Shehr-e Zaat – Episode 17 Review

Before I begin, let me just say that all along I had been expecting Shehr-e Zaat to end its run today; the news that it had been extended to accommodate an extra episode was extremely annoying and off-putting. It would not be far from the truth to say that I switched on this latest episode feeling really exasperated, with my finger on the fast forward button. Prepared to hate on it, I had initially thought of skipping it – after all who wants to watch a filler episode? But, since this was Shehr-e Zaat I watched…

Did I walk away aggravated? Was this a dragged-out episode? Did I still think it unnecessary? Read on …

For the past few weeks we’d been given tantalizing glimpses of Tabinda, and these scenes had been so deliciously well-done that I always walked away with a feeling of tishnagi –  we weren’t seeing enough of this evil yet somehow lovable character. Today’s episode opened with a continuation of Tabinda and Falak’s confrontation. Despite my initial reservations, after watching the first twenty or so minutes, with Nadia Afgan and Mahira Khan matching each other step for step, I was completely sold! Ladies and Sarmad please take a bow!

There was so much to sift through and parse in this meeting between Salman’s first and second wife. Their demeanor, body language, speech, outlook on life, just about everything is poles apart. From a much humbler background, Tabinda has no appreciation for the finer things in life. But on the other hand, can one really blame Tabinda, coming from a social strata where one can barely make ends meet, where money spent on things other than for instance a beti ki shaadi, would rightfully be considered madness. Before she met Salman, Tabinda, for all her faults, was supporting herself by working in a factory, how can she then understand Falak’s penchant for shopping designer labels and dabbling in the arts. This is not to say that shopping or appreciating art is a bad thing, but seen from Tabinda’s perspective having char sau suit, ek sau pichhatar bag and ponay char sau jootey (!) and spending time sculpting is beyond indulgence, these are luxuries that only a privileged few can enjoy, for the rest of the world just eking out a living is a big deal. For Tabinda, all this is israaf -a waste of money and time, resources that could be fruitfully used otherwise.

What made this exchange meaningful was that it was not just Tabinda holding up the mirror to her aadhi paagal sautan, Falak too was telling off Tabinda. Chiding a supercilious Tabinda, Falak noted that while passing glib moralizing judgments, labeling artists as behaya and dismissing their body of work as behayai, might resonate with certain factions within our society, the fact of the matter is that chezain behaya nahin hotin, unse jo kuch mansoob kiya jaata hai woh behaya ya bahaya hota hai; haya bhi nazar main hai or behayai bhi. It is not as if objects or even people come with embedded meanings, it is our gaze that bestows meaning on them, vulgar or otherwise. Similarly, when Tabinda voiced her reasons for trashing the sculpture, Falak pointed out that a sculpture on its own is nothing more than a lifeless stone. It is we who in effect breathe life into these inanimate objects by assigning them a whole range of meanings and memories. How can we then call art a bad thing or label artists as obscene? Isn’t it more our attitudes that need to be scrutinized here?

Falak’s showdown with Salman was worth the wait. I’m glad Falak was able to maintain her self-respect in this confrontation with that absolutely unrepentant husband of hers. Keeping a tight grip on her dignity, she asked him all the questions that any wife in such an unfortunate situation would want answered. Why did he leave her? What did he see in Tabinda? How could he choose this coarse woman over her? Tough questions to which Salman has no real response… but, I absolutely loved the way that Falak still got all her answers! Superb stuff!

What was so praiseworthy here was the way this entire sequence was written by Umera, and narrated by Sarmad and his talented actors. With a deceptively mellow pace, the first half of the episode was jam-packed in terms of action. Falak and Tabinda’s dialogues represented a strong critique of not only the materialistic trend in our society, but also of our easy resort to playing the religion card in frivolous games of one-upmanship.

While Falak might appear strong now she is still struggling on the inside. Trying to maintain her composure in front of her mother, she loses it in the solitude of her bedroom. Yes, this path that Falak is treading on is not an easy one – she has no one to lean on anyone except her relationship with God, to help her overcome the pain and rejection, she felt on seeing Salman ecstatically happy with Tabinda. Verily, it is easy to talk about and label trials and tribulations as azmaish, but when one actually confronts an azmaish head on it is akin to being blind-sided. Even someone like naani ends up asking the inevitable question: Why?

