Shehr-e Zaat – Episode 15 Review

Abou Ben Adhem (may his tribe increase!)
Awoke one night from a deep dream of peace,
And saw, within the moonlight in his room,
Making it rich, and like a lily in bloom,
An angel writing in a book of gold:—
Exceeding peace had made Ben Adhem bold,
And to the Presence in the room he said
“What writest thou?”—The vision raised its head,
And with a look made of all sweet accord,
Answered “The names of those who love the Lord.”
“And is mine one?” said Abou. “Nay, not so,”
Replied the angel. Abou spoke more low,
But cheerly still, and said “I pray thee, then,
Write me as one that loves his fellow men.”

The angel wrote, and vanished. The next night
It came again with a great wakening light,
And showed the names whom love of God had blessed,
And lo! Ben Adhem’s name led all the rest.
James Henry Leigh Hunt

Miniature depicting Abou Ben Adhem visited by angels. Attributed to the Lucknow/Faizabad artist Hunhar, c. 1760-1770

How apt was it to see Falak reading this 19th c Leigh Hunt poem to the young girl, describing an angelic visitation experienced by one of the most prominent among the earliest Sufis – Abou Ben Adhem. An 8th c prince, Adhem is most well-known for the renunciation of his throne and all worldly possessions, leaving all behind to lead an ascetic lifestyle. He is widely remembered for his countless acts of kindness and righteousness. Here Adhem’s asceticism does not refer to shunning the world and roaming around in jungles and deserts, nor does it refer to wearing certain kinds of clothes or following prescriptive rituals. This asceticism is beyond the realm of the obvious. It calls for a walking away from the superficial materialism of this world, a conscious rejection of all the various luxuries we everyday folk deem as necessities. This is the kind of asceticism where one needs to take a long hard look at everything around, assessing and evaluating through the eyes of those not so fortunate. This is the kind of asceticism that comes out of expunging israaf and introducing qana’at in one’s life. This is the kind of asceticism that naani has been trying to convey all along to her daughter and nawaasi. This is the asceticism that Falak is now learning to appreciate. This is the kind of asceticism that spirituality is all about – clearing out the debris of wants and desires blocking the pathway, opening it for the true Beloved to enter His real abode, the longing human heart. This is what spirituality is all about – inviting the makeen into the makaan and transforming it into a ghar.  This ascetic spirituality is what Shehr-e Zaat is all about.

The Falak we saw today is a far cry from the flighty Falak we first met fourteen weeks ago. That beautifully made up Falak had no qualms in cursing away a beggar, who dared to touch the widow of her car. He was dirty and he was messing her car, it was as simple as that. This new barefaced Falak, on the other hand, has no hesitation in striking up a conversation with a random boy selling newspapers by the roadside. This Falak has no problems in walking into a poorest of poor neighborhood and hugging the dead boy’s sister. Yes, this poor girl is probably just as dirty and smelly as the boy whom she had swatted off all those weeks ago, but today when Falak meets this girl she doesn’t see the dirt and the filth, she doesn’t smell the body odor, all she sees reflected in the girl’s face is the face of the One she now wants to call her own. Falak’s involuntary hug said it all – empathy, sorrow, aiteraaf, pashemaani, iltija, a medley of emotions expressed exquisitely in that one silent but heartfelt gesture. Mahira Khan, you render me speechless –I didn’t even realize I had tears rolling down my face till long after.

In her journey, from wujood to zaat, from majazi to haqeeqi, Falak is now at the point where she is now beyond assigning blame, either on others or herself. This is the calm after the storm where she has distanced herself and is now assessing the damage. Upon returning from the dead boy’s very humble abode she enters her own luxuriously appointed house and looks around as if for the first time. And perhaps it is indeed the first time that she has actually seen all that is around her. How could she have spent a lifetime here and never really taken it all in?  A big question indeed, one that she asks herself as she wearily climbs up the stairs to her bedroom and then looks out the window at all the beauty that lies beyond. How could she have been so blind? Khizar Idrees’ camerawork was exceptional here – from the moment Falak walked into her house to where she stood beautifully framed between the drawn window curtains. Excellent stuff!

