Zindagi Gulzar Hai?

Yes!!! Finally!!!
Thaa jis ka intezar woh shahkar aa gaya
The  long awaited and much anticipated Zindagi Gulzar Hai promos are out!!!

Promo 1: Fawad Khan as Zaroon – writing his diary, reflecting on the various aspects of a woman’s personality, hinting at his tempestuous relationship with Kashaf, their nok jhonk, his aggravation at, and his reluctant interest in, this girl who has turned his ordered life upside down and challenges him every step of the way in college. His well furnished bedroom, his clothes, basically the overall look reflects his comfortable upper-class socio-economic background.

Promo 2: Sanam Saeed as Kashaf – writing her diary, reflecting on the challenges she faces as woman. Her frustration with her location in life is plainly evident in her words. Her clothes and humbly furnished room point to her less than luxurious background.

From the teasers we’ve seen so far it seems like the original format of Umera Ahmed’s story – narrated through diary entries –  has been kept intact. It will be interesting to see how the new characters have been added in and how the original ones have been fleshed out. Zindagi Gulzar Hai also marks the return of the veteran director Sultana Siddiqui, and it is with great pleasure that I look forward to seeing her work her magic onscreen. Add to that Shahzad Kashmiri’s cinematography and MD Productions’ patented hallmark hall of fame stamp and seems like we have a winner here.

Having seen hugely anticipated projects go bust recently, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this one, but after seeing these teasers, I think we are rightfully excited. Fawad Khan looks, well… no need for me to say anything… you ladies can fill in the blanks more than adequately. Sanam Saeed is looking good as Kashaf. Initial prediction: No ashks here, methinks!

So, to answer the question I pose as the title of this post: Zindagi Gulzar Hai?  Yes!!!!

Written by SZ~


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  1. Definitely Zindagi Gulzar he.. only if one takes in that way 🙂
    Was waiting for your analysis on promos.. very well written.. i dont know why loved kashaf’s promo more than zaroon’s… i am loving Sanam saeed as Kashaf… Fridays are no doubt fun

    • in novel also, kashaf character z more love able than zaroon… infact zaroon z not a gud guy at all, he z bit proud nd a play boy sort ov guy……. so in drama also we will definetly feel like this

  2. Zindagi Gulzar hai for sure!
    took forever for these promos to go on air but they were def worth the wait!

    Thanks for the great analysis!

    Agreed with @Rehmat Fridays will be fun for a while for sure! 🙂 and i also enjoyed Kashaf’s promo more then Zaroon’s. But couldn’t they give her a better pen..

  3. Yayyy…so happy to see the promo! I like the look of it- good quality pic that one now expects for HumTV. SS should be a good Kashf. Aur Fawad toh Fawad hai- aur kya kehna? I like your opening line “tha jis ka kiska intezaar, woh shakar aagaya” borrowed from Ahsan Khan when he introduced fk at the humsafar finale na? nice touch 🙂 Waise I thought Ahsan was pleasantly magnanimous with his praise for fk in that show, unlike some of our other stars who couldn’t stomach humsafar’s fame and fk’s super celebrity status here in pak. A lot of popular names were asked to host that show but they declined. Eventually Ahsan did it and went all out to appreciate fk et al.

  4. i loved Zaroon’s lines and rightly said soo 😀

    i wasn’t very fond of the novel as much, it was written more like a young adult novel but i am glad the original story as been changed to accommodate and elaborate on characters and what exactly made them act the way they did in the novel. Umera does a great job in flushing her novels to adopt to screen. Add in FK and HumTV and we can expect some sizzling Fridays 😀 . fingers crossed that this play lives up to expectations and allah tuba if it goes Ashk way…

  5. Finally:)) God they’ve made us wait for this one… It better be beyond excellence! Hey SZ thanks for the quick post! So looking forward to this, Sanam saeed will rock and Fawad will obviously go above and beyond so I’m pretty sure we’ve got another big hit, with UA the writer what more could one ask for??? Loved your shaakar intro, I remember when Ahsan said that, lol funny.

  6. LOL! Happy days are here again 😀
    Will miss SeZ like anything but yaar kiya replacement hai!

    hehe all of you got the shahkar lines – nice!! Oh we’re gonna have so much fun on Fridays, can hardly wait!

  7. @skhan This pic all over the net so unfortunately you would have seen it somewhere pretty soon if not here. Even the zgh fb page had it as a cover pic. Unfortunately nowdays with all this social networking, most of the story of a play is evident from the start.

  8. Thank GOD ! As soon as my wait for the promos was over when they aired, My wait for your review started;) I am so glad you reviewed the first look of the play:D
    Fawad Khan looked splendidly handsome, writing his diary lost in his own world and smiling through the length of the promo( a very good change after the ASHKIFIED Fawad we had seen in the past few months:p)

    I loved the camera work too, the shots were taken from the reflect angles and the background music was most gladly not too loud and irritating….:) I feel there is much of Husmafar tinge to it, because these promos are similar to those of Humsafar not revealing the story instead introducing us to the characters. Cool! Friday will be FUN<3

    WOW! Couldn't stop watching these promos again and again!
    love it !

