moment they start playing the old music everyone is just in love again,but yes the over all verdict was an enjoyable serial and everyone will be tuning in regularly.

  5. Loved the episode and the review!
    Can’t wait for the next episode and all the answers to the questions we all have stuck in in our heads. It is such a cute drama, I too loved the confrontation between Farhan Uncle and Zara’s girls 🙂 I was left with a smile on my face….

    The elongated wait for Zara is beautifully shown everywhere but I specially liked how Zara’s picture made the wallpaper of Saniya’s computer. Wonderful Stuff!

  6. my my ,my favorite abba of all times to grace our screens.I didn’t know he was a writer ’cause he is certainly looking like a very polished writer . But previously i was a huge fan of his acting now i will his writing to the list too 😀

  7. I can’t believe that ppl are singing praises for this lame attempt by A&B and OLPERS to cash in on the original series. The director is different, the writer is different, even the production house is different.. They are completely ruining the experience of the original series for everyone else. Shahnaz sheikh refused to partificpate in this farce so the team decided to kill off her character!! boo hooo

    • Everyone has the right to their own opinion. I think the writers and director knew that some people will appreciate it while others would hate it. That’s why Marina said she took on the responsibility of directing it so people won’t be upset and call other people names. She rather have people be upset with her and call her names rather than someone else. I think that says A LOT about a person.
      Just a quick note from my end: if they wanted to make tons of money they would have made it more than 13 episodes. I personally think it takes a lot of guts in this age of “mazloom aurat” dramas to say we’ll keep it at 13 episodes and not include the regular shinanigans in the drama.
      And we don’t know the reason Shehnaz Sheikh refused to be part of it. We should be careful about putting words in other people’s mouth.

      • Totally agree with you Annie Marina has taken a bold step i read her interview in dawn and she knows people might not like it but she has taken the center stage and she was very polite about Shanaz Sheikh too. I know Shanaz Sheikh personally as she is my mom’s friend ,not very close but they both take evening walks together in the same park and i have met her a few times too.My mom was just telling me she is just fine with the whole thing Shanaz Sheik didn’t want to come on TV as she has left the profession completely.

        • Thanks for sharing that Javeria! I honestly think people need to get over the fact that she is no longer a part of the drama and the story has moved on. What is the point of a sequal 27 years later if people keep harping on the fact that Zara is missing. 27 years mai bohut kuch badal jata hai, and with that comes people no longer there and additions as well.
          Also if she’s left the profession completely, its better to kill her character rather then replacing it with someone else who wouldn’t have the same impact.
          I dont hold such fond memories of the original series as i’ve just recently watched parts of it so for me Zara not being there is well not a big problem. I am still really enjoying the drama as is.

    • It is not an a&b production marina khan has produced it and the writer of this play is hasina moin who had written the original tanhaiyan….but this time the co writer is mohd ahmed..

    • @sonia…A&b ki production nahi ye drama marina khan ne produce kia hai…..aur writer hasina apa( the original one) and mohd ahmed hain

  8. You totally summed up my thoughts as I was watching the episode 🙂 Absolutely enjoyed it. It was sad but not in the “cry me a bucket of tears because I ama mazloom aurat” sort of way 😉 Absolutely loving Alishba and Syra here – they are oh so adorable and acting their part well. The whole Farhan Uncle ne light off kardi hogi and Bibi walking in looking like a Halloween character was quite creatively done 🙂

    and oh my I have fallen in love with Marina Khan all over again.

  9. I have not watched the original series and quite frankly was not that excited about the first episode, but this weeks was so much better. I actually enjoyed it and found it very realistic and enjoyable.I really enjoyed this celebration of loving relationships. there was no villain, no devil in the details just life as it happens. Very well written and beautifully acted. This was a hard conversion but it happened :). I really enjoyed your review SZ, it’s always good to hear a different opinion and I might have missed this great episode if I had not read it. 🙂

    • I think Zara left the family or well you might be right. Because Zain never said she died but him not answering any question regarding her was irritating. Guess you cant really blame him though.

      • I know wish farhan uncle would have just slapped him and had him spill the details but like Zain said Zara meri mohabat nahi Mera ishq tha. Wonder if we’ll get to hear the audio cd

  10. Love your review! – Totally echoed my thoughts!
    Enjoyed the second episode.
    The script is so well written. Mohd Ahmed has done a great job. I love the dialogues. When aani talks about burying everyone and “phir apna sukh chain dafnaya”

    “hum unke pake pake apne hain” – Love Syras Yousaf’s dialogues especially, and she plays the immature girl role so well that one can’t help but laugh even though everyone else around them is so sad.

    and my favorite of the episode, “asan waqton ki tarhan, mushkil waqt bhi khatam ho jatey hain”! So much truth and depth behind that.