Falak’s breakdown arising out of her impatience with a still uncomprehending Mehrunnisa was brilliant. I’m not sure where Mahira is drawing on all this angst, but watching her lose herself completely in Falak and letting it all out was amazing. Hina Bayat was once again her quietly impressive self. The amount of emotion she manages to bring to her character without having much to say is truly exceptional. I wonder how long it will take Mehrunissa to remove the lens of materialism through which she tends to view the world. Her inane chatter about chiffon clothes from India and boring Pakistani designers would be funny if it weren’t so tragic. Here is a woman whose daughter is undergoing a metamorphosis right in front of her eyes, but the way she willfully ignores the changes in Falak is a very apt commentary on the hypocrisy we see all around us. We are happy to “discuss” issues like religion, spirituality, simplicity, charity, only as long as we don’t have to deal with them first hand. There is no way this hi-fi mom wants her daughter turning into naani’s twin. As far as Mehrunnisa’s concerned, there’s plenty of time for doing that later in one’s life; hence her inability to get why Falak is not the least bit interested in Salman anymore.

Speaking of Salman, he made a brief appearance; somehow Mikaal’s scene with Seemi Pasha did not leave that great an impact on me. What I did love though was how turn by turn all characters are being compelled to stand in front of the metaphorical mirror. Turns out Mr. Ansar has a few skeletons hidden in his closet as well. Though this is primarily Falak’s story and we are following her journey, other characters too are fellow travelers. In turn all are being asked to self-evaluate as they take one step away from wujood and move that much closer to zaat.

With two more weeks left to go, Falak’s journey will end soon; she has realized her mistakes and is in the process of turning over a new leaf. The important question here is how much have we grown in these fifteen or so weeks. Like Mehrunnisa, we too have been talking the talk, but are we walking the walk like Falak? How many times have we stood in front of the mirror? Have we liked what we’ve seen reflected?

Such then is the power of Shehr-e Zaat, it is not just a serial one watches for mindless entertainment and later forgets. Shehr-e Zaat is about life lessons that we all can reflect on and heed, drawing on the imparted wisdom to better our lives. For giving us so much to think about – thank you Umera and Sarmad – much respect …

Written by SZ~

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  1. Beautiful review SZ. I caught the play in snatches as we had guests over but I’m going to see it again now to savour it in whole. One of my family members relates to it on a very personal level. She too never really felt the presence of God in everyday life (thought not totally like Falak) until she lost her 10 yr old son a few yrs back. Gradually her faith got v strong because as she says that if you don’t have faith then nothing else make sense. Last night it was a chilling moment when we saw the scene together where Falak says “woh meri pasandeeda cheez thi, usse mujh se juda toh hona hi tha.”


    • Thanks for sharing the story, Afia – sent a chill down my spine as I read it. As a mother I cannot even begin to imagine the kind of pain she must have gone through. Truly it is incidents like these that bring you closer to God. I hope your relative’s renewed faith has helped her moved forward in life.

      Do come back and share your thoughts after you’ve seen the entire episode araam se…


    • Thank you for sharing the story. I fully relate to the scene about the
      “pasandeeda shay,” too, and the fact that faith–in the hearafter, culpability, and judgement–is what gives sense and reason to all the adversity we see or face personally in the world. Nothing would make sense otherwise, like you say.

      What a wonderful episode this was, once again.


      • very well said Madiha! We all know of someone who has lost a loved one too early in life and if they did not have faith to keep them grounded, they would have surely gone crazy.