Mehrunnisa, another character undergoing a tough azmaish; she is gradually realizing that her wealth and social standing cannot comfort her help, nor can it ease Falak’s misery. She is helpless as she watches her daughter suffer. Ultimately, like Falak, she too has to turn to God for solace – her family and social friends are of no help.

Realizing mistakes and making amends is not a process that happens overnight – it takes time, sometimes years. Mehrunnisa is gradually learning, but when Falak confronts her about the harsh conditions under which the servants live, she again resorts back to her old self, the “us” vs “them” syndrome – “we’re” socially responsible helping “them” out as much as is possible within “our” means. Clearly, Mehrunnisa still has ways to go and many lessons to learn – Mummy, baat haisiyat ki nahin zarf ki hai!

Shehr-e Zaat is an enchantress, a beguiling city of mirrors – you see your reflection at every turn. Sometimes a hideously distorted and grotesque figure grins back, while at other times you might just be lucky enough to see a beautiful face smiling beneficently. I wonder what Falak saw when she turned around to look in the mirror. Did she find what she was looking for? Is her arduous journey about to end? What did the reflection say to her? Looking forward to the answers next week!

So, what did I think? Overall I was happy that this episode was added – if indeed it was. It tied up a lot of loose ends. I liked that we saw Falak’s steely strength as well as her vulnerability. Mehrunnisa’s transition is also smoother because it shows time and hiccups, not an overnight change. Many of us had wanted to see Salman and Tabinda together and here we got an insight into their very earthy relationship. The pace seemed very mellow throughout, but I think there was more than enough going on that I did not feel cheated. I had been unhappy with the original ending, so I find myself enjoying this version better. Mahira Khan keeps surprising with her portrayal of Falak. Hina Bayat is a rock star, Samina Peerzada as lovely as ever, and after this outing, Nadia Afgan is a hot favorite. Mikaal has impressed with his very restrained performance.  Umera Ahmed deserves a ton of applause for her changes to an already popular novella. Sarmad Khoosat, you just keep blowing me away week after week.

As I sign off, let me leave you with this lovely thought, one that I hope I can keep with me long after Shehr-e Zaat has ended …

Allah ka shukar ada karney ke liye kisi cheez ka hona zaroori thori hota hai
Bas insaan ko aadat honi chahiye Allah ka shukar ada karney ke liye
—-Shehr-e Zaat

Written by SZ~


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  1. Loved loved loved the last thought! Thank you for an amazing review SZ! Your reviews are equally exciting to read as is the drama. I’m loving it, and can’t wait for your finale review! 🙂

  2. Amazing review SZ… i go into iterative mode of appreciation whenever i read your such beautiful reviews. Thumbs up! loved each and every single line that you wrote.

    For me, this episode was surely needed, as i truly liked last week’s Tabina-Falak scene.. and this week got some interesting points being talked between tabinda and falak, tabinda’s body language and dialogue delivery was making me laugh so hard, don’t know why but she is indeed very lovable actor:) Tabinda’s thoughts were straight forward,no if no buts and this was making Falak think more about herself.. This kind of mirror reflection was also necessary for her, her comparison of Salman being with her and how he was treating tabinda was one great scene.. her questions as you said SZ, were something we all audience also wanted to know (with outstanding music of humsafar.. hayee for a minute i forgot salman-falak, i started humming the song :D) .. and with salman either answering briefly or not knowing himself was you-said-it-all moment for falak, and she moved out with great dignity.. Wow.. what else we could asked for~

    Mehrunissa pondering about what falak said to her, was done in so realistic way, i can so relate to this; and she offering Salah.. was good move.. as this change is really time taking. (completely agree with u SZ!)

    Nani-Falak scenes are full of joy for me and i guess for all of us.. be it just a 2 minute scene.. last line by falak having contentment on her face..k nani Rabb ko chor kar, insaan ko khush karne ki koshish ki..a bitter truth!

    Scene with Imam-deen turns out to be my favourite, dialogues by Umera always move me and this time it was about Shukar.. while he was saying those priceless dialogues i was looking around my place and thinking how much i am thankful to my Almighty.. and my eyes were answering in form of tears..

