Pehchan ~ Episode 14 Review

Ever since the begining I have been raving about the fabulousness that is Pehchan. For the past thirteen weeks, episode after episode, we have been compelled to face up to our hypocrisies, our double standards, our lies, our half-truths - yes I say and mean […]

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Laa ~ Episodes 4-6 Review

[Good] stories alone do not a drama make…. Six weeks in, faint fault lines have turned into fissures so deep that I am not sure if Sarmad Sehbai’s still engaging story can hold Laa together for me for the next 15 or so […]

Laa ~ Episode 3 Review

Laa ~nafi. Laa ~ negation. Laa ~ looking beyond that which is apparent. Laa ~ Sarmad Sehbai’s very well-written and well-knitted story of a man looking to find himself after being stripped off the identity that came with being Daniyal Malik s/o Tareen Malik. Sans the Malik family name […]

Pehchan ~ Episode 10 Review

Be warned! This one is an unabashedly biased review – I loved loved loved this episode! Bee Gul and Khalid Sahab, your efforts are usually acknowledged towards towards the end of the review, but today I want to begin with a standing ovation […]

Laa ~ Episode 2 Review

All men are created equal, so goes a popular saying. When born a baby has no name no past and no future, it exists only in the present. With a name come trappings of family, lineage, expectations of a future path, and most […]

Pehchan ~ Episode 9 Review

“Thoray dinon mein baby ho jaye ga, woh busy ho jaye gi,” she said to her husband, airily dismissing his concerns about his daughter’s happiness, and to Laila her mother reiterated how lucky she was to have landed a catch like Mansoor, “dekho kitna […]