    Loving Syra and Alishba , and their scene in the dark room was hilarious! I love how they’ve added humor in this huge cloud of sadness that has taken over this house. I am hoping they do move past this now. 2 episodes are more then enough to reminisce about Zara and move on.. [ZARA lovers please dont hate me !! 😛 ]

    Just annoyed with the fact that Zain does not answer anything at all. And her being dead is not even said once. Just discussed as a “mushkil” waqt. So much suspense, that it makes you look forward to each episode!! Waiting for next week, and hoping we get to see Shehroze Sabswari and Shehyer Manawar.

    • i agree to what you said about Zara.. she was indeed a beautiful part of original and will always be missed but as you said its time to move on and enjoy the next generation’s tanhaiyess 😀

  11. Haseena moin is the best writer of all times…what a come back u hav made hasina apa love u…both ur dramas tanhaiyan naye silsilay and meri behan maya are awesome…plz keep writing we need ur scripts

    • @Zainab: Great to hear from you! Do continue visiting and sharing your thoughts 🙂 Yes, we need to see more of these kinds of everyday life, sweet stories!

  12. Thank you all once again for taking the time to rad and comment – much appreciated! Thoroughly enjoyed all the comments – keep them coming 🙂

    Hmmm…. seems like most think Zara is not dead… come to think of it Zain indeed never said it out loud, but Aani did talk about qabars and dafnana… but hey Im with you all… Zain should spill the beans quickly, bahut suspense aur drama hogaya! But that last scene was brilliant wasn’t it?! What a cliffhanger!

    @Javeria: Thanks indeed for sharing Shahnaz Shaikh’s stance on her refusal to do the sequel – I also hope that people will read it and move on … Zara wsa indeed an integral part, but as @Ash said: duniya badal jati hai in so many years and losing beloved people n our lives is a part of a natural process, so to hate the sequel just b/c Zara’s absence is kinda silly – but again thats just my personal opinion…

    @Sadaf: glad you gave the serial another shot! You are absolutely right – it’s appeal lies in the fact that its made up of small relatable instances, no big social issues or no huge drama over things, just a sweet everyday story, simply told. And yes! thank God for “normal” families and lovely relationships – After watching the first episode, I called up my long lost friend, whom I had mentioned in my first review ( the one I called after the first ep of the original Tanhaiyan), and had a long long chat with her – we hadn’t talked to each other in ages so it was lovely to catch up and of course talk about Tanhaiyan all over again! Thank you Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay for helping friends reconnect!

    @Sherry, Sonia and Kk: Welcome aboard: Great to have new friends join us — do continue sharing your thoughts – whether you agree or disagree – always great to hear differing opinions 🙂
    @Kk; Thank you for the clarification abt Tanhaiyan not being an AnB Production – I hope that clears up some general misconceptions.

    @Annie: I dont know about others, but I know you watched Dareecha – did you recognize Kaif Ghaznavi – Chandni – from there? She played Shamsa, Shamshad Bibi’s relative from the gaon!

  13. Hey SZ – I watched Dareecha in bits and parts so don’t remember Kaif Ghaznavi from there. I remember the weirdo naukrani and Shahrukh really well lol
    I am enjoying her here and she is so pretty mashAllah 🙂

  14. Reviewing for Tanhaiyan NS.. makes blog more fun 🙂 I read your review first then watched the episode.. and was looking forward to each scene..
    after watching SeZ, something light is must needed and what could be better than this.
    I totally agree with you about how in one scene they make our eyes filled with tears and straight next moment is just a sweet smile we all have 🙂

    My favourite, favourite moments were bibi and aani sharing that beautiful moment with heart touching dialogues.. with flawless acting… Aani and zain conversation with awesome direction and last but not the least.. zeniya,serena and bibi’s scene 😀

    Next week.. Qabacha.. hayee kya toh maza aane wala he..*screams in happiness* 😀

  15. Such a bittersweet 2nd episode, like you said it made me laugh and cry. I am already in love with it. Syra and Alishba were great and loved the pink panther part and bibi wiping her tears. Bibi and Aani had me in tears, it was so needed though I think for everyone to cry with them so they could also get over Zara. I am so intrigued by all the mystery, love how they have kept us hooked. Zain was fab, awesome actor!!! Oh and love love the ost, is the singer famous? She has done an amazing job. SZ, sorry for commenting so late on your fab review, this superstorm sandy business got me distracted, hope we all stay safe IA.

  16. Totally agree with you!! Love the adab nd tehzeeb part. Don’t understand why some ppl are focusing more on abusive language. We want family dramas! Like tanhaiyaan!! Would like to acknowledge the cast of tanhaiyaan..everyone’s doin an amazing job..:) thankyou for makin its sequel..I literally count days after every episode is televised 🙂

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