    That’s why SeZ will always remain close to my heart.. because as compare to novel.. this drama have move me and made me think.. Sarmad and All Actors.. God Bless!
    Umera Ahmed is exceptional 🙂

    I am happily welcoming one more episode 😀

    • Thanks Rehmat! LOLs at the Humsafar score – I know!!! How will we EVER forget Ashar and Khirad?? 😦 Btw check out “Ashar’s” pic that I posted in the SFK thread – dont miss the caption 😉

  3. What a lovely lovely review ,the way you have beautifully explained the arts and behyai refrence,amazing.I have to tell you had it not been for your reviews the play would have lost half of it’s charm for me .Well the art criticism was one thing that i was kind of touchy about from the start,but i am glad the way they have handled it.By getting those idiotic lines taswerien behayie hoti hain well i was really glad by Falak response.
    Well i had faced same problem when i was in my intermediate.I really wanted to make portraits but everyone told me it was gunnah and some people even said in main jaan dalni paray gi so i had to leave fine arts eventually though i never really got the logic but society makes the rules that is why when Sherezat went on air i was ready to hate it but they really are not speaking against arts as such ,and with the help of your reviews i could understand a much better version of it.
    I simply loved the contrast of Falak and Tabinda and how Tabinda really was acting all obnoxious rude but saying so many crudely humorous things ,ponay char sou jotay .It was clear she was the queen of the kingdom now.It was evident now from the moment when Salman was entering the house and he had such a fresh smile on his face and it died on seeing Falak.
    So Tabinda has given all of Falak’s things away,that is awfully rude ,i guess that is to be expected of her .Again the way Salman was calling her jan eating from her hands ugh but yes they were happy fake or whatever.
    I am glad Falak has cleared it’s azmaish a lot of people i guess are confusing that it was saza for not being righteous one but there the big difference lie every one can go through azmaish .
    Well the question of how we deal with our servants is a very prevalent one in our society , people with big houses often have small hearts and they sharing little things with servants really pinch them ,well like you i am glad for this episode because with each episode of Sez i get to learn new things and nonetheless read your reviews .

    • When Tabinda said she gave away all of Falak’s clothes and shoes to her relatives I immediately thought of SZ and the ladies on this blog 😉 400 outfits and ponay char sau jootay kya zulm kiya Tabinda tum ne!

      • Aah Annie!! Meray dukhi dil ki aah tum tak bhi pohonch gayi?? 😉 btw what the heck are ponay char sau jootey?? I was dying of laughter at the time and then the feeding thing was so OTT – honestly brilliant brilliant stuff — Loved it!! Oh and Tabinda calling Falak “paki” and nonchalantly throwing her soda bottle out – too good!!

        • ponay char sou jotay 375 pair of shoes lol!!! well i too was thinking of all of us in the moment Tabinda announced Kapray gayee saraye ha’ in another life friends

    • Thanks Javeria! Glad you enjoyed the review – Thank you also for sharing your own story – Im so glad that you found something here that resonated with your own life experiences, Its these kinds of close minded societal attitudes that I was alluding to, and I think, If I read her correctly, Umera and the SeZ team too was pointing towards. Lets hope some the many strong messages here will hit home. I hope too, that as viewers we can take some of these lessons to heart and use them to better our lives…

      • SZ i especially shared it i because people are saying it’s preachy and a very strict Islamic close minded kind of a play.Had it been so i would have been the first person to speak against it as i for one has been in a way effected by these kind of dogmas.That is why it sadden me when people can’t really get the message again and again and go on criticizing it as by this episode it is very clear where the message of the play stands but is we refuse to see it then what can i say?

  4. Another awesomely fabulous review.thank you for highlighting things that I as usual tend to look over. I sat down thinking it was the last episode and then things were moving so slowly that I went what is going on and got a shock when they showed the preview of the next episode lol!! The highlight this week was definitely the scenes between Tabinda and Falak both ladies rocked it out. It was funny to see how literally Tabinda took everything Falak was saying -wonderful piece of writing a la tete-a-tete by Umera Ahmed. I had a smile on my face in quite a few places and it was hilarious to see Tabinda feeding Mekaal chicken leg with her hands lol!! I am sure that was probably a tough scene to do without laughing. The awkwardness in that scene could be so felt – brilliantly done by the trio! Overall a slower episode mainly because like the rest I was expecting the finale. Now I just hope they show the last one next week otherwise I have a feeling they will delay it to November 😦

    • lols on tabinda feeding salman ‘chicken leg’ 😀 and yes thinking of how they did it..its hilarious to imagine… i want to see some off screen moment 😉

      • haha – yes!! I wish we can get the BTS and bloopers that we never got in the Humsafar dvd. Oh, I really wish the SeZ team would come on JPJ again! Mera to phone kabhi lagta nahin hai, par phir bhi would love to see them talking about their favorite moments etc 🙂

        @Annie – thanks! Yes, SeZ should’ve ended this week, I too was annoyed. Ab yeh alag baat hai ke I ended up thoroughly enjoying the episode, But I truly hope next one’s the last!

