Ashk – Episode 19 [Not a] Review

Again, no attempt at a review, just sharing more random thoughts after this latest episode:

  • Ajjo Deenga and the whole shebang. Now Ajjo’s expecting… Does anybody even care any more? Yawwwwnn!!
  • The thook chaatnaa lines … Was there a particular need to repeat this phrase at least 10 times during the episode?
  • Didn’t Aunty Kulsoom just have a heart attack? If so, then why was the whole khaandaan walking home after she was discharged – that too when it was snowing? Agar Aunty phisal jaatin tau aur mushkil ho jaati!!
  • Rohail (looking hot in his charcoal grey suit and aviators) making phone calls on the balcony? Kyon ghar ke andar jagah nahin thi? 
  • Zebu interrupting Rohail to tell him naashta taiyar hai… ok, scratch the question above – clearly Rohail knows his wife well …
  • An aside: Is that particular suit Rohail’s favorite?
  • By the way, that was a beautiful pan shot of the city from the balcony – excellent work by Khizar Idrees!
  • After all this when Rohail comes in, there is clearly no nashta … Zebu’s still laying the table and putting out stuff … What was that in the bucket? Yoghurt??
  • Lovely close up shots of Madiha as she contemplates her future, and her place in Rohail’s life. Mehreen’s beautiful expressions exquisitely captured by Khizar – great team work by the two here.
  • The Madiha and Rohail scene was a little more than weird – Madiha seems psychotic/ almost evil now … seems like Zebu ki khair nahin hai  … bhaag Zebu bhaag!

Best scene of the episode for me: Rohail reading Faiz to his mom … awwww!!!

Written by SZ~

40 replies

  1. Ajjo-Deenga track is extremely boring. Exactly, who cares:/ and yes the thook dialogue repelled me and it was very lame they could have used the word ‘kartoot’ or something…..urghh
    I agree , Madiha is being very, very evil:( and jab Zaibu sahi hui toh Madiha buri hogaye:( Kiya karein is Ashk Ka?! Rohail keliye Ashk hai sab keliye mood swings…:(

    Rohail, you are an economist , gari ley lo mama aur bemaar hogayein gi warna. Even with the luggage on his back, they walked all the way to Rohail’s house. SZ I love how you mention these minor details in your posts, they add ‘that’ charm to your already perfect and beautiful posts.

    Forsooth, Rohail-Kulsoom Aunty scenes stole the show today!


  2. For me, that one scene between Rohail and Mom was worth watching the while ep for- well actually I only watched the Turkey scenes- baqi forward. But FK reading Faiz to SR was just the best ever. How cute was that “yak kya hai”- “Aik”….obviously referring to times gone past when Rohail may have asked him mom this..
    Rohail was having yogurt with canderal- reminded me of my Khalu who used to have yogurt with sugar. FK’s diabetic so that canderal touch was cute. Zaibu was quite overdressed for a housewife having b’fast.
    Interesting dialogue when Rohail tells Zaibu to keep his clothes apart so that “samaetne mein mushkil na ho” – hinting that he’s not here for long- first episode I actuallly felt sorry for Zaibu.
    Madiha’s dialogue when she takes the hair off R’s coat was on the same lines as a dialogue in Yash Chopra’s (loved him- may his soul rest in peace) “Lamhe”. Anil Kapoor’s good friend(female) of many years takes a hair (Sridevi’s) off his coat and remarks that she hasn’t waited 20 yrs for him to take another woman’s hair off his coat!
    SZ, I was thinking of you when I saw all three walk home from hospital in the snow 🙂 kya khyal rakh rahen hain maa ka… no wonder she’s gonna fall sick again…..
    I hated the scene when Rohail comes to Madiha and gets all chummy chummy – Fawad- kya kar rahe ho- naashta Zaibu de aur dinner madiha? Buri baat 😦


    • Agree with you on everything 🙂 The candrell was a cute touch but then why the sugar cube in chai?
      Do you think that Madiha is now going to turn psycho and thats how Rohail will get over her and fall for Zebu?
      Not just Zebu overdressed for nashta, Rohail wears sunglases to stand outside in the balcony? how long was that phone call??
      ROFL @ your last line …


