My Encounter with Silk by Fawad Khan

Given our inordinate fascination with all things Fawad Khan AND our unquestionable interest in clothes AND our recent conversations, about close encounters of the celeb kind, I would be extremely remiss if I did not share this story, which just happens to brings together all of our fave elements. This, friends, is the story of my encounter with Silk by Fawad Khan.

To begin with, like other good self-respecting fans, I joined the Silk page long before we knew what exactly was going on. Hazarded a guess or two, heard the rumors etc, but ultimately what did it matter, it was a page endorsed by Mr. MAN himself – but of course I was gonna hit the Like tab.

Fast forward a few weeks to the first publicity shots, and my first thought: God! Could Mr. MAN be any more droolicious?!

Another few days in and SFK started unveiling their collection, and all kidding aside I really liked their stuff. I may not understand fashion but I do know what I like. I appreciated the simplicity of the cuts, the clean lines, vibrant colors, and no-fuss prints. The fusion of a decidedly eastern sensibility with a distinct western flair was very appealing. The other Pakistani stuff is cool n all but I cannot include it as a part of my everyday wardrobe – whereas this stuff I could. Moreover, as a result of not having gone back home in the past few years my closet needed some serious updating. Given this combo of want and need, the simple elegance of SFK designs was an easy sell.

Before their first exhibition, I got in touch with SFK and inquired about the possibility of ordering online. Though they expressed their inability to do so at the time, due to logistical issues, what made an immediate impression was their professionalism; their replies were courteous, detailed and prompt.

After the launch, when I saw pics of everyday people wearing SFK shirts, and looking good in them, I knew I wanted a couple. I inquired again, and yes, this time around I could order online, but since their web store wasn’t yet up, we exchanged a whole bunch of messages figuring out sizes, availability of colors and styles. Once again got prompt and patient responses to my 1001 queries.

A friend and I ordered together and one of her shirts required a slip, something not obvious from the pictures, but conveyed to us by SFK. I don’t know if slips are regularly included, but in this case they not only volunteered the information, but added it in without additional charge. Needless to say this gesture was much appreciated.

A lot of back n forth later we finalized the order and I thought I was done with SFK. You cannot even begin to imagine my surprise when I got a phone call from the very charming Sadaf (yes, Mrs. MAN herself) to make sure we were on the same page and all queries on my part were fully answered. This level of attention to detail and this kind of professionalism was above and beyond expectations – I was floored.

Upon notification that my package had shipped, I happily closed the book on my very pleasant experience with SFK. Little did I know that rather than being the grand finale, this was just the interval – picture abhi baaqi thi mere dost

No prizes for guessing what happened next – the package did not arrive. It was a huge mistake on my part to opt for delivery through express mail rather than choosing the courier option. Khair, both of us, SFK on their end and I on mine, tried to locate the missing parcel. Visits to the post office and phone calls to various offices yielded the info that it had never reached the US. Further queries in Pakistan revealed that it had gotten offloaded at Bahrain and never sent on to the US. 

I’ve already praised SFK’s customer service, but this where they ratcheted it up another notch. Since I hadn’t received the package, they offered to send another shipment to replace the original order, and since some of the stuff I had ordered was no longer in stock they would simply refund that amount! I know this is done in the US, but is this now standard practice in Pakistan as well? If so, then that’s really impressive. For me, this gesture, from a Pakistani vendor, was completely unexpected.

While going through the process of once again finalizing the order, we got news that the package had finally made it to the US. A huge sigh of relief was heaved on both sides. SFK showed their class yet again when they voluntarily refunded the shipping cost to apologize for the delay.

Though the package had made it to the US, it then got stuck in customs in NYC. By now this whole story had been going on for more than a month and I had pretty much given up on getting the package intact. But, guess what, one fine day it just showed up on my doorstep, all stuff accounted for.  The over-stretched 100+ episode soap had finally found its way to a happy ending.

So after all this, were the shirts worth it? Yes! They look just as pretty in my closet as they did in the catalog. There were no hanging threads, loose buttons or unsightly seams (huge pet peeves). The material could’ve been slightly thicker, but again it was designed for Pakistani summers and here I was wearing it in chilly October. Would I order from SFK again? Sure, if they do not compromise on quality, continue offering designs and cuts with a similar sensibility, and consider a thicker gauge silk more suitable for the cooler weather, I would definitely get more stuff from them. Would I recommend SFK to others? Absolutely!