  9. Ashkified Fawad lol, well SZ i think this will finally made the only person left yours truly a fan of FK, sorry but your competition just keeps on increasing…ZGH is looking very promising 🙂

    • Lmao! Thank you for adding to my competition – ab aap jaisi doston ke hote hue why do I need dushmans 😉 Koi nahin yaar, the more merrier!! Very sad about SeZ ending but sooo looking forward to ZGH!! Bring it on FK! 😀 😀

  10. Waoo SZ what a perfect proverb and without any doubt Shahkar is Fk ;p Promos are good and how handsome FK is looking 😀 Waiting for Fawad’s OST for ZGH.

    It will defiantly a reason to decrease our sadness on SeZ’s ending. Hopefully Fridays will not be boring after Sez. So no more Ashks kyunk Zindagi Gulzar Hai 😉

    Vesy kitna maza ata if we had Fridays with SeZ and Saturdays with ZGH.

  11. @SZ Haha true :p Believe me this blog has become a ‘habit’. When I switch on my computer, the first thing is to visit this blog. I love conversing with all the drama afficiandos here:D SeZ will be missed badly but thank God we have a good replacement here 😀

    I like the idea of SeZ Fridays and ZGH Saturdays, wow Hoorean you came up with something we all would want:)

      • 😀 me three — seriously, all this gup shup is highly addictive 😉

        @horean and heela: LOL! if they wouldve shown Sez on fri and ZGH on Saturday socho , we wouldve been spoilt for life!

      • and me seriously 4 😀 i really enjoyed your guys gup shup.. always have enjoyed drama discussions 🙂
        *me – claps* for Hoorean for such amazing weekend idea.. i would love it any day to make my weekends so thrilled and full of excitement 😉

      • Lolz Good idea of rerunning humsafar. What a perfect weekend entertainment plan. Phir tu zindagi wakie hi gulzar hoti 😉

        Rehmat Shukriya for clapping 😀

  12. Fri will be great with zgh. Sat.s there is Bari apa, ARY has ‘mera yaqeen’ (which i have issues with but still watch when i get time) and now Geo is starting Haissam’s cindrella thingy which I will just have to watch coz of HH and Osman Khalid Butt OKB (the guy who made the humsafar parody and played asher in it and is from my hometown Isl). But sundays have just been plain boring ever since bilquees kaur ended.

  13. Well checking this blog is a favorite hobby of mine in fact i keep waiting for all of your comments,it’s like all of you are my pen pals now. Afia a friend of mine shared your cake pic on face book and i was really bragging to her how i know you ,and you are a friend of mine from blog ,lol…i then further impressed her with Hella’s pic. It was really fun and the whole week is very interesting reading all your people’s comments.

  14. @SZ thank you for this blog spot. What would we ever have done If it hadn’t been you ,who opened up the doors to this forum for us all ?! 🙂
    p.S the Humsafar rerun plan is epic. If that happens, We will be ‘blessed’ : P
    @ Javeria, aww it is so sweet of you to share my cake’s picture. Thanks a lot:)

  15. I have to say I Love the Promos!! 🙂 The novel itself was quite boring and to an extent blah for me. I re-read it by picturing Sanam as Kashaf and Fawad as Zaroon and it was definitely a little more enjoyable to read it that way haha! 😉 I think they’ve made quite a few changes to the original which is a good thing! Not sure I like the whole ‘zaalm father’ angle but I’ll just skip over those scenes. Hopefully Wasim Abbas has a small role because I am seriously tired of him playing the bad guy over and over again.
    Since there is not a whole lot to look forward to (as you said SZ :)) I will have to enjoy this one for the time being. I am looking forward to the ‘college’ parts. Let’s see what changes they have made to the post-shaadi portion because that stuff in the novel was just drab.

  16. @Javeria Life’s strange na? We have friends we’ve never seen but can still relate to so well. Meri koi ‘auqaat’ toh nahin but am glad I gave someone something to brag about 😉 Yes, I too look forward to all the comments I get to see in the morning coz all the ‘americans;) ‘ have been writing away while we are sleeping and vice versa I guess.
    @Annie I agree with you, the first half was better and I hope they’ve made some good changes to the latter half. Unlike some people, I liked the diary style…

    • the diary style was OK for me on second read. I just had to keep on going back and looking at the dates to see how much time had passed between the diary entries! LOL

    • Hey Hina! Welcome to our crazy gang and join in the fun 🙂 I read ZGH a long time ago, so dont remember the specifics. Personally, I’m going to resist the temptation to go back and read, because a) Umera’s made a lot of changes, and b) I wanted to enjoy it without any pre-conceived notions. Too often I find myself disappointed if the onscreen drama varies too much from my personally imagined vision —

      That said, I’m sure many of our friends (@Afia? @Rehmat? @Annie?) here have read ZGH and can share a brief synopsis with us, please? 🙂

      P.S. Mind you no spoilers tho, otherwise we might get scolded again for spoiling the suspense 😉

      • That is exactly the reason why I asked you and didnt decide to read the entire novel again.

        Let us see how it turns out to be 🙂

  17. ZGH is the story of Zaroon and Kashf. Kashf is from a poor background but very serious about her studies and wants to advance her family’s position by joining the workforce asap. Zaroon is our typical rich, somewhat spoilt kid who on the first day of college takes a dig at Kashf, completely riles her up and from there on they have a hate-detest relationship….don’t want to divulge more….haan, there’s a prof. in their college Sir Abrar who kind of mediates between the two at times who they both respect….the story ensues from that.