  2. Superb episode and and an equally superb review! I love the Sufi slant with the Abou Adhem story and the emphasis on Huqqooq ul Ibad! Those of us who have lived away from Pakistan for many years (46 years in my case) but continue to visit each year have become acutely aware of the deprivation in the life of millions as opposed to the luxurious life style of a few! The callous complacency shown by Mehrunnisa on the death of Majid is a prime example of all this! I am not sure if it touched a raw nerve with me but I wept non stop through this episode!
    It is true that often a tragedy in one’s life brings one closer to One’s Creator and turning towards religion is the best form of psychthery! I do hope that Umera and Sarmad will be sensible enough to make a distinction between turning to fanaticism and intolerance and remaining true to the Sufi principles which this drama seems to be based on! Mahira was most impressive as the tormented Falak who is beginning to find solace in deeds on a higher plane!


  3. Another amazing review , it was simply a very heart touching episode.I am simply in awe of Mahira’s acting now.The scene between her and Mehrenussia she simply had the most amazing expressions.So it’s a calm phase of transition now but the depth in Falak’s character is increasing.She certainly is seeing the things from a new enlightentented prospective. Now she can see the unjustice everywhere around her and her more pampered state of living is a shock .
    Mother and daughter are now on the two very different pages but it’s the same with Mehrunissa and her mother.Her calm manner to Salman’s call was reflective of how much less bothered has she become. SZ i do see your point that for a hi fi mom this change will be difficult to accept ,but she is her only daughter and a love of a child preceedes all.Even if there ideology is different Mehrunissa should try to be more loving and patient for Falak mental’s peace because in there exchange it sure looked as Falak was on a verge of losing it.
    Abu bin Adehm though on a surface is a very simple poem but has a deeper meaning and a sufisitic connotation. Mahira narrated it beautifully. Loving other fellow men it’s easier said than done.How many of us can find it in our hearts to cry for strangers ,poors. as a nation for quiet sometime we have quiet become bayhis. On a traffic accident how many of us will really even stop our cars to inquire and see if someone needs any help?
    Again huge props to Sarmad,the way sunlight was captured on Falak’s face in her walk during her house ally was done very well ,makes me realize how far he has come. kuduos to Umera for her amazing script every week i feel in love a little more,my only complaint no nani this week 😦


  4. How can you write so beautifully and aesthetically…totally spellbound by your review SZ. It has surely done justice to awesome episode 🙂

    Very first i thought during watching the episode, that i won’t be able to write anything on this flawless episode.. but your review made me so.. the very first scene to me was like enjoying some happy moment and suddenly heard some terrible news.. it was beautifully directed and acted at same time.. The scene where falak goes to meet boy’s place was something i could relate to, wanted to say so much but not being able to.. and that hug was just up-to the mark and great way to end the scene.

    The dialogues following that scene were so hard hitting.. The best scene or rather scene of episode was falak showing what is junoon… the way she said this is not ALLAH’s fazal, rehmat.. this is Israaf.. Umera Ahmed always bring out something to make me think deeply..

    And its all about Makafaat-e-Amal that Ansar is facing.. it was good to see other characters facing their true reflection on mirror, last time it was hamza, to whom falak showed his reflection!

    I don’t know why but background music ‘Illahi teri chokhat’ makes me cry more.. amazing work is done on music and OST, which i have seen so rare.. Thumbs up Sarmad specially for this thing.

    Precap gave me shivers in my spine mostly when falak recite اهدِنَــــا الصِّرَاطَ المُستَقِيمَ i couldn’t hold my tears.. and finally we wil get to see nani next week:)

    Desperately waiting for next Friday!


  5. and i have to tell you that you have given a beautiful spot on explanation of the poem ,you simply are a brilliant writer


    • i second you javeria, she explains so beautifully that if one lacks in understanding some point, those too understand it completely 🙂


  6. The episode left me in constant tears and lingering thoughts about how far we are from zaat. How much we let materialistic things get in our way, whether or not we like to accept that. Constantly asking,constantly asking and sometimes thanking God. This episode made me realize how far I actually am from zaat and how close to other worldly things. Amazing transformation in Falak’s character, goes to say that everyone can get reach that point in life, its just a matter of when and how Allah makes it happen. Ask to be guided and you will be guided.
    SZ thank you for another well written review that breaks down this wonderful story, especially the background story on Adhem, loved it!!