Though I had no interaction with Mr. MAN himself, my 1+ celeb encounter was just as noteworthy. After an extended interaction with them, from the end of July till a couple of days ago, I have no qualms in saying that SFK is a class act in and of itself. Though I came to Silk via Mr. MAN I will now stay for Mrs. MAN – Sadaf and her SFK team are fabulous!

Finally, underlying all the lightheartedness is a more serious intent. How often is it that we read a feel-good story coming out of Pakistan, of things done right. More often than not, if its not about dirty politicians or blatant corruption or quotidian violence or endemic socio-economic problems, then its about about celebs indulging in outrageous acts or shooting off their mouths to garner cheap publicity. If, among all this, there are individuals working hard the old-fashioned way, not looking for shortcuts to make a quick buck, then their efforts deserve to be highlighted. We are quick to criticize, why not be equally eager to applaud?

Here’s wishing Mr. & Mrs. MAN tons of luck and looking forward to bigger and better things from SFK!

Written by SZ~


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  1. You have no idea how excited I got as I read this story. Wow! You might be looking beautiful wearing them. They are working on a new collection these days, I hope it turns out to be just as exciting as this one. I am planning on getting a few dresses from it . Last time I was stripped off money as I had spent all my pocket money on ‘fazool’ stuff:(
    thanks for sharing your experience! It is so thoughtful of the team and Sadaf Fawad Khan,herself to follow the trail of all their orders being placed. InshaALLAH they’ll make it big in the fashion industry if they do not lose their professionalism, which they would not 🙂 Akhir Silk by Fawad Khan hai !! Yay I love this post!

  2. Heela! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

    Let me confess that I felt weird about posting this right after our very serious conversations about clothes and our unlimited desires after watching SeZ — I almost added in a disclaimer saying something to the effect that Please dont judge me!!! I swear I’m so not a Falak! 😉

  3. @SZ Haven ‘liked’ the page in the first few days and then seen the collection many times over, I could totally picture the whole scenario 🙂 So happy you got good service and finally the shirt…..btw which one did you end up getting? I didn’t think I could do justice to those shirts so I got one for my sister- the yellow & white one with the blue ‘bail’ in the middle.
    I am also indebted to Sadaf (aka Mrs Man) coz she pulled me out of a crowd so that I could meet Mr. Man! A (very sweet) cousin of mine is her friend and had requested her. So even though she was super busy at the launch, she managed to remember her friend’s request and I love her for that!
    Have you sent her a link for this?

    • Oh! I really liked that one you describe, I had originally thought about getting it in black, but somewhere along the line, dropped it. Between my friend and I we got all the shirts I have posted pictures of, except the yellow that Sadaf’s wearing…

      LOL! So how was the meeting with Mr. MAN?

      Yep, sent the link to Silk 🙂

  4. @SZ Good choice, happy wearing!
    Well yaar, I’d thought if I get to meet him then I won’t be shy and just say what comes from the heart. With age, I’ve become more confident and now if I see a celebrity etc I just go and tell them all the things I like about them- no sharm etc. So I ranted on about all the dramas I liked of his and he kept going ‘thankyou, thank you’. My (ailing and aging) father who never used to watch dramas, was a fan of humsafar and saw FK’s showdown with Atiqa thrice 🙂 even he loved FK there. So I told him about that and he said “Please thank him from me”….Asked him if he checked twitter at all (coz he has an account) but he said no and whatever we have to write, write it on fb. I’d taken the latest Glam mag along which had his photo shoot ‘n interview and he autographed that. He was very gracious, totally Mr. Nice Guy!