    • Afia: Thanks! what a perfect synopsis and a lead in to the first episode! So wish you could teach our tv channels, especially Geo, to write like this, rather than spoiling the maza by giving away the entire storyl!!

    • It seems very interesting and i think umera’s name is now enough for ensuring that the story will be dansu 😀 And above all Fk is there 😉

      • Thanks yaar par SZ ke saamne thori sharmindagi hoti hai…Suraj ko chiragh dikhana 🙂
        Just saw the latest SeZ ep, awaiting the review…
        btw did you all start reading SZ’s reviews on dp or did you know her from before….most of you live in the US na? Just wondering coz I only found out about dp etc a few months back. I wish I’d followed KPKPBT and Humsafar’s threads at that time….read them much later.

        • Also started from dp…Yeah the humsafar and kpkpbt threads were very entertaining!!I used to be a silent reader until the end and then just jumped in one day, the reviews used to be so fabulous …just had to comment!! Even my fam and friends don’t know I’m this much into dramas..

        • @SK: LOL! Re: family n friends not about our interest in dramas – think we’re all in the same boat!
          On this note, let me share a funny story: The other day my sister called me to tell me about Ashk – a “new drama” she had just started following online, starring “woh jo humsafar me tha na – woh jo hero jo bohot good lucking tha- shayad tum ko yaad ho”!!!!

        • Afia: i too started following DP, back in January, till then humsafar was about to end.. and also missed those amazing reviews of humsafar and kpkp.. i regret not reading reviews of KPKP as i am sure after reading, i must have started watching drama 😀 First introduction to SZ was MeJ 🙂

        • @SZ, actually ‘loling’ at “shayed tum ko yaad ho?” Aap ki toh double life chal rahi hai!
          Stories of sisters- I’d borrowed the dvd pack of “Downton Abbey” from my sis but still hadn’t gotten round to watching it a month later. On a recent trip to Islamabad she asked me when I was giving it back. I told her that hadn’t started it yet kyunki roz koi drama aajata hai….to which she replied “tum toh paindoo ho gayee ho”- challo aisa hi sahi…waise after all this, I finally started watching DA last night!

        • @Afia: ROFL @double life! you make it sound so glamorous and exciting, kinda like a double agent LOL! Though funny its just one more sign of times where we live in different states, busy lives, hardly sit to talk about things beyond the immediate family stuff… but yeah it was pretty funny and I knew this was one place where everybody would get the joke immediately!!

          So how’s Downtown Abbey? Waqai, hum sab ko yeh dramey lay doobay hain!!

        • Watched 2 ep of DA, they’re an hour long each- brilliant! If you’ve seen Gosford Park, then it’s that kind of environment- early 20th century England I think. Story of an Earl (I think) and his family with three daughters. Since he doesn’t have a son, his entire estate is going to pass on to a ‘commoner’ third cousin after the Earl’s demise. This cousin comes to see them. Phir ‘ishtoree’ chalti hai.

        • No, no, it’s not…infact it’s never been more popular. It was just a flippant remark on her part- specially coz she’d been after me to see DA. She herself is a fan of pak dramas (not as big as me though) and of Indian soaps :p which I can’t stand.
          I’d stopped seeing pakistani dramas for many many years though- was hooked again after watching “Maane na yeh dil” with Faisal Qureshi and Ayesha Khan. My 11 yr old still calls Ayesha Khan ‘Roshni’- her name in that.

      • @Afia: ab tum sharminda kar rahi ho 🙂 review is in the works – almost done – amazing ep is all I can say for now.

        LoL!! Nobody from my “real” life knows I do this – In fact I don’t think any of my friends or family would ever believe this 😉

      • We like to give credit where it’s due Afia 😀
        I’ve “known” SZ since she used to leave comments on DP and we would love reading and responding to those and one day voila she had a review up and it was such a pleasant surprise! 🙂

  18. @Annie: LOL kiya yaad dila diya! All those comments on KPKP! My favourite comment of yours – in response to my comment that Daneez shouldve learnt to care for a pet before marrying Muju – that Daneez should’ve bought a baby goat and cared for it and so on …. a classic Annie-ism! 😀 😀

  19. SZ, I am so surprised to read that…yaar, you need to be acknowledged but I suppose you are the best judge of that. Waise even my family does not realize how much pleasure I derive out of reading reviews, commenting and reading all the other comments- staying connected with you all.
    @Annie, interesting to note!

  20. Anybody saw the third promo? It just aired apparently. If anyone can find a link, please share and I’ll add it to the post above – thanks!!

    The countdown has officially begun!! 😀

    • Apparently there’s 2 new promos…can’t find a link though..I saw the Kashaf and her dad one on the hum tv live stream..Which one did you see? Do you have Hum, or you saw it online?

      • I saw it online as well on the Hum stream – I saw the zaroon one, the soliloquy and clips from scenes in college and the concert -didnt even know abt the Kashaf one. Keep an eye out for the links tho – must have them up here! 🙂

  21. Isn’t it strange that just this morning I read your demands for new promos and presto- hum tv delivers? Is any one listening to/reading this forum or am I imagining things 🙂

    • I think someone is actually listening out there! and woh bhi teen teen promos. thanks HUM! 🙂 but it would be great if you can put them on youtube.