        • I know Rehmat and SZ I would love to see the behind the scenes and bloopers from some of these scenes. Mekaal the model being fed KFC by Nadia Afghan just cracks me up! 😀

  5. A splendidly done episode and undoubtedly a great review too 😀 Friday’s are beautiful ❤
    Mahira was glorious as Falak today. What wasn't 'great' in this episode? All the ingredients were Perfect and beyond perfect. I hardy cry watching drama serials (excluding the last few episodes of Humsafar. Of course :P) but my eyes grew moist watching Falak's composure and her beauty as a believer in 'azmaish'. Nani's and Falak's scene was too cute….

    I have fallen in love with this episode and your reviews ! Thank you SeZ team and SZ for making my Fridays so exciting.

  6. An account of a tea I went to today in fashion crazy lahore:
    A lady wearing a Sania Maskatiya shirt : Labels is good for window shopping only- jab khareedna ho- kuch milta hi nahin hai….mein toh ensemble chali jati hoon
    Another lady heavily pregnant: Koi aur chappal fit nahin aarahi thi toh I got this one in all the colours available(!)
    Another ‘good’ friend: I love America for shopping…I got a $200 dress for my daughter for $ 40….haan haan but England ki toh baat hi aur hai….’Monsoon’ is so good na…’River Island’ bhi bohat acha tha is saal
    The pregs lady again: I couldn’t go for a holiday with my husband to Australia this year so I thought I’d do the shopping in pak for my girls. Waise bhi Aust is not great for shopping. ‘Next’ has the best party dresses. ‘Pumpkin Patch’ kyoun bandh ho gaya??
    At this stage I also tried to put my two bit in (after all hum bhi kuch shopping kar hi letay hain- if not as much as a pukki affluent lahori) but they didn’t seem to be interested in what I had to say so I shut up then :-\

    The Sania M shirt lady: Sahi dikhaya hai SeZ mein- we are sooo lucky na….servants ka kitna sahi dikhaya….my mom says why do you get home delivery for the kids- the servants poor people see that we pay RS 8000 for a meal which is their entire pay (8000? wow- one huge meal!)
    Pregs lady: Every friday I become a better person…Falak was such a good wife to Salman…usne kabhi pyar hi nahin kiya Falak se….us se shadi karo jo tumhein pyar karata hai, us se nahin jis se tum pyar karte ho.
    Sania M shirt lady: Yup, friday evening i think I will start covering my head but Sat. morning I think- kya zaroorat hai.
    Good friend: Pehle socha dupatta ki zaroorat nahin, phir socha bazaar jana hai toh le leti hoon.
    SeZ discuss kare karte slowly but surely the conversation went from namaz to dupatta to no dupatta to clothes to labels again. But atleast it forced us all to think for while …

    I found this episode so calming and peaceful- it flowed so smoothly- Mahira was lovely, like her more each week.

    • Afia: Wah! Thanks yaar, I love how you are adding a lovely desi/Lahori flavour to our group – please keep sharing more of these slice of life stories. Idhar to na tea parties hain, na sania maskatiya hai, na Labels, aur tau aur Ensembles bhi nahin!
      Love the convo abt home delivery and servants!!

      Bas, ab main agli bus pakar kar aa rahi hoon Lahore! You ready to play host? And now, in addition to showing me the “sights” you have to introduce me to these socialites as well! 😉 Waqai Lohor Lohor hai!!

      @Javeria: Hey! You should share some of your stories as well!

    • Afia Hilarious! i called it an extract from lahori social butterflies/ fashion crazy peeps convo ;). So true ! … enjoyed the way you described it. 😀

      And we actually become so dheet na k impact of SeZ is just limited to discussions not to practicals.