  5. Haha no! no! This post is actually quite cute and I have already read it out to my family:) they love it…. Sadaf Fawad Khan is indeed very sweet, though I haven’t been lucky enough to meet this couple anywhere but all those who have, say that both of them are really courteous and sweet. Something rarely found, as many (not all of them) famous people have airs 🙂 I am very unlucky, I missed two opportunities(read Golden chances) of meeting Fawad Khan. Once, when he came to Islamabad for a concert and one of my acquaintances was in the security team. He even offered us the passes to backstage and the second time , when he came for his brand’s promotion to Islambad in Ramzan:( Alas! Maybe next time:( Uff Allah please grant me a meeting with Fawad Khan ! Please!

  6. At this point My greatest joy in life is that Lucky Mrs Fawad and I share the same first name . And on a truly tragic note , I have heard Sadaf Fawad Khan is not only smart and business savvy but a lovely person . Apparently HE is the one lucky to have her. I’m sure you can see the pain this causes the female population . But am willing to suck it up and wish them well 😉

  7. @Afia, Wow! Your meeting with Fawad Khan is a treat to read:D I wish I could speak to a celebrity like that too but I am always inarticulate and can not fetch words to express my gratitude to them :p

  8. @Sadaf 🙂 how magnanimous of you! Plz count me in as well in wishing them the best always!
    @Heela, My dear, with age, you’ll be just fine… jawani mein sharm ziada aati hai….
    I think I should go to sleep now…early morning school routine starts…shab a khair.

  9. So I also got all excited when I saw SFK was launching, kept looking at the designs for the longest time, wondering if it was worth making the jump. I was like well Eid is coming up, Why not??? I had a great experience with them! I got two outfits, the black and red backed one and also the one you have a photo in yellow and maroon, but I got black and maroon( As you can see, love black!!!) But yeah they were very cordial, responded to queries very quickly and with great detail. I also got it by express, which did take a long time and almost got lost too. Really should have done Courier! Unlike you however, didn’t get the pleasure of Mrs Fawad Khans personal phone call, but the shirts are lovely, very classy and elegantly designed and yes they are probably better for summer than winter. The customer service was indeed fab, and hope they stay that way.

    • haha glad to know I wasn’t the only one who tried to skimp on the shipping 😉 Hmm .. I wonder if yours was one of three that were lost with mine …

  10. SZ , please delete the second one:) yes what about Ashk , will wait for a write up or have the production time scared us all into submission?

  11. BTW , that scene where Fawad oops Rohail drags Zaibu away from Chinki was priceless ,even better than the Fawad in a suite scene from last week …….

    • yes, that scene was the pick of an otherwise beyond bakwas ep. Will write soon IA 🙂

      Btw, you didn’t say what did you get from sfk? I’m sure you must’ve liked the page right along with us way back when 😉

  12. The clothes look really nice! I am honestly surprised about their professionalism because I have never heard of service like that in Pakistan. Good for them, mashallah!

    Dude, first Sania Maskatiya, now Silk by Fawad Khan? I think I need to crash your closet after Falak’s!

    • With you on that Nadia – I was pleasantly surprised as well, that’s why wanted to share 🙂

      Yaar! @Ash and @Nadia: LOL ok, so I confess do enjoy clothes, BUT in my defense I am one of those weirdos who actually wears western stuff for hanging out and dresses up in desi stuff for work and other prof commitments … so I do need quite a lot of clothes… and thats why SFK’s no frills styles were very appealing. Waisey more than welcome to come check out my closet 😉

  13. Finally I get to read the most awaited story after hearing glimpses of it! I got mine last month sent kindly by my cousin as an early birthday present (yeah my family is more cheap and cautious; I get personal couriers aka my khala to hand in stuff to me)! My cousin also claimed that they were quiet professional in their dealings and very helpful. I just ignored because all I could think was, if u are in FK store, how could anything go wrong naaa? Congratulations SZ, I am sure they look beautiful on you, only thing that got underestimated on the top I got sent was “size”. Sadaf or FK if u are reading this, can we please have size for girls with um curves :O pleasseeeeeeee pleasssssssseeeeeeeeee

  14. Dear All,

    This is the first time i have visited this page following the article. Extremely happy to see all the appreciation and praise for the brand.

    A big thank you to all of those who we’ve met in person and they have been kind enough to compliment us. Means a lot.

    We are working on a truly limited Eid collection. Much more will roll out in the winter season as we are determined to keep setting new trends in the industry.