      • Cool, then Im not going bonkers after Tuesday’s episode 😉 Yeah that was very cute- talk about chemistry!! I dont get why Hum is not simultaneously releasing them on youtube as well 😦

        • Sanam saeed is perfect, did you see her one. That’s what u call acting…sparks are gonna fly…Is zaroon supposed to be like a Falak, I thought he was like arrogant or just flirty, he seemed not so much in the promo?

        • yeah saw all three 🙂 the Sanam Saeed one looks awesome as well. I think Zaroon’s character has been softened a bit, so from the teasers he doesnt seem as egotistical and rude as he is in the novel. It was the same case with Ashar in Humsafar as well – the Ashar in the novel was a much harder character, but on screen he was much more likable and charming. Can the 26th come soon enough??

    • haii, ashar wasn’t harder in the novel- he was just the same (in my perception)- the difference is that when you read the novel, you get to know what the character’s thinking and on tv, we judge from the expressions). Aur Zaroon ka toh dekh kar hi patah chaley ga.

    • Thank you for posting all the promos!! 😀 Loving the Zaroon and Kashaf ones. Not so much the zaalim baap ones – ugh…been there done that.

  22. Thanks for sharing the promos!! This drama looks awesome! YAY for fridays!

    I really hope Humtv doesn’t disappoint us and play some lousy eid play instead! i will be pissed..

    • Aww kiya hogaya Afia?

      And to respond to your earlier comment abt Ashar, I dont know to me the novel wala Ashar seemed a bit dry- khushk kind, a little hard and harsh with Khirad, maybe b/c he was much older there and she was a lot younger?

  23. Nothing much SZ, bus younhi one gets affected by things people say…everyday stuff…
    Now Ashar !( Fav topic) haan, he was a bit older-the book doesn’t specify but he’s done his US studies and then worked 4 yrs or so, about 30 yrs old? Not too bad 🙂
    There were some scenes in the book which weren’t in the play which showed how much he cared for her secretly even though ooper se nahin.
    When they are going to the hospital for hareem’s surgery, Khirad goes into a store to get something some boys are looking at her and Ashar can’t stand it and tells them off (if I remember correctly he wanted to hit them).
    Again when Hareem was in hospital, Ashar goes home to change and gets fried fish made for Khirad coz he knows she likes it (she doesn’t eat any thought), he then gets some clothes for her from her closet, (notices that her clothes are in a bag whereas hareem’s are set in the closet).
    Then in the book, the writer writes during this time how Ashar starts thinking that it doesn’t seem probable that Khirad would’ve had an affair given her circumstances now. He rewinds his thoughts to those critical days and figures that there’s something amiss- then he remembers the letter he threw away in a rage etc.
    What I am trying to say that he came across as pretty thoughtful. Maybe you mean he was harsher at the start of the book? Could be- might have to read it again to analyze 😉

    • Haha love how we always start discussing Humsafar somehow! I haven’t read the book, but hey willing to discuss humsafar anytime:) Wasn’t he really mean when Khirad came back. I remember reading people were saying he wasn’t as mean as he was in the drama. I think I remember people saying what you are saying that he was more thoughtful. But I guess they did show it more after the surgery, when he asked her if she wants clothes etc. He just didn’t seem to analyze that Khirad may not have done what she was accused of, which bugged me. If they showed that in novel, why not in drama?

    • I’ve never read the novel so this is all new for me! Thank you so much for Sharing these parts from the novel. This is why I wish I can read Urdu. :-/
      They should have included these parts in the drama.

      Well atleast now you guys can let us non Urdu readers know what parts they skipped from The novel of zindagi gulzar hai . :).

      • SK, haan I too thought that they should have given a scene or two of Ashar figuring out the jigsaw- coz then it was a natural progression to him frantically searching his room for the letter and finally finding it in an old briefcase. Loved the tension ridden pages…Annie, at this time Khirad is in hospital with hareem. She’s planned to leave once hareem comes home but the need doesn’t arise coz the showdown between Ashar ‘n mom takes place the day they get home. Beautifully written!
        btw Annie, it’s commendable that you have such a great desire for being able to read urdu. Never too late to start learning!

        • Please continue with the story! =)

          Well theres a difference in having a great desire and having the patience to learn. i think that ship has sailed but its okay 🙂

        • Sorry Ash, have been calling you Annie and you were too sweet to correct! Will continue the story as soon as I have an hour or so totally free- humsafar ke liye sukoon hona chahiye.

        • Waise they have hardly played the promo all week and nowhere did it say last ep. did it? a lot of people think there are 2 ep left in the story. not sure coz I haven’t read the novel. “Zara khabar karoon?” Chalo Momina ko phone karte hain 😉

        • LOL Afia! you’re in PK na, isiliye asking you 🙂
          When the cast had come on JPJ before SeZ started they had said 17 eps – Hina also talked abt the last episode nor disappointing in her comment last week and UA’s page has been saying for weeks now ke ZGH is starting on the 26th and that SeZ had 17 eps … all creating confusion…

        • Sorry to disappoint 😉 They keep showing bari apa’s promo ‘n others too but not SeZ’s…will let you know if anything comes up!