        • Have commented .. i actually become so lazy in commenting these days :p Thanks to my assignment works but love reading your reviews and maze ki discussions 🙂 A great relief to boring assignments 😉

    • thanks Afia for sharing the tea party. It helps drive home the point SeZ is trying to make. Your tea party “friends” sound like Mehrunissa and her buddies from the initial episodes lol
      I have so much to say but I’ll just say that i am thankful for living in a small town where fashion is the last thing on our minds. Alhamdulillah as Imam Deen would say 🙂

    • Lol love this ….Although I must say, love all the above mentioned stores, love pumpkin patch and next for kids clothes , guilty of shopping there but only when they have some major sales, and in the usa that’s the good thing, you can get very good deals for great quality stuff, so I dont feel too bad!

    • SZ, tea parties maybe not but sania maskatiya toh hai udhar … aur Silk by FK bhi hai 😉
      Haan Lahore is fun, but sometimes these ladies just talk too much and give way more importance to clothes, appearances than I care for. Waise I’ve heard that the Pakistanis in US are all in a fashion rat race as well? What do you all think?
      I should add here that inspite of them being fashion crazy, most of these ladies have strong faiths, not at all detached from God as Falak was shown to be.
      SZ look forward to playing host 🙂

      • @Afia: These days, b/c of my work, I live in an absolutely gorgeous but godforsakenly small town with 8000 people, majority goras… my only Pakistani interaction, apart from my family is with you all- so no question of a rat race. But yes, in bigger places there is a lot of maraa mari over the latest designs etc…
        I think Falak was an extreme case, but had to be shown that way to make the basic point that much more clearer and make her change that much more emphatic… waisey Falak bhi for all her faults wasnot a basically mean person — she just was so into her own world ke us koi apne sey aagey dikhta hi nahin tha …..

  7. What an interesting comment ,loved reading it .Ladies in my family have similar conversation they are all fans of this play and shopping so they are trying too rationalize the two often.

  8. SZ you always so beautifully summed up every installment that i always felt nothing to add. Although expecting it to end this week ( as desperately waiting for ZGH) but knowing that we have one more Sez week made me happy and while watching it was as keened as always. Falak-Tabinda scene was the highlight of the show. Superb it was. Mahirah and Nadia Afgan done it so wonderfully and above all were dialogues 🙂 Vsy i was thinking how long it takes tabinda to count Falak’s begs,shoes n dresses and how stupid she is na instead of keeping them she distributed them in her relatives 😀

    The way Falak viewng her reflection in the mirror was also very fabulously done. Falak always have a special relationship with mirror. This time Mirror showing her transition to her undoubtedly. I was also so touched by the scene where Falak was trying to pluck some thread or something else from her bed cover.

    And finally finally Mehrunissa also realizes although she still has long way to go but at least ice began to melt and then Sherafgan said to her don’t sound like amma 🙂

    Now waiting for the finale 🙂

  9. I don’t think I enjoyed this episode as much as previous ones. It may be that I was expecting it to be the last one and then we found out it wasn’t, so it was obviously slow. The dialogues were very good, but I couldn’t tell what Falak was feeling in that whole situation. She seemed to have a blank expression the whole time. Also Why did she start thinking it was her fault in the car , that she didn’t cook or clean, I know salman would make excuses of why he did it, men usually do. It’s still no excuse, you talk it out with

    • your wife, not just go marry someone else. Poor Falak! Also don’t agree with the making portraits, or scuplutures is ok . I don’t think society has made those rules, there are actually hadiths to support those, straight from the prophet(pbuh) . It’s just people interpret them differently. Any ways don’t have time for a detailed comment. I have a feeling they added that whole last part, to extend it, I mean it was a great few scenes but it seemed it could have been edited if they were going to end it. Thanks SZ for the lovely review as always!

      • Hey SK! Totally with you on being bummed about this not being the last ep etc … You’re definitely not alone in not enjoying this as much .. I know many are feeling similarly. I have loved SeZ from the very first episode, but I am with everybody else that all good things need to come to an end, and at a proper time. I enjoyed this ep but not sure if I want to watch another two. I seriously hope it finishes next week!

        RE: the portraits and sculpture – I agree that its not about what written and whats not, the issue is with the interpretation, and how easily so much is misread and twisted around to suit the needs of the moment.