  3. I didn’t notice the sugar cube 🙂 hmmm
    Rohail will go back to M’s. Mom will fall sick. Z will call M’s house for R. M will refuse to wake R. When R gets up in the morning and finds out about mom, he’ll be livid with M and then it should get interesting. (this scenario happened in an Anil Kapoor-priety zinta movie too) My biggest concern – I hope Mom lives.
    About the sunglasses, Yaar balcony peh shaid dhoop ho?
    Waise about the suit- FK’s not into clothes much and repeats a few suits repeatedly. The jacket he wore to SKMCTH’s Dubai fundraiser was worn repeatedly, once to SILK’s launch as well. But I like that aadat 🙂
    In one of his interviews he was asked “Your closet is a shrine to…” and he replied “junk, according to my wife”.
    Another answer I liked was -“Your fav holiday spot…” and he replied “have to take one to know”- so unlike all the other celebrities who give answers like “South of France, Seychelles, etc”.


    • LOL Afia: Love your jawabs 🙂 Ok so my theory is that somewhere along the line Sarmad introduced Rohail to Naani – Rohail conveniently ignored most of what she said about the sanctity of marriage wows, the relationship b/w husbands n wives .. all that went in one ear and out the other …. BUT he did hear and memorize the lecture about israaf and qana’at, hence the few clothes. 😉

      Haha! like you I too have memorized all those interviews and seen all clothes worn multiple times over – at least he has more now … In Humsafar he wore t-shirts from his saalon pehley Ep key concerts ..

      hmmm .. so you think this is going the Bollywood route -lets see — I was hoping for more of the Michael Douglas/Glen Close Fatal Attraction route – lets see …


  4. Didn’t watch this week’s episode but your review is enough for telling the advancement in the story .. I think even tortoise wins in his race with Ashk .. lol !

    Mdiha is not becoming psychotic but she was psychotic from the beginning. She is such a confused and irritating character. In the beginning she was badly in love with the Rohail but only she was not Rohail ….she told us that love is a bad bad thing 😉 Then she said k jo Rohail ne us k sath kiya ! (anyone knows kya kiya ? 😉 ) …… he deserves even bad what zaibu is doing with him. Then she stated bedhi made her attract towards Rohail.

    And everyone in the ashk love walking on roads and taking in balconiz … 😀


  5. And just get this ajjo expecting.. kya bkwas hai … vsy tilltle pe rohail k sath zaibu, mehru n madiha k elawa ajjo ki b 1 ashk wali photo bnti thi ;p


  6. Lols.. hilarious post and more awesome comments 😀 😀 i can’t write anything as not following this drama.. but i always look forward for Ashk reviews.. they make me happy 😉


  7. okay this is the most entertainment a drama like Ashk can provide. Too funny!

    Seriously why do i watch this drama, i don’t understand..I didn’t know servants were given so much importance and screen time! ugh hello when did that start happening! and ajjo being pregnant is so umm yeah gross and inappropriate. Please spare us the labor scenes, oh Ashk team walo!!

    No i don’t feel bad for Zaibu but i am certainly starting to hate Madiha. I mean what a desperate home wrecker she is. For God sakes the boy’s mother nearly died, abhi ke liye to uska peecha chor do, magar nahi, lets fight about hair on his coat and like @Afia said, treat him to desert. I guess Zaibu had that coming after feeding him an incomplete breakfast, and falling asleep on the couch.
    Chalo at least he was nice enough to bring her a blanket. This woman needs to try harder if she also wants to get pregnant.

    Just like you guys the highlight for me was the Mom and Rohail scene, loved it! Rohail, can you get any cuter! just stay from Madiha and Bedi and give your crazy wife a chance, shayed woh sudar gaye ho.

    As for all the entertainment the [not] review and comments are so much fun to read, very fun thread!! 🙂
    Looking forward to reading more comments, not looking forward to any of the forthcoming episodes!

    P.S. there are two grey suits, one light and one dark, but grey is def his color and aviators look hot on em, oh wtheck everything looks good on this man! 😀


  8. Haha love the post and the comments are awesome! I’ve already anger tweeted about some of the same stuff you said, lol at the dahi bucket, kya nashta ta!! Ajjo and Deengay were on fwd, lol if they don’t show them how are they gonna drag out 24 episodes, I mean turkey ka stay to khatam ta fk ka, kahan se le aatey Aur fk scenes! The rohail mom scene was so good, loved it!
    SZ, Agree with the others, madiha has always been on the psycho side as @ hoorean says, nothing she said made sense.
    Love is a bad bad thing!!!…yes it is for all of us, for one person we watch Ashk right???
    @ Afia love your analysis of Fk’s wardrobe…good tidbits for us!! I know he wears the same shirts in different dramas, but he always dresses well, like his dress sense!