    • Hey Asiya! Welcome 🙂 Thanks for enjoying the review. I’m so glad you joined in and shared your thoughts 🙂 Reading everybody’s perspectives always make me go back and reflect on all the insights that you guys provide. So keep sharing!!


  7. Hey SZ,
    With dramas like this no one can remain silent…every ep of SeZ is sooo sooooo sooooo beautiful that one has to praise the work of the actors, director n all the crew. This ep was just one of them, i wish i could find umera ahmed somehow and thank her personally for writing such beautiful and thought provoking story.
    Mahira khan, once again, was superb!!! For me that hug was the highlight of this ep. As u said Mahira’s expressions were amazing, she depicted every single emotion in those couple of secs so brilliantly that i could not hold my tears. Infact i wept through entire ep…so much thst my 5yr old son got worrried and asked me why i was crying…hehe.
    I didnt like the scene b/w salman and her mother. She looked a strong woman and suddenly she was begging her son tnot to talk to her like that. That was a bit weird. But Ansar’s realization oof his bad deeds was a nice to watch. He’s questioning himself just as every viewer of this drama must b doing these days.
    Agree with @rehmat, preview was also very chilling. Cant wait to see falak finally reaching somewhere in her search for Allah 🙂 also a glimpse of naani….missed her in this ep.
    Last but not least…thanks for a great review. I loved it. I now wait for your reviews just as much as i look forward to fridays 🙂


    • Awww – your son sounds like such a cutie 🙂 Did you happen to catch the ZGH promos? Now, that’s a sure shot to bring a huge smile to your face right away 😉


  8. A Great Review SZ! After your reviews, everything makes so much more sense. WOW! What an episode?! I simply loved the very composed and thoughtful Falak now. Here I will echo your thoughts on the fact that she doesn’t look that she ever was that egoistic Falak. I simply fell in love with Mahira’s expressions today. She told stories without saying anything. Her eyes<3

    Her little advice to the little girl was amazing, when she tell her 'keh samajh ke Parhogi toh aye ga'. She was analysing her own experiencing. Loved it! Loved it!

    thanks for yet another splendid review SZ:)


    • I agree Heela on that one dialogue. That was the gist of the episode – agar samajh ke paroh gai tow seekhnay mein asaani ho gi. Isn’t that the whole truth and nothing but the truth!


  9. Love your review! And exactly, loved how Falak no longer cared who she was getting involved with and who she was hugging. I like that so much!
    This episode was one of the best! I wanted to cry for some reason after watching it and the “Ilahi Teri Chaukat” track is so beautiful and how they used it, Awesome! Mahira acted wonderfully and even though Mikaal came for only a little bit he looked so cute! ❤ Loved the whole thing!It was magical!


  10. There was some shedding of tears here as well… It was a beautiful episode. My fav scene was the throwing-clothes-out-of-closet one. The way Mahira looks at her mom with disbelieving eyes was so well done. Mahira- you were fantastic!! Umera’s dialogues and Sarmad’s direction, the photography – it’s all a treat.
    On a lighter note, I was wondering what some of you were thinking when she was throwing her clothes away? Maybe you caught a few 😉 Or maybe we are a bit ashamed of ourselves and decide to let them go this once…


    • I was thinking about my closet and all the clothes that I don’t need or have only worn once never to wear them again 😦


  11. @Afia, it could not have been said in any better way. Love it. True that, I actually turned to my maid and said ‘Bus merey haath mein ajayein yeh kaprey’ but then I was like Taubah, this drama is show us the mirror. Our thoughts contradicted Falak’s dialogues :p very rightly said Afia:)