      • Acha ji, more humsafar coming up for Ash:
        You might already know that Ashar takes hareem and khirad to an apartment to love in, not his own house. His mom is away for charitable work following Pak’s 2005 earthquake. But Ashar doesn’t want to take them to the house coz the servants are still around. He lives with them in apt. but keeps visiting the house too. When he remembers the letter khirad had left he goes home and searches everywhere for it. On finding it he starts reading it-basically the same letter that we hear on tv. Around this same time Farida returns to the house but is unaware of Ashar’s presence. She’s been told about khirad’s return by Zarina and is in a bad, nervous and conniving state -which was so well portrayed by Atiqa Odho onscreen.
        While Ashar is reading the letter, Khirad is in hospital with hareem wondering what is taking Ashar so long. She called their apt. but the maid Zeenat has no idea where Sahb is.
        After reading the letter, Ashar walks to his mom’s room and overhears her conversation with Zarina (In the book, Khizar never returns from the US). In a state of shock he goes to the servant quarters and asks Noor Afza about that fateful night. She then divulges all. After that :
        “Woh na haspital gya tha na kahin aur, saari raat sarkon pe sar patakhtey, rotey, deewangi ke aalam mein idhar se udhar phirtey woh akhir kaar apne apartment aa gya tha”.
        This is at 4am, Zeenat informs him that Khirad’s been calling for him. He calls Khirad but doesn’t know what to say on the phone. She tells him how hareem had been waiting for him and where was he:
        Woh kal tamaam raat kahan tha? Khirad ki baat ke jawaab mein usney yaad karne ki koshish ki. Usey yaad aagaya. Woh kal raat muhabbat ki adalat mein mujrim ke kethehrey mein khara raha tha. Kal rat usne mohabbat ki adalat se, uma bhar aik ehsaase jurm, aik kasak aur aik kabhi na mitne wali khalish ke saath zinda rehne ki saza paee hai. Woh kuch bolne ke qabil nahin tha. Uski ankhon se toot toot kar kuch ashk uske chehray ko phir bhighone lagay the…”Mein Aa raha hoon ” and he puts the phone down.
        When he goes to the hospital, he doesn’t look at Khirad at all, just hangs his head v low but is aware of her every move. She wonders why he’s looking so broken, then decides to tell him about her decison to leave hareem with him. On hearing all this Ashar doesn’t say a word:
        “Tandh lafzon ki is kari waar ne uske jhuke sar ko takleef ki shiddat se kuch aur bhi jhuka diya tha. Uska dil chaha woh apne dono kanon par haath rakh le, khirad ke saamne haath jor kar kahe, khuda keliye lafzon ki yeh beraham talwar mujh par na chalao.”
        Khirad is left confused by his silence but says nothing. They get dischaged from hospital that morning. Ashar remains quiet but interacts with hareem as much as needed. In the afternoon, he’s sitting on his bed alone when he hears the door bell. It’s Farida. She finds khirad in the lounge and starts badmouthing her. Ashar enters the living room and (finally) starts defending Khirad (same dialogues as seen on tv). Farida leaves in a slightly mental state. They’re both left in the apt now but nothing’s said immediately. Khirad puts hareem to bed. She goes and stands by the window, looking outward. Ashar who is shown to be broken down, quietly crying all evening, comes to her and gets down on his knees. He says all the things he says in the tv play (patio wala), his hands clasped. Khirad unclasps his hands and takes in her own. She is shown to forgive him there and then. She puts her head on his shoulder and they both have a good cry 😉 (some beautiful lines here about how ashar tells khirad never to love him again, but love comes and stands between them- wanting to be acknowleged, wanting to have its presence felt as if it had never left. And then the final words:
        “Aik doosre ke wajood mein panah dhoondte, woh tanha tay kiye safar ki saari thakan utaar rahe the.”

        • @ Afia: WOW! i honestly do not have the words to thank you for this but THANK YOU! this has been a pleasure to read and i was smiling throughout the whole thing!
          after reading this you have no idea how saddened i am about the fact that i miss out on all this cause i cannot read urdu! Gosh i wish i can learn!

          but Thanks soooooo much for actually taking the time out and translating all this; quoting the actual novel! So so nice of you!! 🙂
          If you need me to ever translate an English novel into urdu , dont hesitate to ask! haha – that would be a funny translation but khair, thanks so much!

          I am reading and picturing Ashar [FK] and Khirad [MK] and loving every line as i read it!

        • @Afia: Wow! yaar excellent job! I’d read the Urdu version but loved reading your translation as well!! Thank you on behalf of everybody on this forum. This adds so much jaan to all our Humsafar discussions!! Thank you, thank you!!!
          Perhaps once ZGH gets underway, could we request you to translate some parts after they have aired- that way there ‘ll be no spoilers and everybody will be in the same page in terms of discussing the differences and changes? 🙂

        • Javeria, glad you enjoyed that!
          Ash, I loved writing each line so v happy you liked it. Anything for friends (and humsafar ‘n FK)! btw I too was picturing FK ‘n MK while reading the novel so it was a lot of fun 🙂
          I might take you up on the english translation sometimes or maybe I’ll ask you to write book reports for my daughter’s homework. By any chance have you read Tolstoy’s “War and Peace”? 😉
          SZ, sure will do- aap ke liye kuch bhi. Should be good fun!