    Sadaf Fawad Khan

    • Hi Sadaf! Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment and share 🙂

      You have an amazing team working with you, and you guys were just excellent to deal with. Here’s to hoping that we continue to see the same, if not better, quality stuff coming from SFK 🙂

      Good luck!

  15. so i am sitting here on my lunch break and i open my facebook and i see your blog shared by FK and i scream, all the people are looking at me LOL but congragulations SZ 🙂 I hope they gift you free stuff now 🙂

  16. OH WOW SZ what an AWESOME STORY!! I would definitely be floored by their customer service too! I’ve only had one encounter with customer service via Gul Ahmed and overall it was a decent one.
    I like the concept of design on silk but their current stuff did not appeal to me and I started missing my beautiful anaar red silk outfit that I had bought ages ago which was ruined after one wash. Hopefully they will offer something in anaar color next year and it would be reasonably priced with pretty designs so I can order it 😀

    Thank you for sharing this experience! it is always so helpful because I order a lot online too and for me Customer Service is KEY!! If I do not get that, I do not bother to visit that site again no matter how much I like their stuff.

    • @Annie – yeah that was the point of the post – b/c like you I buy a lot of stuff online, but given my past experiences with them, have generally tended to give vendors from PK a pass, but this time i really had to, you know majboori n all ;), but honestly when all this was going on I just couldn’t believe their level of professionalism– so share karna to banta tha … it would’ve been unfair of me to not not say something after all their efforts 🙂

      • I completely agree with you. I usually send a thank you email (since I don’t blog) to their customer service team if a company has totally floored me w/ their level of service. It is quite rare for sure!

  17. LOVELY post!! thanks for sharing this with us! now we all know how to order from next time.
    I ve had some bad experiences ordering from pakistan and so did some friends so its really good to read this and how you had a great experience and that too ordering from someone in pakistan. Their summer collection was really nice but now that summer is over will be looking out for the winter one!

    And congrats, FK , Mr Man himself posted it on his wall as well as the SFK page!! =D tusi te chaa gaye!!

    now if only Fawad Khan himself came on the website himself! Oh well at least Mrs FK decided to stop by, that was pretty cool! 🙂

  18. Hey friend, I get up this morning and the world’s changed! Ok- that’s a bit of an exaggeration but baat hi aisi thi! Mubarak Mubarak – you’re the best!

    • LOL Afia! You’re too cute! Naah you’re the celebrity here – a real trailblazer with your cake 🙂 Waisey still very envious abt your story – have decided absolutely pukka to visit Lhr whenever I come next – can you show me the “sights” ? 😉

  19. Very interesting encounter SZ. Happy to heard about such professional approach. After all Silk is associated with FK na ;). I also liked their stuff and elegant designs. Hope they have something good in store for winters as well.

    I was trying to comment but dk what’s wrong from the last 2 days as i press post comment button there comes an error n then even the blog was not responding 😦

  20. Congratulation SZ! You article has been shared everywhere. This experience is totally worth a read:D
    It is great to hear that the Eid Collection will be launched soon, So I shall not buy something for Eid abhi! Yay!

    • haha – yes, there you go! phir na kehna mujhe khabar nahin hui – you got the news right from Mrs. MAN herself! Go check out the exhibition when it happens and come back and report on it for all of us bechaaras who don’t have the pleasure of living in Pakistan! 😉

  21. Heela, SZ once called me her eye ‘n ears in lahore so here’s some breaking news for you which I overheard today! I was in Labels (MM Alam rd, Vogue towers) today (@SZ: not shopping for myself I may add but I did try on a delicious Sania M. shirt) when I overheard a conversation between the three salegirls who’d ignored me completely since I’d entered the otherwise empty shop. All three were v young, wearing a uniform of white shirt and black trousers, talking in urdu but with a heavy punjabi accent. My guess is they were from the large christian community here in lahore.
    “Tuesday ko exhibition hai. …12 bajay tak aajana…tyaar ho ke aana…. Fawad Khan bhi ayega….Mascara shascara laga ke aana….snickers….Madam ne kaha hai larkian chahiyain dressing room ke pass kharay hone ke liye….apni behen ko le aana…12-13 designer hon ge”
    So Heela maybe you should plan a quick trip to lhr on Tuesday. I asked them later ‘n they confirmed that this is in preparation for eid and all the designers will have new things. They said it’s open to public. So there!