  12. Superb Review as usual Sz. The episode is never complete till I have not read your review. The way you explain everything with the sufi connotations and the spirituality…it makes the whole experience almost sublime!!!! I had missed the last episode so I sat down to watch it to get the whole flavor. The scene with Nadia Afghan was sooo amusing and the expression of helplessness and disgust on Mr Ansar’s face would have been funny if it was not so tragic. I loved Mohib and Mansha’s acting. They were both good.Mahira and Hina were excellent in both episodes. The materialistic mom not understanding the depth of her daughters transformation has been done beautifully by Hina. She still wants revenge from Salman whereas the daughter is now treading a different path altogether. This disconnection between mother and daughter is so common, in so many families in Pakistan that it is sad.The beautiful message of Umera Ahmed has been aptly portrayed in this fantastic serial and I salute Momina Duraid for this. Sarmad and the Director of Photography must be congratulated..Fantastic!! Will we ever have another serial with such depth? I don’t think it will be possible in the near will miss SeZ when it ends..Sigh!!!!


  13. Thank you! Loving the comments – keep them coming! All of your insights always add so much more to the whole experience of SeZ!

    @Afia: Sigh!! You bring up a excellent point. It was that junooni scene that made me write that second last para of the review admitting that we’ve all been talking the talk, but not really walking the walk – as in taking these lessons to heart. I will freely admit that watching Falak throw out her clothes I was literally going this one this one and that one too please! So yeah! clearly a long ways to go yet – naani would be so disappointed in us! We’re such bad wannabe nawaasis- she might just decide to disown us before even owning us!!! 😉

    And on naani I’m with all of you – yes!! naani! missed her so much! Usually these type of characters are my least favorite ones, and I usually ffwd their scenes thinking who wants to waste time on the long lecture, but Sarmad and Samina Peerzada really deserves so much applause for not letting naani slide into being a preachy character. Love her!!!

    Also missed Nadia aka Tabinda – once again don’t know how they’ve done this, but what is it about this very negative character that I was so so disappointed to not see her in this latest episode. Excellent stuff again by Sarmad and Nadia. Really want to see her as a leading lady very soon. Why do all our heroines always have to thin as a stick, fair complexioned, long haired??? Nothing against these girls, but for once I would like to see a heroine I can relate to as well. Somebody please listen!!!

    @Nusrat Baloch: I agree this is a very difficult subject to address and so far the balance has been beautifully maintained with its very middle of the road sensibility that is sadly becoming increasingly rare on our screens. Fingers crossed that the next two episodes will continue along the same path.

    @Mavra: yeah the Salman and his mom scene did not work for me either , that begging and pleading seemed out of character for the mother we’ve seen so far. By the way, I completely missed this, but on FB I see comments pointing out Seemi’s blooper where she tells Salman tum hamari eklauti aulad ho … Anybody else catch that?

    Yes, going to really really miss SeZ 😥


    • Read about the blooper on dp I think, but I didn’t even remember Salman had a brother…
      Have you noticed how a lot of families are shown in dramas with just one kid. Generally that’s not the case in Pak at all. I guess they want to simplify the story which is ok…. Falak, Khirad, Sara, Ashar (althought in the book he had two sisters), Junaid khan’s character in madiha maliha and ypnh, hassan of dastan, the three youngsters in Bari Apa are all only childs,


      • @Afia – About the blooper! I read about it here and there and I don’t know why people are so stuck on that. So what. Chotay motay mistakes chalte hain especially If the story is not revolving around them. I really don’t think it’s that important. …

        As for showing only one child , yes I dk why but maybe because of casting problems or finding the right person to fit into the character so they’d rather add “friends”.. Hardly Any Pakistani has just one child! :).


      • It might be possible that as we forgot that Salman has a brother who lives abroad and busy enough that it was impossible for him to take time out for his only brother’s wedding Salman’s mom also forget that she have another son .lolz
        Afia – Yes it is definetly not the case in Pakistan. Rarely in families people have only child 😀


      • LOL so true Afia about showing just one child when that is not the norm in most familes 😉 I think it makes it harder to write for additional siblings because then they would need to be in every other scene and would to say something whereas as Ash said, it is easier to add friends.