        Now looking forward to next week and a hopefully fabulous finale! And yes then comes Zaroon 😀

  10. So I just got caught up with the episode. Honestly I think because of these stretched out episodes, the whole message is becoming confusing and lost. It should have been kept completely crisp and solid like DeS. yes i loved SeZ. it is needed at this time especially when we have become so obsessed with material possessions and worshiping consumerism. BUT if the audience are getting completely different meaning than this goes to show that it wasn’t dramatized well and both the writer and especially the directors have already lost their audience which is not a good thing

    Here is my take on it: you never escape you muqadar, what is written for you or is your fate will always happen from the moment you take your first breath in the world to the moment you die. But Allah has made us choose how we live through that muqadar or how we achieve what is written in our destiny. It’s our choices at the end that determine how we proceed with life. Salman would have cheated on Falak even if she was completely religious. He was in her muqadar. this marriage had to happen. But If she had learned how to ask Allah for giver her strength and sabar through this painful ordeal and having enough faith in Allah, to ask him for more than it would have been much easier (like it is now!). So I feel like on screen the drama keeps on giving the hint that this would have never happened to Falak if she has been religious! And that is why I have started to become irritated with SeZ.

    someone please tell me i am wrong as i loved SeZ but the last few episodes haven’t helped me much 😦

    • @Maria: hey! thanks for sharing your confusions and questions with all of us. I know may others feel similarly. I’ve talked about SeZ so much now, that I would like put your questions out to the whole group and hear how they feel about this issue: the message of SeZ not coming out clearly and getting lost along the way.

      Waisey bhi, with SeZ hopefully coming to an end next week, this is an opportune time for us to share what we liked or disliked, what messages hit home and which ones missed the mark…

      Looking forward to reading your comments 🙂

    • @Maria: sorry to say but i will have to disagree with you. Yes i too was also expecting to watch the last episode so us hisaab se i was a bit irritated that it didn’t end. But i have to say this episode although a bit slow did not disappoint. We got to see one on one with Tabinda and Falak and then all three together. We got to see the much awaited confrontation scene between Falak and Salman where Falak openly asks everything she was feeling without thinking twice. That takes a lot of courage for one to do. Except the sad part, Salman clearly looks like he doesn’t give a crap.

      As far as takdir and mukadar go, yes it is all written before we are born, but the fact you say it cannot be changed is where i think you are wrong. Mukadir and takdeer can be changed, and that is done with the power of Dua. Dua has enough power to change anything and everything agar qabuliyat ki ghari ho to and if your heart is really into it. So if Falak was a little close to God and did tauba and shukar maybe the story would have been a little different, and maybe with her duas Salman would have changed.

      I don’t think they are showing that if she was religious this wouldn’t have happened to her bc if it were meant to happen it would have, religious or not religious. They are trying to show that because she really had no connection at all she didn’t know how to hold on or make her relationship better with Salman. As you can see all her flashback thoughts are of what Naani had been telling her Shukar and Tauba. This story is more for the people who have perfect lives so feel the need to not remember God bc nothing can go bad.
      And waise bhi it all depends on one’s kismat. People who are super ereligious can be in worse situations and people who aren’t can have a perfect life.
      This is my take and I can be wrong.

  11. Maria the point they are showing is that not bad deeds lead to bad taqdeer,Falak is not turning religious for her fate to turn around she certainly has seen the world and to her it does not hold that much charm anymore.They have not shown that had she been religious her fate would have been different they are only giving you an option ,showing you another way of life too.A calmer way to her old life.As for will she be getting much happiness in the worldly sense the path of the pious is a difficult in this life and promised rewards in life hereafter .
    And yes dua has the power to change taqdir howsoever it was a lesson which was meant to be learned for her. I agree with ash that her being religious or not prior to it is not the question,i cannot understand what could have given that vibe that translated into that specific meaning for you.If it’s Nani’s touba kar then she has been saying it right from the very start of the serial and it is like a word that she keeps repeating like she is telling her so many other things with that .That single word cannot really give away the whole meaning of the play.

  12. Maria, Ash and Javeria have aired their thoughts so eloquently, I don’t know what to add. Not great at intellectual discussions! I understand where Maria is coming from – it’s a very tricky path that SeZ is taking and different people would take different things from it but I agree with Ash and Javeria. For me the basic point is to have some kind of connection with God and to be aware of His presence.