    • That’s it! I am on my way. I think I’ll
      Make it by Tuesday! :).

      You def are the insider! you know what that means … Be there Tuesday 12pm. Hehe.

      • Yaar! Seriously! I’m so with you guys @Ash and @SK — chalo chalo Lahore chalo — 🙂

        @Afia: Thank so much for the update – love your detailed aankhon dekha haal!! Yes, I’m with @Heela, please go to this Labels exhibit as our roving field reporter with your camera handy and come back n report – and haan, dont forget the most important detail – mascara shashkara 😉 If you happen to run into SFK or FK say hi to them from all of us here and tell them how much we enjoyed their visit here 🙂
        So which Sania M design did you try on? Any of Falak’s wardrobe, which of course none of us want anymore because we’ve all sudhro-ed so much! 😉

        @Sadaf: LOL! If Sadaf’s still following and reading this, then perhaps she could respond here, or I would just inbox Silk with the request — I think from reading the response to this post, everybody’s had a very positive interaction with their customer service team — and then please do share your story 🙂

      • Well, now that I know I’d be stupid not to make a trip na? Even though I have no idea when the SZ’s “sights” are going to be there. Waise my guess is that it will be attended my Sadaf for sure, not necessarily FK himself cos Sadaf’s the person behind it all.
        I tried on a rustish reddish satiny shirt that had a couple of turkish dervish swirling on the front daman and persian verses written all over the back in a big font size- SeZ type.

      • On the funny side, generally people want to run away from Pakistan any chance they get- Chalo FK ke bahane tum log soch toh rahe ho yahan aane ka 😉 What a service to the nation FK’s done !

      • @Afia: LOL! Yes FK, true, but on this blog, a huge credit goes to you for being such a fabulous spokesperson for all of Lhr’s “attractions”!! I think Punjab tourism board owes you big time!! 😉

    • Oh Afia thanks for this info. As this time they don’t advertise anywhere about the dates of exhibition. But see your visit to Labels done it all woh b bilkul muft. 😉 If it is on Tuesday will definitely gonna visit maybe Fk a hi jae 😀

      • hoorean: After Afia’s insider info, I saw the ad for the event on Labels’ FB page, where the full details were announced, so you might want to check that out.

        @Fariha: Aah, lucky! you get to visit Pakistan and that too Lahore – the topic of all convos here -lol! And now, I hope you know that you have to come back and share your trip details with us 🙂

      • Good luck Hoorean! Maybe we should offer to be the girls standing outside the dressing room, counting the no. of items taken inside 😉

  22. @Afia thank you! And yes SZ has most rightly called you her eyes and ears in Lahore because you gave me such a detailed insight of your trip to Labels. I wish I didn’t have a major test on Tuesday, I would have made a plan. I have never visited Lahore.Attending Silk by Fawad Khan’s exhibition would have been real fun. I hope they launch soon at La’telier 🙂 thanks a lot for informing:) lol@ mascara shaskara:p Why doesn’t Labels open in Islamabad?! If you get a chance to visit it on Tuesday, let us know if you get to meet Mr.MAN again;)

    • @Heela: Looking at how fab a job @Afia’s doing in covering the happenings in Lhr, I’m now going to request you to be our “insider” in Islamabad – after all hamen har shehr ke barey main khabren honi chahiye! 😉

      Anybody here from my city Karachi?? Any volunteers? :p

  23. @Afia: OOh! I love that one!! That whole calligraphy line is fabulous! Yaar, when you go on Tues, can you ask when does SM they have their clearance sales? 😉

  24. That’ll be great 😀 😀 I am taking up the role of an ‘insider’ most gladly yay! Now I will be doing it for all you along with my family( yeah I am their reporter too) :p I hope they host a launch exhibition here in Islamabad too. Fingers crossed!