        • OH will so be looking fwd to the ZGH ones then!! yay! awesome idea SZ!

          and haha i havent read it but i can and sure ill do the book reports, its been a while since i’ve done those. 😉

        • Omg Awesome! You made me relive Humsafar again, so much effort! O should be crashing, but this blog is so interesting and I can’t keep away. I seemed to have missed a lot in like only 2 days of not coming on!!

    • Afia: LOL! I think we’re ok 😉
      Oh and back to our fave topic Humsafar – I was referring more to the earlier part when they first get married… and Ashar was much older around late 30s early 40s. FK and MK and others all have all commented on how FK was so much younger so things like Buddhi rooh etc did not make much sense within the serial. Par yaar, bottom line – it was all fab!
      Also your comment abt the lawyer in Ashk – too funny! He must be the resident Turkish actor everybody must be hiring!
      How did the kiddo’s test go?

      • I am thinking about reading the novel so can enjoy those parts that were missed in the drama. Vsy SZ why not you write a post about those missed parts 😀 Sorry about Farmaishi program ;p

        • LOL! hoorean: at this rate we’ll never let Humafar go! @Annie bahut daantey gi, if I do more Humsafar posts! 😉

          Lets see how ZGH goes — it seems to have the potential to inspire some creative posts 😉

        • LOL! Yes you are right and maybe we don’t need separate posts for Humsafar as we’ll turn every second post toHumsafar post.;) And yes ZGH seems so promising .. loving the promos.<3

      • Haan SZ, I remember that interview of the cast (1st jan 2102 :), but they themselves hadn’t read the novel. PhD toh hum kar rahein hain Humsafar mein!!
        Do you remember when FK mistakenly said that hareem has cancer in the play! Another blooper comes when FK says something to the effect that all will be well at the end.
        Mahira gave away the dialogue when Ashar says “mein ne tumhein maaf kiya” and khirad’s reply! But it was so much fun!

        Tests went “theek” according to the kids- let’s see 🙂 thanks for asking!

  24. Amazing promos!! but yes im also worried about drama not coming on Eid day:( btw i just noticed that montage looked to me like the ones we saw in dramas of PTV.. which i actually liked:)

  25. Are you guys deliberately playing with my head? My Urdu is not good enough to read the entire novel and you guys keep giving me tantalising details . There must be a translate app somewhere. The novel sounds really good . I think Snam is a really good choice ,she is perfect in the promos at least. EID Mubarak indeed.

  26. Am here waiting any time, dear Afia 🙂 , The Humsafer hangover is not something you get over… Look at the people excited about Tanhaiyan .True Art becomes a part of collective shared memory , greater than the sum of it’s parts .It’s less to do with the actual work but how it made you feel about that time in your life. Otherwise a Turner would just be a mess of colours and Vermeer someone who liked Yellow.

  27. Guys I think it may not start 26th, someone asked a q about ZGH starting and now UA page saying there’s two episodes left for Sez, unless its due to Eid I don’t know. I wish they would give a date and stick to it, but that would be too hard:(

    • SK: I think SeZ is ending tomorrow – didnt Hina say that in her comment as well on the last ep review? Re: ZGH – they might delay it – but it would be so silly b/c they knew Eid would fall around that weekend — khair lets wait n see – after all kar bhi kya sakte hain 😦

      • I know they should have just said November, vey unlikely will air it on Eid. Well we waited this long, two more weeks is nothing. Lol at them not knowing it would be eid.

  28. …Voilà! it´s like the whole ‘loveydovey-drama-philic’ world is hooked into commenting and is feeling ever so compelled to flush their thoughts off their minds haha…

  29. @ SZ, HAHAHA…sure – been wondering, it must have taken you ages to have my name all typed out, but not sure whether you know the granny’s copy and paste trick …LOL

      • Well it doesn’t mean anything…LOL…but the first syllable sceni is pronounced as in the word scene, glamori as in glamour…fableur as you would pronounce the french word habléur, hypnosa is obvious itself… so that is apparently how you would pronounce

  30. What a great pic, nice to see Sadaf smiling. Aur Fawad ke baalon ko kya ho gya baad mein? Must have been hot in the room, even though temps are so good nowdays.

  31. ok I was totally not expecting SEZ to have a 2nd last episode today! I was wondering why the episode was moving so slowly. Buhh!! thanks Hum TV for NOT using social media to correct us!

  32. haha I loved this picture too and the caption was very cute 😛 Even the kid is lucky ❤
    haha @the khasta haal wakai mein, I had never seen FK itney tired. Best of Luck with the clothing line. It seems to be an extremely tedious task 😀

    • Heela: Did you get all your eid clothes done? Im glad I;m not in Pakistan – seeing the announcements for all these exhibitions and each outfit looking better than the last I would go totally crazy! 🙂

  33. @ SZ haha you are right. Yes, I did buy a dress from GulAhmed and got some fancy dresses stitched because Eid will be followed by my cousin’s wedding 🙂 It is true that we are driven crazy by these exhibitions too and I felt really bad for not purchasing a dress from either of Silk by Fawad Khan or Wagah collection by Sania Maskatiya which was rather very expensive for my pocket :p

    • I feel your pain! and thats why Im so glad to live in a small gora town where nobody cares ke naye kya puraana kya 🙂
      Loved that Wagah Collection!