      • So true, easier to show friends- Aaj kal main friend mansha pasha hai- humsafar, SeZ, madiha maliha and even zgh if I am not wrong?


  14. This episode gives me goosebumps and i was like a statue analyzing my own self. SZ you are so right about saying that it is a story of mirrors and now this mirror is showing our reflection to us.
    The scene where Falak telling her mom and to us what is junoon… i don’t have words to explain my feelings. It shakes me so hard.I felt how nashukri i am. Overloaded with worldly goods and always crying for what i don’t have ”kyunk ye bhook hai jo khtam hi nh hoti” as Falak said. We are so messed up in duniya’s affairs k even though we tried hard hum duniya k hi ho k rh gay hai.
    This is undoubtedly my most most most favorite of SeZ. And how wonderfully Mahira acted over Umera’s brilliant dialogues. Excellently done.
    And Mehrunisa’s irritating indian chiffons, cuts, reasonable prices n blah blah was as difficult to bear as for Falak.
    I am feeling like SeZ’s evry installment is better from the previous one and it is really hard to chose which is the best one as are the SZ’s reviews.


    • the great thing is that you have come to the realization that something is wrong with owning a 100 pairs of shoes while a lot of people even after watching SeZ fall into the Mehrunissa category and go out on a shopping spree after watching an episode to get their mind off of things.


  15. Excellent review as always:) So true about how this is a mirror for our ownself. I was in constant tears through out most of this episode, from the boy being hit to Falak going to the child’s house. Agree with all of you, how that hug was just so touching. Mahira has just blown me away with her emotions week after week,if spoke still say she cant act they must be watching something else! I also loved when she comes back and looks at her house, as if she is amazed that she never realized what was outside these luxurious walls, how those things were now a source of unhappiness. Her search for her zaat truly is coming to the fore, and how well she has portrayed it. Throwing her clothes out, she definitely made me feel guilty for wanting them. I think I was so involved in her emotional junoon, it was an amazing scene. We do get too attached to material things, the bhook does never finish until.we die and then its all over. Nothing goes with us and then its too late to go back and fix things. What a drama, what a story. The whole team has done a fabulous job, it just gets better and better!


      • LOL Sk, yaar leave them. Your typos are so much fun and add so much color to the comments 😉

        So right about the bhook never ending.. so much to ponder on here …

        @Madiha: Great to see you here! finally we get to hear from you 🙂

        So true “faith–in the hearafter, culpability, and judgement–is what gives sense and reason to all the adversity we see or face personally in the world. Nothing would make sense otherwise..” Excellently put!


  16. SZ: Thank you for the poignant reviews. I just finished watching episodes 14 and 15 together as I did not get a chance earlier and then I rushed to read both your reviews and all the thoughtful comments. There is really not much left to say now. However, I will add one thing, Falak is still fortunate, in that she has been given the gift of “realization.” How sad it would be to waste one’s life away….I agree with Nusrat B, I hope they strike a proper balance in the end.

    One more point (so much for my one thing), a dear friend once told me that if a problem/azmaish/disaster strikes a person, one should not sit down and say that it is a punishment or play the blame game. Rather, one should stop and calmly assess one’s life to see how one can improve oneself. Maybe we did go wrong somewhere or
    maybe it is just God’s way of drawing us closer to Him.


    • Zka: What a beautifully profound thought you end with – agree with you completely!