  25. @Afia & @Heela: Hey so you guys all set for the exhibition tomorrow?!?! uff so jealous right now, and wishing I was in lahore!

    make sure to get some good shots of FK, oh and the new clothes! 😀

  26. Their fb page says its on the 17th and 18th now. I’m pretty sure FK won’t come himself if that’s any consolation,,,Even at the launch he was there for about an hour and then left. The 2 main exhibition days, he came just once for a little while. All the ladies coming there were pretty disappointed but still proudly held their “Silk by Fawad Khan” bags 🙂

    • Afia, tou phir please 17-18th ko jaana zaroor and tell us about whats in and whats out for Eid – after all you are our correspondent there 😉

    • Afia: Dont know how people in Pakistan keep up with designer stuff there – I wasnt even done admiring Sania M’s SeZ stuff and the newer calligraphy stuff, ke she’s now come up with her latest line for Eid! 😦 Might as well follow in Falak’s footsteps kyonke keeping up with fashion is an extremely expensive hobby!

      • You’re telling me. I’ve never bought anything from these designers coz it just doesn’t seem worth it. Main aur mera darzi hi designer ban jaate hain. But there are so many super moneyed people that designers ka kaam acha jalta hai. Plus you living abroad can’t depend on darzis na so kaheen se to lena hi hai.
        Btw ever since FK brought silk into the game, two other designers have jumped onto the silk bandwagon. Sadaf (Fawad khan) cleverly acknowledged their arrival into silk on SILK by FK fb page. you might’ve noticed.

  27. @Afia exactly, I saw those posts too:p You name it and the brand has launched a silk collection Fawad Khan started it…Now Sana Safinaz, Sobia Nazir and even Nishat Linen have launched their collections in Silk. WOW!
    I just came back from shopping, all the stores offered quite a lot of dresses in the silk fabric. It is just that they have paired it with some other cloths for instance Sobia Nazir’s range has Khaddar Kameezes and Trousers….and Nishat has linen made up like Satin silk:)
    looking forward to your report 😉
    @ SZ It is extremely hard to keep up with these trends and new collections every season. These big names such as GulAhmed, Alkaram and Bareeze launch around 4 collections for each season which are usually limited so the ‘bulk shopping’ isn’t a good idea now adays, keeping in mind the changing trends and cuts:(

  28. Went to the exhibition for a little while this morning. Lots of ladies there but no FK or Sadaf fk. Waise their new range was there. Came home after the school run and got an sms from a friend who is a huge fan of FK that he was expected at the exhibition around 7 pm. 🙂 After much deliberation we decided to let this one pass. My friend had met him earlier this year at Ashk’s shooting. She wants to lose weight before seeing him again (as if he’s bothered!) and I have a kid who needs to be taught for an exam tomorrow. And one more reason : FK yeh na kahe Aunties/Bari Apas toh stalker ban gayee hain!
    The new shirts were ok. One design is on the silk fb page, also available in maroon n black. The two other designs (shirt dupatta) were nice too but not v exciting.One had a little tilla I think- 12,000 rs for 2 pieces.

    • Afia! Too good yaar! Love all the details and loved your I’m-on-a-diet friend even more 🙂 Saw the pic of the new shirt- liked it, but not enough to go gaga over – am looking forward to their winter collection now. Loling at the stalking aunties bit 😉 Good luck for your baccha’s exam 🙂 IA accha hi hoga, after all you gave up FK to make the kid study 😉

  29. Thank you s much for updating us @Afia Qazi. I likens the second design uploaded today, it is cool and yeah the burgandy too, it has made it big internationally so burgagandy seems a good option for Eid:)
    Thank you!

  30. The burgandy is in the same signature print:) they had uploaded it, I guess the picture was uploaded right after the yellow one 🙂

  31. Omg! I loved reading this!!!!!!!
    I like the couple too, they are great! And the best part is how he supports her! I met him once, he was a chief guest at a school’s earth hour event in Lahore. The guy is so amazingly courteous!
    And who hasn’t heard their love story! The two had the cutest lI’ve story of all!

    • @gulhasnat: Hey! great to hear from another FK follower! And thanks for sharing your FK story 🙂 Have you had any such close encounters of the celeb kind? Do share! We love hearing about those!
      Yes, I am US based 🙂
      P.S. did you read Sadaf’s comment? ^^ She’s really nice, and yes, they are a lovely couple!

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