  9. Alright let me try to axeplain some of the things.

    I think they are shooting for cross pollination here. The writer probably studied Botany because we know he DEFINITELY DID NOT study writing! So if you put one good plant next to some not so healthy plants, the not so healthy ones start blooming. The theory the writer is trying to present here is that if Ajjo gets pregnant than Resham’s character is next in line and then of course apni Zebu (abhi bachi hai na) by last episode.

    the doctor recommended some exercise to Mom but they cannot afford an exercise machine – economy kharab hai Rohail cannot afford more clothes, how can he afford an exercise machine and @Heela – forget about buying a car yaar! yahan per breakfast ke liye eggs and bread nahi hai!

    {LOL @ aunty phisaal jaati I was laughing out loud every time I read that SZ}

    Cell phone signals balcony per achay aate hain. As soon as you get inside, the signal strength just totally dies!

    That’s another reason Aunty ji got sick. Bahu sahiba cannot even make proper breakfast – oranges for breakfast and a tub of yogurt. wah wah! The elder sister def. did not teach her anything.

    I was thinking of you ladies when the “shayeri” scene came on – it was very sweet 🙂 too bad I could not make out most of what he said.

    ZGH will be the third outing for Mehreen where she plays the other woman to FK. I wonder how many more times will she have to play that role…hmm…abhi taak nahi thakee uss ka peecha karte. Bohat chalak aurat hai.


    • Hilarious ainee especially mr. writer studied botony 😀 and economy crises of Rohail. LOL!
      And about Mehreen raheel i exactly feel the same. Ashk tu khtm hojae ga pr we couldn’t get rid ov madiha 😉


  10. SZ, Lol at the sanctity of marriage vows- Rohail’s thrown them out the window- Ooper se mom’s asking for grandchildren- She might be in for a shock when Madiha delivers (No pun intended)! ….Waise as one of us commented that Rohail might just be sleeping on the couch all along?
    Good to know I’m not the only crazy one who reads and rereads interviews 😉

    Ash, totally agree with you on Ajjo’s pregnancy being “so umm yeah gross and inappropriate” 🙂 Screen time for house staff- ok- all in the name of equality but then those characters should be half decent- these ones are hard to bear.

    Ash-“This woman needs to try harder if she also wants to get pregnant.” For starters, she should have worn something mazaydar. Mushkil se mian ghar aaya and she appeared in the red sweater coat. I simple t-shirt would have been better than that.

    Annie- yes, Mehreen Raheel seems to be typecasted- maybe FK recommends her?

    The two poems (original in roman and translations) were:


    Bahaar Aayee


  11. @All: thanks for adding so much humor to a very dark dank morning – honestly needed to read these to perk up a bit 🙂

    @Annie: your explanations are seriously hardcore – likening Ask to a science experiment – too good!! I think I will keep posting [not] review just to read your explanations!! So much better than how any of my Harvard professors ever answered questions!!

    @Afia: I was laughing too when Aunty ji asked Rohail for granchildren! Bechari has no clue that her bahu needs more time soochney ke liye ….
    Thanks for sharing the ghazals – I could hear Tina Sani’s voice echoing in my mind as Rohail was reading … Tinas voice is now closely associated with Faiz that its almost impossible to think of one without the other.

    @SK: It was so much fun to read your real time anger tweets as you were watching – we should have more of these twitter dates while watching – fun!

    @Ashk: funny funny take on the episode – loved it! Yes, seriously, could Rohail get any cuter?! 😉

    @hoorean: nahn nahin, Ajjo and Dinga deserve their own poster – after all he whoile story is about them only – Baqi to sab khana puri kar rahe hain! 😉

    Guys check out @Ash’s post on the SeZ thread – too funny!


      • I remember in Humsafar when Khirad calls Ashar after coming home from college and he asks her if she misses him , uske baad he goes “Mai bhi Faiz ki tarhan Kuch ishq karta hoon aur Kuch kaam” – something along those lines and I was like ok now who the hell is Faiz , so I too had to ask someone about him. Clearly Sarmad khoosat is a fan of his, brings him up in every drama. But there are a lot of great ghazals apparently written by this guy.