      And to continue the thought from the ZGH thread – itni aadat ho gayi hai sabki ke even if one of our gang’s missing to I start wondering ke kahan ghayab hain -glad to have you and @ms back this week 😀


  17. Another introspective episode and another fantastic review! Thank you for telling us about Abu Bin Adam. I didn’t know he was a real man. I thought it was just a poem until I read your review so appreciate the insight greatly! 🙂
    Like everyone else here, I also shed some tears for Majid and his family. Beautiful scene between Majid’s sister and Mahira. It reminded me of all the kids i see selling things in Pakistan whenever I go and I am told not to open my window and give them any money *sigh* I think all of us probably have at least ONE face we remember of those children running around on the streets of Pakistan. I felt so helpless watching this episode that when I laid in bed with my fan and my AC on, I thought to myself, is this right? Should I have all these luxuries in this world while others can’t afford even 2 meals a day? And I did not have the answer to that question. All I could do was pray to Allah to make me a better person who is able to help others for His sake.

    It was a tough episode to watch because it made me question my own life and its purpose. It left me with a very heavy heart…..I am going to miss SEZ.


    • Very well put Annie! I agree completely! Sez truly is a game changer in how its making us reflect on our past and present behavior and hopefully shame us into changing our future behavior…

      Btw, on a tangential note, how come you still need an AC and a fan? I had to turn on the heat last night – It was freezing! Winter’s come too early this year 😦


      • hahaha! oh I live in the South!!!! We’re still in the 70s down here and love feeling the crisp cool air on our face in the mornings when it does get down into the 50s. I purposely step outside in the morning after getting ready so I can feel the cool breeze on my face! Waiting for our mild winters to come soon! Usually we don’t get cooler temps until after Halloween.


    • yes its freaking freezing! Annie you suck for having awesome weather! :P.. i have no idea why its been raining nonstop. Feels like we are in April.


      • LOL! yes y’all are more than welcome to visit us. In fact I have relatives up North and we always invite them to fly South in the winter but hardly anyone takes up on that offer! Last year we were actually at the beach during October and it wasn’t terribly cold.


  18. Thank you SZ for such a wonderful review!! Every week when I finally get a chance to comment I realize that the review and comments following it have already said it all.
    Indeed a wake up call of a drama for all of us. But I guess the real question is, what are we all taking from this. Of course we all say we are affected but if we don’t live by it then phir kya fiada. Falak, has done a marvelous job showing us the 360 degree turn she’s taken in her life. And that turn is not easy. We’re e all so into our lives and wants that unless something big hits us as well we really will not feel the need to “change”

    Mehrunissa pisses me off. Why is she so ignorant? Falak talks about the fear of God and how it is because of easy access to everything she never felt the need to ask God for anything and here we have Mehrunissa going off about her deewangi. Really waiting to see how this character comes around. Aakhir hum kitna kar duniya ke peeche bag sakte hain, even the world will become tired.

    Twice the fact of Salman’s relationship just being an affair came up, once his parents and once Falak’s dad. I fail to understand why having an affair is okay but as soon as he gets married that’s where the problems lies. And even Mehrunissa thought he called to ask for forgiveness and it was okay to forgive after he begged for forgiveness. Why is an affair so forgivable? …

    My favorite scene: The dialogues she says while emptying her closet. “kash mere paas yeh sub kuch na hota to mai Allah se kuch maangti, woh deta to shukar karti., Mera Allah se koi rishta toh hota” ok I may be off a bit but the point she makes is so valid. We expect to have all our duas answered without even trying but agar humara rishta ban jaye Allah se aur phir bhi duas qabool nah hon to phir? But khair just like any other rishta this one also comes straight from the heart, the only place you will find God, I guess phir har dua qabool ho jati hai, mangni ki aur shukar ki.

    “woh mere dil ke sab se pasandida shai ta, chin jana tha usko, mai janti hoon”! – Falak. This is so true and I am sure many of you can agree. Sab se pasandida shai hamesha hum se chin jaati hai, kyun ke shayed sab se pasandida shai Allah hona chahiye? But I don’t know why that is. Maybe cause life is just that unfair, or the realization that we are wrong in our judgments.

    I really hope we all can take a leaf out of Falak’s book, how she has totally changed, and has become so patient and careless about everything, especially after he says he’s married her kyun ke ab usko parwa nahi rahi.. All so hard but once it’s there, life all of a sudden becomes so much easier.