  13. Javeria, Are you the same Javeria who did reviews on DP and co-wrote mera pehla pyar? trying to connect the dots here…

  14. Afia no ,i think she was one of their earlier reviewer’s.I like you have just stuck to commenting category, secondly i came to DP in the very late days ,Dureshewar to be exact so i was not a part of earlier discussions 🙂

  15. Here’s a conversation between a friend, MK and I, while she is watching the latest episode of Shehrezaat!
    All comments are towards the Characters and not the actors, also please excuse all the spelling and grammatical errors. This is an unedited version from the text exchange.
    As you can see I had little to say because I was dying laughing…..

    and Tabinda is not all weird just rude but she seems nice haha

    she gave her clothes to ppl

    moti asked for food so she can eat herself

    she is feeding salman cause she wants him to get fat too

    haha yea she was bit*h before

    i like tabinda she is funny and cool hahah

    before Falak was a bit*h now she is boring lol

    they were being so awkward front of her when Salman and Tabinda were flirting lol

    he is like her puppy she goes “apni biwi fo farigh karo” he goes falak “tum jao” hahah

    he goes to “tabinda kehsi utha ki” you know the suitcase cause it’ll be heavy i mean does he not look at her size? lol

    so does moti so she bounced i bet she is eating in the kitchen

    she really liked the chicken lol

    i am team tabinda hahah

    he said “mei aao “ she gave him eyes I am sure

    she does move her eyes a lot

    i mean FALAK was all over him

    wtf does he want lol

    Tabinda didn’t come back for a long time I bet she is knocked out in her bed cause poor moti picked up her samman and got tired

    You no what I bet she is counting her samman again like how she counted stuff in her closet hahah

    Remember she said small suitcase

    front of her everything is small

    I mean i honestly though, he was gonna take her to the house

    i mean how many houses is he gonna get lol

    what if he gets married again lol

    nani goes “baas beta muj ko keya paata tha”

    Umera Ahmed should take me in dramas cause I would know and wouldn’t send fifi there hahah

    wow did u notice those sandwiches with lettuce. Remember, what Tabinda gave to Falak well you know her parents are eating the same thing

    when dad is talking to mom about how he will get falak divorced

    I mean Tabinada went for so long to pack for Falak for home hahah

    if Tabinda reads my blog she will go after my future husband haha and throw my samman out

    i mean i did call her moti 3 times lol

    I am posting this on a blog..

    hell no lol

    i want umera ahmed to think i am a nice girl 🙂

    so she can take me for humsafar part 2

    well umerA ahmed is the writer who didn’t write humsafar.
    and duh it will be anonymous lol

    oo in that case add 2 more times the word “moti” hahaha

    DISCLAIMER: no personal attacks intended and no hard feelings. Just a conversation between a friend and I, that I found hilarious and decided to share. 🙂

  16. I just finished watching the last two episodes last night and I am still pondering over them. SZ, thank you for putting on paper (on screen now) what I was feeling. I too am a bit miffed that it did not end but I guess it makes sense as it answers a few questions. I had a few problems with two scenes, one the wuzu scene and the other with nani commenting about how children have to pay for the sins of their parents….so not happy about them.

    Maria, I don’t think that the show is trying to give the message that this azmaish would never have happened to Falak had she been religious. Think about it, in no way is Tabinda remotely religious. In fact, she even says that she does not say her namaz and keep rozas, when she was talking about not keeping statues. Also, Salman is not religious in the least. Things are moving in the right direction for Salman and Tabinda, despite them not being religious. He annoyed me so much in this episode, what a total creep. He would have had this affair regardless of how religious or “naik” Falak would have been. How dare he treat Falak that way? He just legalized his affair into marriage, that is it. I certainly hope Falak does not accept him even if he comes begging because he is just not worth it. I am so glad that Falak went back to the house and confronted Salman because seeing is believing. I don’t think she ever imagined that he would be so heartless but she was wrong.

    I want to share a thought that someone relayed to me many years ago, “When you laugh, the whole world laughs with you. When you cry, you cry alone and into your pillow….” To add to this I will say that you cry into your pillow indeed but then you draw strength from your connection with God. If one did not have that connection, which Falak is now slowly reaching out for, we would be in one big mess.

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