  12. SZ , remember how I bet $5 on apne Rohail turning out to be shareef, according to SK and the preview for next week this maybe happening….So Zaibu is shareef , Rohail is shareefer and Madiha is craziest for putting up with it. Nice not review but really lets be kind it’s going to leave us soon.


    • What?! How is zaibu shareef. She used to go out in the middle of the night, hang out with guys at bars and drive her husband crazy. Not very shareef, or maybe It is. Who knows. :). Atleast she’s tryna fix things now.

      And hum Sab ka favorite Rohail got sick of dealing with his wife”s shananigans, he moved in with his friend who is insanely in love with him, madiha and well we all know what must have been going on there , I am sure they didn’t play luddo and watch scary movies all night… 😉

      This drama should have finished ages ago .. It really dragged and picked up 18 episodes later. If it weren’t FK ashk would have lost all viewers after 2nd episode… Gotta love FK. :-). He brings us all together.


    • @Sadaf: 🙂 I’d say that we’re being more than kind to Ashk – that we are still engaging with it after 18 rocky weeks says so much about how seriously we take it – any other serial would’ve been long forgotten by now. Echoing everybody else’ words, FK owes us a lot 😉 Also, its not going anywhere just yet — 5 ashk-y eps more to go 🙂


      • 5 Episodes …..? no really aaargh. BUt I honestly don’t think its as bad as some serials such as say Manjali or Roshan sitara or just from the top of my head Quddusi Saheb Ki Bewa. Look, Rohail didn’t have to move in with Madiha he could have gone to a more neutral place especially as he was not considering divorce. .Despite it’s flaws its pretty compelling. Besides it has ON big thing going for it Fawad in a suite at various intervals….Well worth the effort


        • 5 ep seems to be stretching it but chalo aisa hi sahi. I say again, I hope Mom doesn’t die 😦 I want a pakki happy ending. Madiha could go to Bedi Singh and be happy :-\


          • @Afia and Sadaf: The Ashk team had themselves informed us all ke there are 24 episodes — they had shot for 18 but producers stretched it to 24 – so us hisaab se 5 more …


  13. SZ, haan Tina Sani has sung them so beautifully. Iqbal Bano originally sang dasht e tanhai – maybe others as well. Will have to research. Have heard this poem so many times but today was the first time that I actually tried to understand each verse. Should have read so much more of Faiz, Iqbal by this age but never too late to start. I also love ‘raat yun dil mein teri khoyee hui yaad aayee’, sung by Nayyara Noor.


    • @Afia: yes, Iqbal Bano sang Dasht-e Tanhai and the ever popular Hum Dekhen Gey among others and was a regular at all Faiz Melas; Noor Jehan sang his iconic Mujh Se Pehli Si Muhabbat – which Faiz actually gifted to her – but none of these singers are so exclusively connected with Faiz as Tina Sani and of course the lovely Nayyara Noor. Love Faiz and am a huge fan! I’m a huge literature buff so its a pleasure to see Sarmad bringing in these little touches of his own quirky personality 🙂


  14. Thanks Afia again for posting the link to the nazm. I had not read that one before. it is kind of humorous and bitter sweet :-).

    Ash – search for raat you chupke se Teri yaad aayi from the drama Dhoop kin are on YT. It’s a beautiful one that I am sure you have probably heard before but never associated with Faiz.


  15. Some youtube links:


    (hum dekhenge) -sz, as a patriot this one brings tears to my eyes…

    (raat youn teri khoyee hui yaad aayee)


  16. Eid mubarak to all my friends here…not sure when it’s being celebrated in the US but in Pak it’s on Sat. I’m off to Isl to see my parents.


  17. here is a Fiaz’s ghazal with the word Ashk in it,keeping up with just the name of the play
    Gulon mein rang bhare baad e naubahaar chale
    Chale bhi aao ke gulshan ka kaarobaar chale
    Qafas udaas hai yaaro saba se kuchh to kaho
    Kahin to bahr e Khuda aaj zikar e yaar chale
    Kabhi to subah tere kunj e lab se ho aaghaz
    Kabhi to shab sar e kaakul se mushakbaar chale
    Bara hai dard ka rishta yeh dil gharib sahi
    Tumhare naam pe aaenge ghamgusaar chale
    Jo hum pe guzri so guzri magar shab e hijraan
    Hamaare ashk teri aaqbat sanwaar chale
    Maqaam Faiz koi raah mein jacha hi nahin
    Jo kue yaar se nikle to sue daar chale


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