    Something I found funny was when Falak goes to meet Majid’s sister, the boy who walks her there conveniently invites himself to sit and become part of that meeting and then walks right out when she leaves. LOL, I brought this up with my cousin and she goes “yep, people in Pakistan think they are a part of everything even if it has nothing to do with them, that’s why he went sat there, stayed and left when she left”

    Well only 2 more episodes left, Shehrezaat and the discussions it brings will be immensely missed =(


    • Ash: Hey! Missed your detailed comments these past couple of weeks 🙂 Loved reading it! You make such a great point of the affairs and societal attitudes towards them. I really hadnt paid much attention to that angle tell you brought it up – thanks for drawing our attentions!

      LOL! So true about that boy. I thought he was her brother but it was pretty funny and even I thought it was odd the way he just picked up the bucket and walked after her 🙂


    • Ash: I wasn’t surprised to see the bucket boy sit alongside them, coz obviously he knew this family- hence it was ok for him to enter the house. Secondly since he’d brought Falak there, he’d have to escort her back as well- kind of the gentlemanly thing to do.


    • just a note on your comment about “agar Allah se qareeb hon aur du’a qabool nahi ho tow phir?” Phir app ko sabr aajata hai 🙂 It’s true at least from my personal experience. If my du’a is not being answered and only heard, then I know there is a reason for it that is unknown to me, and maybe if I got that prayer answered it might not be in my favor. Just like when something bad happens to you and you go “why me!!” but something good comes out of it later on in your life and you go indeed God is Great because He knew what your future held and you did not. I know that holds true for me time and time again 🙂


  19. Thankyou SZ – as always a review that delves deep into the story and psyche of all the characters! This was a very difficult project for all concerned bcoz we too were compelled to face the mirror and yet not give out the “wrong message”. I am glad my Mehrunissa is pissing people off – that was the intent bcoz there are so many such Mehrunissas around us (or even inside us) that need to wake up and realise the difference between need and greed!
    I look forward to each review every week just as much as I do to the episode bcoz having been a part of its making I want to know how it is coming through. I have written back to you but I guess on your former page hence you haven’t received it – but right from Humsafar and Mata e Jaan to Shehr e Zaat you have been a part of my personal journey! Thankyou!!


    • Hina! Thank you so so much for reading the reviews and all your kind words – I did respond, but I think my jawab got lost somewhere among all other comments 😦 But seriously, thank you so much for reading and commenting… once, again you’ve ensured that I will be smiling for the rest of the day!

      As you can see from all the comments above, team SeZ did indeed get the right message out – after last week’s very powerful episode all of us here felt very guilty for all our israaf, how much we take for granted, and our inability to tell the difference b/w need and greed – so a huge thank you to team SeZ for dragging us away from our comfortable couches and making us all take a long hard look at ourselves in the mirror. I’m not really liking what I’m seeing there 😦

      Apart from SeZ, its always been a pleasure watching you bring your character alive on screen. Yes, Humsafar and MeJ I wrote about, but other than that I watched Dareecha for only as long as Shamshad bibi was alive, and before that in Tum Ho Ke Chup, watching you step into that grave was spine chilling to say the least! So yes, am a huge fan – and now looking forward to seeing you in Zindagi Gulzar Hai – which I will review regularly – and Aik Naee Cinderella as well.

      Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts on the characters. Looking forward to hearing more from you!!

      P.S. On a side note, even as Mehrunnisa is pissing people off, and we are learning from Falak’s journey, I know there are many of us here who cannot but help love their “look”. So if Mehrunnisa and Falak ever want to get rid of their expensive clothes and have a garage sale, could you please give us a heads up and we’ll come rummage through? 😉


  20. @ Ma’am Hina. Congratulations on SeZ’s success! You have always been my personal favourite:) From the time you hosted a show to your first venture in acting, I have been loving your work. Thank you for working so hard on your projects and giving us characters we all can celebrate.


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