      • Hey SZ! was wondering if by any chance you were following this ‘fictional’ serial, aik nayee cinderella on geo … and If yes then would have loved to see how you look upon it :))

        • @sceniglamorifableurhypnosa: I have seen bits of it – I actually cant find a good HD version on the net – so once I find those I will definitely share my thoughts on it 🙂 If you know of good HD links please do share ..
          What else are you following?

  34. @SZ …ah well… no where on the web could I find the HD ones but the ones on the following link: http://vidpk.com/c/768/Aik-Nayee-Cinderella/ …are certainly of better quality than what you’d find on most of the sites – and I am following quite a few…Shehr-e-zaat, Mara Yaqeen, Mere dard ko jo zuban mile, Bari aapa, Ek tamana lahasil si, Aks, and worth mentioning …Mata-e-Jan has been the serial I felt most sad at when it ended… in other words, that is and i hope will remain in my all time ‘fav’ list …as far as this ‘Cinderella’ thing is concerned… not normally into such kind of fairy-taly things…but it kind of has something (not sure what though!) that has got my attention to the point that I ended up going through each and every promo and now the episodes…

    • Oh cool! thanks for the link – I’ll check it out 🙂

      If you’re following SeZ how come we hear nothing from you? Do you love it/hate it – either way would be great to hear your thoughts 🙂 Aah yes, MeJ! I got a lot of brickbats for loving that serial LOL but I seriously did like it warts n all – did you follow my reviews then?

      BA is another one I like – but too many dramas to watch and too little time to write !!

      • Yeah there really are wayyy too many serials being aired… making it harder to choose from and well being honest I’d say its just been a couple of days since I came to know about this blog and for some days been reading all the comments and discussions made; in posh words analysing… I had not thought that one day i’ll end up interacting cause i usually hold back and sorta ‘stalk’ pages
        … LOL

        • haha – well glad you found us and decided to break your vow of silence 😉 So, now that you are here, do join in our crazy convos; you’re among friends here.. Naah, no claims of analyzing anything, just sharing our thoughts and opinions, no judgements and no rights or wrongs 🙂

          • Aww I am an absolute fan of yours, you won my heart…It is rarely a case that I meet such warm-hearted people, I really am enjoying the chit-chats in here and I will definitely try and be part of it:)

  35. @Afia: You’re an absolute sweetheart for agreeing to do the translations – You’ll get a lot of duas from our group here! Lets wait for it to start and see how and where ZGH goes — After Ashk ab zara dar lagney laga hai!! 😉

  36. I am eagerly waiting 4 this show man .. promos are awesome <333 LOve lOve LOve them … Fawad Khan EPICNESS <333
    I'm dame up set that they Shifted From 26th October to Next Month November because of Eidul Azha Programming and some more developments and episodes of SHEHR E ZAAT :/

    • haha – Nosh! First of all good to see you here – welcome! And yes, now to FK and ZGH — I’m sure all of us here share your pain! I love SeZ but would hate to see it dragged out for two more episodes!! And I so wish Hum would stop playing these silly games with their viewers – why announce a date and then take a step back – not funny!!!

  37. well they will not air the finale on chand raat ,but if they have made a chopped episode of edited parts they might air that .I am not liking the idea of another added episode on the last minute.

    • I think they stopped airing ZGH promos. Haven’t seen them in the past few days. This clearly means sez still has another 1-2 episodes to go. Lets see.

      • I think you are right Ash. This Friday some unfunny Bakra play that nobody cares about. Then next 2 Fridays will be SeZ since they are going to sprinkle it with a lot of flashbacks to probably drag it out to 19 episodes. ZGH will probably start around Thanksgiving.

        • Oh no! I hate eid plays and morning shows. They are so retarded , pointless and no one really cares about them.

          But eid is on Saturday in Pakistan so I still have hopes they will play sez on Friday!

          Humtv if you are listening , please air the new episode. We don’t care for eid plays! :).

  38. @ ash I think your right. Prob 2 more episodes of Sez, and none this eid! ZGH prob coming mid Nov, can’t be bothered to get annoyed anymore. Unliked all the ZGH pages, viz tired of reading so called accurate info, when it comes you guys tell me, at least we have Ashk:p

  39. At least now we know that ZGH is definitely airing on 16th Nov and launch show on the 11th Nov. Wonder why hum tv don’t air ZGH on the 9th Nov considering the fact that shehr e zaat has finally finished.

  40. zindagi is definitely not gulzar right now! i am mad mad mad…my expectations and excitement is waning quite a lot! I mean haad hoti hai, and what exactly do they need a launch show for now? its FK, we will all watch it without having a launch show. kabhi drama May main araha hai, kabhi september main, kabhi October main aur abb november main? watch technical difficulty on november 16 and then it will be coming on Christmas!
    someone enlighten me about what this “launch show” is? koi zaroorat hai? sultana sidiqui is a jana pechana name,Umera, FK and Sanam Saeed need no introductions, its being produced by HUM so what do they need a launch show for?

    • @ Maria – LOL! totally agree with your frustration!! i am so on the same page with you!! like wth is up with all these dates! I am officially confused.
      Matlab ke Shehrezaat has ended and according to that next Friday (9) should be the first episode of ZGH! but seriously wtheck is going on! and usually they show the launch show an hour before the first episode and then air the episode back to back toh phir ye kya tamasha hai. I dont mind the launch show as long as they show the first episode after that but i have no idea where all these dates are being thrown at us from.

      koi hai samjhanay wala……

    • wow I am with you ladies, what is going on?? just a better way to milk the cow called FK and Umera Ahmed? Man if it was FK and MK coming together again they would have done 3 launch shows probably you know like some people do 3 dholkis before a shaadi, and you are left wondering why…

    • What happened to the ZGH launch show that was supposed to be on sunday, I have not seen anything about it?? I wish they would stop just throwing things around on these so called official fb pages, they obviously don’t know anything.

      • Yes, one expects better from Humtv atleast. but the SeZ show replaced the ZGH launch show I guess. Waise bhi I’m not in favour of launch shows…there’s enough hype to begin with!

        • Yes! – Forget the Launch show and move on with the drama

          I am sure FK wouldn’t come to the launch show anyway as he misses out on most live shows events as it is. Even that SEZ show could have been moved onto a Sunday or something.
          Why so much delay, i refuse to understand!

  41. Agreed! yaar @SK: so with you – ke this whole thing is now turning into a joke – the left hand doesn’t seem to know what the right one is doing!
    Seriously, sabar ka paimana ab labraiz ho gaya hai! Yes, @Afia, perhaps in the bigger picture it is better that there is no launch show – I don’t want to let my expectations get too out of hand with all the hype :/

  42. I think doing a morning show is sufficient. No need to over-hype this. Let the work do all the talking once it starts. Look at what happens to hyped stuff like Ashk :p And then stuff like Coke Kahani comes around without any assumptions and completely blows you away!

      • oh really! what happened to the 24 episodes?? I guess they want to end it before ZGH starts lol
        that’s going to be one crazy last episode!

          • Omg…really??? I was expecting 3 more, that’s good then, zaibu leaving won’t be dragged!!!
            You guys think its coz of ZGH? Different channels and teams though, why would they care?

            • i dunno since you raised that point, I was just thinking Geo might be coming up with a competitive serial (hard to imagine though…) hence not dragging that ashki thing anymore (but i guess they were originally planning to) , in order to retrieve some of the viewers that have hooked themselves to hum and surely lot more will after seeing zgh on air…not really sure but you never know …LOL

            • I think all these people made a deal not to air ZGH until ashk ends or else they will lose their viewership. This is why ZGH has been delayed for umm 3 months now ??

              Had hai!

      • the lyrics are indeed zabardast! 🙂

        Here are the transcribed lyrics, courtesy Umera Ahmed Official page :

        Zindagi Khaak Na Thi Khaak Uratey Guzri
        Tujh Say Kiya Kehtay Teray Paas Jo Aatay Guzri
        Din Jo Guzra Tu Kisi Yaad Ki Ro Mai Guzra
        Shaam Aayi Tu Koi Khuwaab Dikhatay Guzri
        Tujh Say Kiya Kehtay Teray Paas Jo Aatay Guzri
        Acchay Waqton Ki Tamanna Mai Rahi Umar-e-Rawaan
        Waqt Aisa Tha Kay Bus Naaz Uthatay Guzri
        Tujh Say Kiya Kehtay Teray Paas Jo Aatay Guzri
        Raat Kiya Aayi Kay Tanhayi Ki Sargoshi Mai
        Ghum Ka Aalam Tha Magar Suntay Sunatay Guzri
        Tujh Say Kiya Kehtay Teray Paas Jo Aatay Guzri

        Naseer Turabi

        Apparently written especially for ZGH!

        • Thank you so much.. i actually went for re-play to understand lyrics more clearly.. but still was unable to understand some lines.. this reply worked for me:)

  43. I seriously do not know what the lyrics are saying due to so many cute and heart melting zaroon kashaf clips keeping me glued… just might match ashar khirad!

  44. WaoOo the zaroon-kasha scenes in the OST are so cute and some of them are looking like asher- khirad ones. Let’s see will they create the same magic.

    • That’s exactly what I thought of hoorean! The Asher Khirad scenes have been so stamped in our memory that I could totally pick out the ones that were copied from Humsafar! Bed wala scene mirror wala scene – sanam is wearing red too oddly enough in that one! And they went for a similar hairstyle you know middle part and all. Khair it’s still cute just hatin’ that it is copied from farhat’s novel 😦

      Thanks for the lyrics SZ u could not make out most of it – a problem I always have with hadiqa’s singing sadly no different here 😦 song is way too mellow for me . Hoping Ali ‘s version is much better! Zara Zor se gana tha yaar akhir zindagi rothee thodi hai gulzar hai : p

    • @hoorean: yep! same person, a very well-know senior poet… thanks to these OSTS and drama discussions we are all learning so much more about our literary greats – 🙂

  45. OK I am totally cracking up every time they show ASHER’s picture in the ZGH posters they have up!!! Like seriously they could not put up a picture from ZGH???? Yaar FB pages se hi uttha laitay – seriously!
    And oh yeah this was the first time I’ve heard Umera Ahmed and boy she is totally to the point – very much like her writings! 🙂 found that interesting!

    • HUGELY disappointed by ashar’s pic (yeh bhi din aana tha keh I’m disappointed by ashar’s pic?). How could our leading production house not manage to have the right pic up? hadh hai.

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